Beauty Tips 101: 20 Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

To Look Your Best

In the words of Baz Luhrmann’s 1999 wonder: “if I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.”

Taking care of your appearance will help to boost your confidence, as well as to allow you to express your identity through fashion and grooming.

While there are plenty of tutorials out there that will give you essential beauty advice, if you’re looking to upgrade your beauty routine, then you’ll need to learn some top beauty hacks to take your look to the next level.

Different categories relate to beauty, but all of them will contribute to your routine to help give you a look you want.

So, let’s take a look at the 20 best beauty tips and hacks that you need to know, to save you time and effort while still giving you flawless results!

Beauty Tips 101: 20 Beauty Hacks You Need to Know
Chapter 1

Beauty Tips for Hair Care

Whatever your hair type, whether you have curly hair, thin hair, oily hair, or dry hair, there are hair care tips that are universal and will provide exceptional care for all hair types.

You might have labeled yourself a specific hair type, but it is essential to know there is a routine you should commit to regardless of your hair type.

That’s why we are sharing our best beauty hacks, including hair tips, to assist you in a life of internal and external confidence.

Please keep reading as we explore our best hair tips!

Beauty Tips for Hair Care

Blow Dry for the Best Results

Although there is evidence to prove that air drying can make hair healthier, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your hair is going to look better. Air drying can be time-consuming too, so if you’re in a hurry, you’ll need to invest in a good hairdryer.

Blow drying your hair will help to give more style and volume to your look, and with the right technique, it can be just what you need to give your look that extra boost.

The Right Way to Condition

There are many great conditioners out there, to give your hair that glossy, just-washed feeling. Conditioner is designed to soften your hair and improve its overall appearance and softness.

However, the conditioner shouldn’t be distributed all over your locks. Instead, the best way to use it is only on the ends of your hair.

If you condition your scalp, you increase the chances of your hair getting greasy, which isn’t the most appealing look for anyone!

Tease those Tangles

You can cause more hurt than good to your hair if you use the wrong hairbrush. We recommend using a brush with boar bristles, as this will be gentle on your hair and distribute your natural oils through the strands.

However, regardless of what brush you choose to use, you should always try to be as gentle as possible; otherwise, you will break the strands of your hair and only cause more damage.

Therefore, you should think twice when brushing your hair when it’s wet, as it is more fragile and is more prone to breakage.

Don’t Get Too Hot

As tempting as it is, especially in the winter months, to turn the heat all the way up in your shower, you’ll end up doing a lot of unnecessary damage to your hair.

Sure, a steaming hot shower feels great, but if you don’t want a dried out scalp, then make sure to keep the temperature down. A more lukewarm temperature will keep your hairs’ essential oils in place, so your hair will be shinier and healthier.

Chapter 2

Bodycare & Perfume

A huge part of beauty and body care products is the scent that comes with it.

There is a multitude of products available with various perfumes that will appeal to a specific target audience. Although not the most important aspect of beauty products, it will leave you wanting more.

If a beauty or body care product has an advertised smell to it, then you will expect that smell to be longlasting and to make an impression on yourself and people in your vicinity.

Most blogs will share beauty tips with its audience but avoid the perfume aspect of the products.

Please continue reading to learn more about body care and perfume!


Bodycare & Perfume

How to Make Your Scent Last Longer

If you’re wearing your favorite perfume, you’ll ideally want the scent to last as long as possible.

Some perfumes can fade quickly, but there is a trick to keep you smelling good for longer.

Before you apply perfume, choose a high-quality, unscented body lotion, and use this first after your morning shower. The cream will be absorbed by your pores, which allows the perfume’s fragrance to break down at a slower rate.

Therefore, it will stay on your skin for longer, so you’ll be turning heads with your scent wherever you go.

Avoid Tanning Salons

A lot of fair-skinned people are desperate to have that summer glow all-year-round and will opt for tanning beds to deepen their skin tone.

However, the UV rays from these beds can end up causing severe damage to your skin with extensive use, and can even contribute to skin diseases such as cancer. Aesthetically, they can also increase your chances of getting wrinkles before your time!

Instead, it’s best to look into self-tanning mousses and lotions. These will generally wash off after a few days, but you can even purchase products that wash off straight away, so you get that bronzed glow and keep your skin in excellent condition!

Honey Hacks for BEA-utiful Skin!

Honey is a skin-saving magic cream. Raw honey is filled with antioxidants and healing compounds to help soothe and cleanse the skin.

You can use it for almost any kind of skin dilemma you encounter. However, it is particularly great for dry skin and can be used as a balm, or even as an oil cleanser to help you remove makeup.

There are great honey-based products available to purchase, but a pot of raw honey on its own is always good to keep in your cabinet.

Don’t Use Expired Products

You should know whenever you purchase a product that they have an expiry date, and you shouldn’t use them after its expiration date.

It isn’t very good for you. Every beauty product available on the market harbor bacteria (especially if opened frequently), and if used after its expiration date, can lead to infections and irritations.

After a while, these products can produce harmful toxins that are dangerous for your health and can worsen your skin.

So, if you can’t remember when you purchased the product, it is best to avoid using it and replacing it with a fresh tube! The expiration date can be found on the lid or the back of the container and can be quickly inspected to prevent any health issues.

It is best to be safe than sorry, and we think this is one of the most useful beauty tips!

Chapter 3

Male Grooming

We haven’t forgotten about the men of the world, as we know you also want to be in the loop of all things beauty tips and grooming advice.

It has never been more accepted for men to take care of their appearance and groom themselves to keep up with a standard that has been placed on women.

Although your standard man won’t be wearing a full face of makeup or shopping the high street for the best body sprays, there has never been more choice of products for men to explore.

Whether it be oil to maintain your beard or a facewash to replace the ‘water and flannel only’ skincare routine, there is a product out there for everyone.

We are confident these beauty tips will enhance your grooming experience!

Male Grooming

Frequently Visit Your Local Barbershop

The best way to look after your head and facial hair are if you become a regular at your local barbershop.

It is best to have a consistent routine when it comes to your hair being trimmed, as it is the first thing, and other people will notice.

We would recommend visiting the barbers once a month; however, if you notice a hiccup or a growth spurt, then we suggest increasing your attention.

If you are a regular at your barbershop, you will also gain useful tips on how to keep it together, and there will be products available to enhance your hair and beauty!

Scrub Your Face

One of the best beauty tips is scrubbing your face. You would be surprised at how many men use a flannel and water to form a skincare routine.

The best way to eliminate dead skin is to choose a scrub that is best suited to your skin type. We suggest finding a product that features natural ingredients, like oats, or apricot kernels (these produce some of the best results.)

There is a broad range of products available in today’s market that will entertain your skin type and your budget. Yes, there are good and not-so-good brands to choose from, that’s why recommend exploring the brand’s history before finalizing any additions to your cart.

Grizzly Bears Can be Groomed

Over the years, there has been an increase in beards.

We have no issue with beards, we do, however, suggest maintaining them if you follow this route. Maintenance is essential, and investing in a decent beard trimmer is something you will need.

There are many brands to explore before finalizing a beard trimmer purchase, but you can check out our product roundup review of the best beard trimmer to help with your search. If you are on a budget, there will be one out there for you and without compromising its quality!

Another great way of looking after your beard is by investing in products designed specifically for your beard. There are shampoos, conditioners, oils, and creams to choose from, and they will help with the overall appearance of your beard.

Beauty tip: you can create your own beard product by using coconut oil, brown sugar, and honey.

Say Goodbye to Dark Circles

Whatever your gender, you will experience dark circles under your eyes.

With the demands of modern life, it can be hard to get a substantial amount of sleep and work on dark circles. However, products specifically designed to eliminate dark circles have been introduced to the beauty world.

Getting enough sleep doesn’t resolve the issue on its own. That’s why you should consider the products out there, including eye creams and roll-ons, which will help eliminate dark circles and puffiness around your eye socket.

Chapter 4

Self Care & Mental Health

If you want to look and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself, it’s not all about the products you choose to consume.

Instead, you can explore your lifestyle choices and other avenues to better how you feel inside before tackling how you look on the outside.

Although it feels good to look good, there is nothing quite like treating yourself to a spa day or breaking a sweat at the gym.

What you choose to invest in doesn’t always have to be a material gain; you can invest in physical activities that will care for both your physical and mental health.

Self Care & Mental Health

Spa Days

Although spa days can be pretty expensive, you will be surprised to see the number of deals online that make spa days accessible to those on a budget.

You might be wondering how spa days manage to be associated with beauty tips and hacks, but they are an excellent investment for self-care and to better your mental health.

All the best spa treatments start with a consultation that will tell you precisely what is happening to your body, skin, and soul when undergoing some of the best spa treatments.

Whether you get an intense massage, take a dip in the pool, detox in the sauna, or unwind in the relaxation room, you are taking care of yourself, which will show in your face and energy levels.

The best way to feel good is to relax and take things slowly, and a spa day is an effective way of seeing results. Now, we understand that not everyone has the capacity to treat themselves to a spa day regularly, but if you get the chance, you won’t regret the investment!

Why not check out a Light Therapy Lamp (LINK) today which can assist your beauty routine!

Be Gentle To Your Skin

If you a simple and effective beauty tip, it is to be kind to your skin.

If you suffer from a skin disease or acne, you will know that it can affect more than just your physical appearance, but it can also compromise your mental health.

That’s why it is essential, regardless of your skin’s condition, to research what you apply to your skin. How you use the product is also crucial; we suggest a slowly and steadily application in a massaging, circular motion for the best results.

Of course, we recommend finding medical treatments to tackle any skin obstacles before using a multitude of products.


To feel beautiful on the outside you must perform routines that make you feel good on the inside. That’s why we have included an exercise on our list of beauty hacks.

Either sign up to the gym or start jogging around your local park, adding movement to your routine will make you feel better, and on the longterm, look better.

As a society, we can sometimes be brainwashed by beauty products rather than researching what we can do for free that will benefit our mental health and perception of beauty.

Plenty of Sleep & H2O

Some add-on beauty tips are to get plenty of sleep and keep hydrated. These easy (yet useful) additions to your routine will make you feel better and therefore give you a better image of yourself when looking in the mirror.

Now, we understand that these two tips might come as a surprise for you, but no number of beauty products will solve sleep deprivation and dehydration.

Chapter 5

Oral Care & Makeup

In the modern world, a lot of what we consume can have damning effects on our health and our beauty. Whether it be a cigarette or a fizzy drink, they can impact our oral health and our skin condition.

Beauty tips often forget about oral health, and that’s why here we have outlined some of the best ways to improve your oral health and what you can acquire to make your smile whiter and brighter.

These products can mean the difference between having an attractive smile and losing teeth.

Please stick around to explore our oral beauty tips!

Oral Care & Makeup

Electric Toothbrush

We don’t want to speak for you, but we can all agree that good oral hygiene and a bright smile are some of the key contributions to what makes us look and feel beautiful.

However, we live in a world that requires more than a manual toothbrush and flossing string to maintain a healthy mouth. That’s where the electric toothbrush comes into play.

Many dental professionals agree the electric toothbrush is worth the investment as it brings several benefits a manual toothbrush fails to provide:

  • Consistent power delivery for a dentist-like clean
  • Removes up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush 
  • Reduces tooth decay and improves overall gum health 
  • Contributes to the elimination of bad breath 
  • Includes various cleaning modes
  • Low lifetime cost/is able to entertain various budgets

The market is crowded, and therefore you may find it overwhelming to find an electric toothbrush for you and compatible with your budget.

You will be happy to know there is an array of products available on the market that will entertain your price range, and you can acquire one without breaking the bank.

Are You Flossing?

Flossing is important. You have probably heard your dentist say that to you several times because it is essential.

A manual toothbrush can’t reach tight spaces between your teeth and under your gums, that’s why investing in a flossing product to scrub off any bacteria, plaque and food particles is something you should consider.

If you fail to floss correctly, then plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth, which enables bacteria to grow and attack your tooth enamel. Not only will this make your breath kick, but it can also lead to gum disease (gingivitis), which can lead to tooth loss.

However, we can all be bad at flossing and forget to include it in our oral health routine. That’s why there have been advancements to make flossing more efficient and easy to do.

There is a range of products available to make flossing a more straightforward and enjoyable process:

  • Dental floss
  • Dental tape 
  • Expanding floss sticks/picks 
  • Interdental (interproximal) brushes
  • Oral irrigators (a.k.a. water jets)

One of our favorite flossing products is the oral irrigator, also known as a water jet. It is a new product that flosses in-between your teeth and gums with water. It is recommended to use warm water, and it has proven to be an effective way of cleaning your teeth and leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

If you are looking for a beauty hack that will enhance your oral health and better your smile, then the oral irrigator might be of interest!

Toner & Makeup Wipes 

If you are a woman (or a man, who are we to judge?), chances are you will be a wearer of makeup. However, some makeup on the market can be harmful to your skin, and that’s why it is always best to check the ingredients that make up the product.

Therefore, you shouldn’t avoid washing the makeup off your face; you should keep on top of taking off the makeup. There are ways to keep your skin feeling fresh and clean, even after wearing a full face of makeup for the day.

Before moisturizing and following your facial cleanser, a face toner is an efficient absorbing liquid that assists in removing excess dirt, traces of oil and makeup from your skin. It thoroughly cleans your skin and helps to remove the built-up surface of dead skin cells.

Face toner is especially recommended by all dermatologists and is especially beneficial for acne-prone skin.

Although makeup wipes are sporadic, sensitive skin types are at higher risk of irritant reactions. That said, if you want to clear your face and avoid your clothes from stains, you might want to invest in makeup wipes.

Some makeup wipes are not the best for acne-prone individuals, so if you have sensitive skin, it is best to research the best wipes for sensitive skin. Certain ingredients will prevent pores from clogging and more breakouts.


If you’re doubting your skincare routine or not liking what you see in the mirror, there are many beauty hacks and tips out there to follow to make you confident in your skin.

After checking out Top Review Zone’s top 20 beauty tips, it’s essential to get to know your skin and body before investing in products available on the market.

We want these products to enhance your beauty and not cause any future problems, that’s why you should always do your research to see if they are compatible with your skin or hair type.

That said, we think trying out new products is a way of discovering more beauty hacks. We hope after reading through our beauty tips, you have a newfound confidence and become the best version of yourself.

We’ve provided you with the tips; now it’s time for you to include them in your routine.

If you found this list helpful, don’t forget to share this post and leave any feedback in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Good luck, and love yourself!

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