There are so many advantages for paint sprayer when compared to conventional painting methods, but that is not the case always. At times you also have some disadvantages of using a paint sprayer over the paintbrush or roller.

In this article, let’s find out the top 4 benefits & drawbacks of using a paint sprayer so that you know when to use a paint sprayer and when to go with the brushes & rollers.

Benefits of Paint Sprayers

Save the Time

If we paint using paint sprayers we can less the painting time comparing to the paintings done by brushes and rollers. If we go with the brush or roller we may waste more time. In the process of painting by the brush, we want to mix the paint whatever we want and we want to carry it in a bucket and start painting. While painting it by the brush it will take time because of the expectation of the perfect completeness.

But in the case of using paint sprayers particularly airless paint sprayers provide completeness without taking much time. We don’t want to recheck after the spray painting gets over. So the best airless paint sprayer is better than a roller or brush considering the painting time and even look.

A Good Way of Finishing

In the spray painting, we will get a good way of finishing compared to the brush paintings. If we go with the brush painting there will some incomplete perfection in the walls like some gaps or not the clear way of painting will be seen.

But in the spray painting, we will not see any gaps or filling places in the walls where we painted by the spray painting. So, it looks like a full completed area with good perfection. It looks very clear and gives a difference between the brush paintings. The thickness of the painting shows the main perfection of the painting.

Easy to Use & No Risky

Spray paintings are very easy for the people to use for the painting. In the brush painting, we want to carry the paint in the bucket and the brush with us while the painting is going on. But in the spray painting, it is very easy to carry the painting sprayer which is attached with the bottle of paint in it. In the brush painting, the paint will be wasted a lot when the painting process is happening or when the paint is poured into the bucket at the start of the painting process.

So, we don’t want to take any risk to carry the sprayer when the spray painting is happening. The paint sprayer can be easily handled by the person who is using it. There will not be any waste of paint like the brush painting were the paints get wasted when we pour in the bucket but this kind of pain loss will be not there in this spray painting. It is also very flexible to handle the sprayers in the process of spray painting.

Used for Various Surfaces

The brush paintings and the roller paintings are used only on the walls of the home, schools, and offices. But when we want to paint the wood items like furniture, window, doors we are searching for the spray painting. The reason is if we are going with the spray painting it will have the completeness of painting to these wood items. The brush paintings can only go with the large surfaces like the walls.

So it is good to use the spray paintings on all the surfaces we want. If we are painting the decoration things by the use of a brush, we may not get the completion and the clearness in the painting but if we are going with the spray painting the decoration things will get the completeness and clear perfection in the painting.

Drawbacks of Paint Sprayers

Spend of More Paint

In the spray painting process, it takes 12 gallons of paint for the 100 square feet wall or any surfaces. And if we are going with the high-quality level paints for the 2 coats it will take 350 square which is processing more paint comparing with the brush painting or the roller painting. In the spray paint method, it will spend more paint because the sprayer atomizes the paint into small droplets and makes the painting to a grateful manner.

The finishing of the paint sprayers is good but equal to that the paint will be wasted more. Comparing to the brush painting and roller painting it takes more than three times to paint for the spray painting. So, can avoid spray painting for the large surfaces by which we can control the expense in the paint.

More Expensive

In the spray painting, we want to spend more money compared to the brush painting. In this way of painting, the paint sprayer utilize more paint so, it will let us spend more money on the more paint. Also, the painters who use the spray painting method charge more money comparing the painters who use the brush or roller. We want to use the costly paint when we choose the spray painting which the wall will get destroyed when we use the local paint in the paint sprayer.

As like it is mentioned in the previous point it takes more than three times to paint compared to the brush painting and the roller painting. So, we are wasting the money by spending more paint to do the painting which makes more expensive for the painting purpose.

Not Good for the Cracks & Rough Surfaces

In the brush method of painting and the roller method of painting, we can search for the cracks in the walls of other surfaces and we will fill the cracks and complete the painting process. But when we are going with the spray painting it will be able to paint only the straight surface places. It will not paint the places which have the cracks and holes in it. Even if the surface is plain we can go with the spray painting and it is something hard to use spray paint in the rough surfaces and get the completeness.

In some tables we may find some hole were some insects may get into it and make the hole something bigger, in that situation the spray paint will not work and the brush painting and the roller painting plays the good way of role to complete the painting in a complete manner and pretends the table from the insects which makes the problem to the table.

Sore Fingers of the Painter

In the brush paintings and the roller painting we can take some rest and keep the paint bucket aside, even the painting is happening we don’t want to carry the bucket of paint all the time with us. It is more than enough to carry only the brush when the painting is happening. But if we are going with the spray painting, we want to carry the full weight of paint with us when the painting process is going on.

The fingers may get painful when we take the risk of carrying the paint sprayer with the weight of the paint in it. It makes the sore to the fingers as well as to the hand.


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