Car tire technology has advanced dramatically over the years with new tread patterns and improved manufacturing; however, the way you drive and look after your car can also have a dramatic effect on your tire life.

Tires do need to be replaced regularly for safety reasons, however, with a few key tips and tricks you might be able to stop them wearing out quite so quickly and if you have good tires your driving experience will be more pleasant and efficient too.

According to Darren from www[.]bigmotoringworld[.], “an ideal tire should wear out slowly while providing a smooth ride with good steering control. A tire that is well maintained will also have a big impact on the amount of fuel you use up.”

Taking care of your tires, therefore, will not only save you money on replacement tires but also potentially on fuel costs, not to mention the overall wear and tear experienced by your car every time you drive it. Here are our five tips.

1. Check Your Tire Pressure

Keeping your tire pressure consistent will not only make your tires last longer but it will also improve the handling of the car and is an important safety factor so you should check tire pressure on a regular basis.

If your tire pressure is too low, the tires will require more energy to keep moving so using up more fuel and making the engine work hard. Low tire pressure also means there is less contact surface area which can make it much harder to control and handle the car in wet driving conditions.

If your tire pressure is too high there is a danger that on a long journey, the air could heat up and then it will expand, leading to a potential tire blow out. Tyre pressure which is just right will help with fuel efficiency and provide better driving control as well as helping your tires last longer.

2. Check Your Tire Tread Regularly

New tires will have a good tread depth but as you drive this becomes shallower over time and you need to make sure your tire tread never goes below the legal limit or you will be driving illegally and your tires will be dangerous.

Make sure you check your tire tread regularly as if the way the tire is wearing down is uneven, it could indicate a problem with tire pressure or wheel alignment, which needs rectifying.

Tires which are worn must be replaced for your safety so keep an eye on the tire tread depth as it will show you if there are problems elsewhere on the car. Keeping the tires inflated and the wheels aligned will help to ensure the treads last longer on your tires.

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3. Try Rotating Your Tires

If you are going on a long journey rotating your tires can help to ensure the tread wear is even and can help tires last longer. You should look to routinely rotate your car tires every 5,000km to 8,000km.

If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself then you should book your car in with a specialist tire garage and they will do it for you but by rotating your tires you can help them last longer and wear out more evenly.

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4. Understand Your Car Steering

Your car’s steering can be an indication of problems with wheel alignment so if you feel vibrations through the steering wheel it could mean one of your wheels is not balanced and this can cause excessive wear and tear on your tires.

If you feel this vibration you should ask a car mechanic to check out the wheel balance of your car straight away and get it fixed.

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5. Don’t Mix Tire Manufacturers

It’s not advised to have two different tire manufacturers on either side of the same axle as this could cause balance or misalignment issues. It’s always good to change tires in pairs or all four at the same time, to prevent this from happening. Having odd tires can throw your car off balance which will wear the tires out more quickly.

Extra: Driving Steadily to Save Tire Life

When driving try not to accelerate really quickly as this can cause damage to tires – driving steadily will help to prolong your tire life. The same goes for braking if you can anticipate as much in advance and brake gently, it will help your tires last longer. You should always try to avoid braking hard while driving if you can.

All of these tips and tricks can help to improve your driving safety as well as make your car tires last that much longer. None of us like expensive car repair bills but by following this advice, keeping tires properly inflated and driving steadily we can be sure our tires will last much longer.


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