The individuals who own a car or truck have to fix their car at some point in their life. If you are one of them, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will give best 4 post car lift reviews so that you should be aware of the uses and benefits of this device.

In order to fix a car, there is a need for lifting it that can be possible through car lifts. So, you can’t neglect the necessity of this machine as it has the capability to help when your car breaks down. There are a great variety and type of car lifts available in the market that include two post lifts, four post lifts, and normal car lifts. If you have proper knowledge, then you can select best car lift for homegarage easily. Here, we will only talk about the four post car lift that comes with a 4 support post through which each wheel of the car can be balanced. You can successfully raise your car in the air at a specific height with the help of this device and stay motionless until the repair can be done by the mechanic.

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Check out the main features of the 4 post car lift that are mentioned below:

  • Creates headroom: Having a car lift can give mechanic adequate headroom to work under the vehicles efficiently. If you check out the Atlas 4 post lift review, you will realize it can lift car around 7 inches that is truly amazing.
  • Rigid and stable structure: There is a very high-quality material used to manufacture car lifts that make them stable and rigid so that it can easily fulfill the rigorous servicing requirements.
  • Safety prospect: With the help of 4 post car lift, you can avoid all the unsafe service practices. If we talk about old shops, they generally equip pits or just single-post lifts, which is extremely unsafe. So, there is a safety prospect offered by the car lifts to the users so that injuries can be avoided.
  • Air Actuated Lock: If you see Triumph 4 post car lift reviews, you have found that the majority of them comes with a single point air actuated lock release through which all four columns can be disengaged simultaneously by the mechanic easily. So, it is an added feature for the technician working on the car.


Have a look at the main advantages offered by the four post car lifts to the users:

  • Financial Alleviation: Over the years, the car lifts have become a household item as more and more people are buying them. Furthermore, the reliability and low cost have skyrocketed its sale to a very high level. It can be proved handy during the car maintenance process. In addition, the mechanics can utilize it safely for replacing an engine.
  • Save a huge amount of space: The people who have read some of the best 4 post car lift reviews should be aware of the fact that they are the most reliable option to double the space in the garage. 4-post lifts made it easier to use the same space as one spaced and easily park two cars.
  • Safety advantages: The benefits of best car lifts for home garage doesn’t end here as it offers much more than just doubling the space and making it easier for performing routine maintenance. It offers a great level of safety to the mechanic as compared to the jack stands and floor jacks. So, they can be an incredible choice even for the home users.

How to choose a 4 post car lift for your garage?

Buying a right 4-post lift for garage can be a headache if you are a true beginner. No matter, you want a lift for auto repair or just for storage, choosing a new 4 post lift from a popular brand is an ideal choice. In order to select a right home garage car lift , you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Rise speed: Are you looking for the fastest Atlas 4 post life review? Or speed is not a matter of concern for you? Your choice should depend on the type of free-standing four post lift. For instance, one model takes 2 minutes to rise, where there is another one that can do the same job within 1 minute.
  • Lift capacity: Here, you have to think about the kinds of vehicles that you are planning to work with this lift as the weight of the vehicle matters a lot. So, you should be aware of the requirement of the capacity while selecting the ideal lift.
  • Garage’s size and height of the ceiling: Do you know the lift that you are choosing will fit in your garage or not? These devices vary a lot in size, so you check out our best 4 post car lift reviews carefully to make sure that fits in your space easily.
  • Installation: After making your choice about which lift suits best to your needs, the real question is how it gets installed? Make sure the manufacturer provide adequate after sales service so that you have to spend less on thinking about that.

Now, we will review two best four post car lift so that you can make your choice easily:




TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift


TRIUMPH NSS-8XLT 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift Oversized


#1 TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift Review

Triumph NSS-8 is an incredible choice for servicing or storage that comes with drip trays, a caster kit, and jack tray. The manufacturer has made a name for themselves in the garage car lift category. This machine is capable to lift up to 8,000 pounds weight safely. Some of the specification of Triumph NSS-8 include 165 inches runway length, 84 inches height, 175 inches length, and 93 inches drive through width. The solid design of this car lift is an incredible method for providing additional car space in the garage.

It is a safer alternative for the individuals who are tired of checking Triumph 4 post car lift reviews. With a lifting capability of 8,000 pounds, this car lift is a perfect all-rounder for the most of the cars.


  • Caster kita: The mechanic will be allowed to move their auto lift around the garage easily due to the caster kit available in this car lift.
  • Automatic Locking:It allows the user to engage in ten different positions while raising the vehicle.
  • Incredible tools:This auto lift is equipped with all the important options, such as jack tray, three drip trays, and caster kit that is generally available in the smaller car lifts.


There are lots of benefits offered by this incredible 4 post car lift mentioned below:

  • Fully portable:The caster kits equipped with this lift make it extremely portage around the garage.
  • Lifting one end:The jack trays in this lift allow you to lift vehicle’s one end.
  • Trusted design:The incredible design of this vehicle is tested and used for a period of more than 20 years.
  • High Capacity:This car lift has the solid capability to lift up to 8,000 pounds, making it a perfect choice for the people who have checked lots of best 4 post car lift reviews.
  • Five-year warranty:The company offers a five-year warranty on the structure of the lift.


  • High price: The high price of lift may make it out of the budget for some people.
  • Low-quality nuts:Some nuts used in the lift are of average quality. However, it isn’t a matter of concern.

#2 TRIUMPH NSS-8XLT 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift Oversized Review

This device can top any list of Triumph 4 post car lift reviews due to its incredible features and usefulness. It is available in standard black color and tested for over 20 years. The Triumph NSS-8XLT is a popular choice for the car lift having a capability of lifting vehicles up to 8 tons in less than a minute to a greater height. This car lift offers an incredible compatibility with all the main vehicles that run on the road.

In short, we can say that it is a perfect blend of high quality and value for money that makes it one of the best 4 post car lift reviews.  The measurements of this car lift are overall height 94 inches, overall length 190 inches, 8,000 lbs. lifting capacity, runway length 180 inches and drive through width 99 inches.


This car lift comes with incredible features that can be found in a very limited number of devices. We have explained all of them in detail:

Portability: The higher portability of this device can’t be matched by any other car lift available in the market.

  • Automatic engagement:This car lift is equipped with automatic locks through which you can engage it in ten different positions.
  • Useful tools: Car lift is equipped with lots of options (jack tray, three drip trays, and caster kit).


Take a brief look at the main benefits of the TRIUMPH NSS-8XLT car lift that we have explained below:

  • Easy installation: It is a wonderful car lift that is very simple to install and can be used without any issues
  • Taller & Longer: This car lift manufactured by the company is taller, wider and longer as compared to the previous versions.


  • Heavy parts:Some people have complained that few parts are very heavy and create problems.


We hope you should have found this article about 4 post car lift reviews useful. If you have any question regarding it, feel free to comment below.

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