For the elderly, traveling by car makes them feel tired and exhausted after the trip. Often you will hear seniors complain of joint pains, back pains and stiff muscles after driving for a short distance. The reason why seniors experience these problems is that as they age, their bodies are becoming weaker and hence can’t endure the long-distance trips. This, therefore, creates the need for investing in comfortable seniors travel gear. According to Senior Guidance, seniors require various supportive services. This is because they no longer have the energy to do the things they used to do when they were younger. For example, getting out of a car without using walking aid becomes much more difficult for the seniors.

So, how can we make seniors travel by car much more comfortable? The better option is investing in accessories for comfortable senior car travel. Here are the top accessories you need to make seniors car travel much more comfortable.

1. Seal Belt Grabber

Reaching the seat belt is simple for the young and energetic adults. However, for the seniors, it is difficult and most of them opt not to use the seatbelt. This is because, when they try to reach the seatbelt while seated, they have to turn and this hurts the muscles. For those with arthritis and other joint pains, it becomes even harder. To avoid this, it is important to consider purchasing the seat belt grabber so as to ease the experience when trying to buckle. The seatbelt grabber is attached to the seat belt leaving an extra-long handle for the passenger to pull when putting the seatbelt on.

The seatbelt grabber makes it easy for the seniors to reach the seat belt without struggling or making the uncomfortable twists. It is easy to use and doesn’t require the use of tools to fix it to the seatbelt. The seatbelt grabber is a good aid for seniors traveling by car. This will help in eliminating the need to turn around trying to reach for the seatbelt.

2. The Handy Bar

Another important accessory that seniors need is the handy bar. The handy bar aids an elderly person when he or she is alighting from the car. Basically, you hold to the handy bar and use it to support the rest of your body while alighting. By using the handy bar, the seniors can easily and comfortably alight from the car. Therefore, this is an important car travel accessory for the seniors particularly those who suffer from back pains and other joints related problems. The handy bar comes with a non-slip comfortable handle that makes it easy to sit and stand from the vehicle. There is no need for making modifications on the car so as to be able to use the handy bar. Here is an image of the handy bar.

3. Standing Aid or Adjustable Support Handle

Another important accessory that seniors need while traveling in a car is the standing aid. The standing aid will make their travel much more comfortable especially when they need to change the sitting position. The standing aid/adjustable support handle doubles as an arm support while traveling. Quite often, people use the support handle while traveling since it helps in making the hands more comfortable. Another instance when the standing aid is used is when alighting or boarding the vehicle. In this case, the handle offers support to the passenger. It can be used at the front seat or the rear seat.

The support handle comes with a non-slip bar to ensure firm grip while standing from your vehicle. In addition, it comes with safety buckles that can be tied around the window frame and doesn’t hinder you from locking the window. It is ideal for use in trucks, personal vehicles and also in vans. The support handle can hold up to 300 lbs. many people like to use the standing aid together with the handy bar featured above. Here is an image of the standing aid.

4. Seat Belt Extender

Seniors with limited mobility and other medical conditions use the seatbelt extender for more comfort. Consider that the seat belts come in different sizes. If the seatbelt is not long enough, it might not be useful for the seniors. To use the seat belt, the seniors might have to cope with the discomfort associated with it. With a seat belt extender in the car, seniors travel becomes more comfortable. The seat belt extenders come in various colors and styles and therefore you have the freedom to choose as per your preferences.

5. Seat Belt Buckle Guard

Another important accessory that you need for a much more comfortable ride in a car is the seat belt buckle guard. Often, senior`s suffering from memory disease will forget and unbuckle the seatbelt which is dangerous. This makes the driver uncomfortable as he or she needs to keep checking whether the seatbelt is on.

To make the experience better, why not consider wearing the seatbelt buckle guard that ensures the safety belt is on until you reach the destination? Here is an image illustrating how the seat belt buckle guard is used. Ensure that you use the buckle guard when traveling with seniors who suffer from memory loss.

6. Seat Cushion

A seat cushion adds an element of comfort while driving or when seated on the passenger’s seat. The seat cushion helps in eliminating the physical toll many seniors experience when seated on the driver’s seat for long hours This discomfort might cause the senior’s leg and neck pain and therefore the reason why investing in a car seat cushion is important. The car seat cushions come in different designs and shapes and therefore the seniors can choose one that best suits their needs.

7. Back Support Pillow

The back support pillow is another important accessory for comfortable senior travel. Often while traveling for longer hours, you might experience back pain. As illustrated earlier, you hear seniors complain of back pains after a long distance travel. Therefore, it is important to have the back support pillow on the car. Here is an image showing a back support pillow. It comes with strands that hold the pillow to the seat of the car and hence doesn’t move even when you move.

8. Neck Support Pillow

The original car seat comes with adjustable neck support, but this doesn’t serve the seniors well. For the seniors, it is important to have an additional neck support pillow which helps to support the neck for a more relaxed travel experience. This helps in getting rid of the stiff neck as a result of overworked neck muscles.

With the above accessories, traveling in a car becomes much more comfortable for the seniors. These accessories are available at the online car accessory shops and can also be sourced from the local auto shops near you.


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