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Best 35-Inch Tires for Off-Road Reviews

Last Updated: 3rd March 2020
Product Review by Portia

If you’re on the hunt for the best 35 inch tires for off-road, you should check out our roundup review of our top five picks of the best on the market.

The best 35 inch tires will be perfect for off-road but will be a little slower on highways when you hit the top gear, which is a common trend throughout. They deliver optimal performance off-road but will dunk slightly on roads.

One of the reasons consumers prefer a 35 inch tire is because they look great, and make the overall exterior of your wheels attractive. However, the best won’t be all about style; they will also offer a lot and boost performance on any future adventures.

In this article, we are going to be focusing on 35 inch tires and assisting you in your search. We’ve included a buyer’s guide that will better your knowledge and understanding of the features to consider before finalizing any purchases.

Please continue reading to gain extra confidence in your search for the best 35 inch tires!

Our Reviews

Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Today we will be reviewing the Federal Couragia M/T Radial Tire.

When we think of the 35-inch tire, the Federal Couragia Mud-Terrain Radial Tire by Federal Tire comes to mind.

Its unique design tread design improves mud traction and provides the user with a smooth traction-resistance, so it is also one of the best looking off road tires we’ve come across. Not only is it crafted by high-quality materials, but it is excellent for off-road performance and will entertain a range of terrains.

Finding a tire that climbs and runs on the off-roads is essential. It has an impressive combination of large stepped smoothly and spied lugs along with the tread design, which contributes to better performance.

Manufacturers have built this tire using high standard tread plies and three side plies to provide extra security and life to the tire.

We do know that everyday tires won’t cover thousands of miles on the go, but we are talking about the 35-inch tire from the Federal Corporation.

That said, you can easily cover a trip of thousands of miles without any significant change in tires, as the Couragia M/T comes with A grade quality of traction and temperature resistance.

Larger sipped lug nuts help to clean the rocks, mud or any other interruptions off the road.

This product entertains restricted budgets without a compromise in performance, and it’s hard to find the same performance at a low price from other brands, arguably making it the best off road tire for the money.

Some people complain that it sounds too much while riding, but the number of complaints is a minor issue when we investigated this tire, and falls down to personal preference. It is also worth noting that this is not one of the best off road street tires, as it is not ideal for everyday use.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Tackles all types of off-road terrain
  • Traction and handling on dry/wet pavement
  • Good performance in deep snow


  • Not the best for everyday use/street use
  • Reports of high volume noise

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2

The next one our list is the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2.

This 35-inch tire is made in a way to provide the durable construction and perfect grip for off-road side assistance.

BFGoodrich is one of the famous brands for manufacturing the best performance tires, but a product can’t always hide behind its brand. What does this tire bring to the table? Let’s find out!

This is one of the second generation tires and can easily fit in any truck, Jeep, SUV, and other 4×4’s.

If I talk about the features, then it comes with three-layer polyester with two belts of steel which reduces the possibility of puncturing, which makes it one of the best durable 35-inch tires in the market, and arguably the longest lasting off road tire we’ve encountered.

Additionally, the three-ply sidewall construction helps to fight brushes and cuts on sides.

BFGoodrich uses linear flex zone to go through any of the obstacles that come in its way. In other words, it can entertain any of the hard terrains with smooth success. The treads on the tires are well constructed, and you will not notice any significant changes for a long time.

This second-generation tire now comes with wider footprints. It is the best combination of wider footprints and treads design to make it more durable and robust on the off-roads.

Overall, if you are looking for the tire that comes in balancing for both on-road and off-road, you can opt for the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2. It is one of the best mud tires for street purposes too.

The reaction from its users is mostly on the positive side of the spectrum. However, on the other side of that spectrum features user complaints about the volume of noise the tires create – which is something to consider before making your final decision.


  • Excellent off-road performance in any type of terrain
  • Quieter than most mud tires
  • Great tread life
  • Steering is responsive


  • Not the best for wet or icy road surfaces

Ironman All Country M/T All-Terrain Radial Tire

Another bight contender on our list is the Ironman All Country M/T Radial Tire.

Ironman Tire not only manufactures a variety of tires, but they also ensure the quality of their products is capable of riding off-road with outstanding performance.

The Ironman All Country M/T Radial Tire comes with better functionality and improved performance compared to any of its sibling tires. The radial construction included in the updated version helps to provide high stability on all road types or terrains all while ensuring sturdiness while doing so.

Additionally, it comes with wide-angle lateral grooves and large tread blocks, which is perfect for multi-purpose tires and any road. A standout feature is the void ratio on the sidewall, which enables the tire to clean itself in muddy areas.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find a tire brand that provides a tire suitable for icy roads. That said, this All Country model is a practical choice for those roads as well. It can do so because it provides excellent traction on both wet and snowy paths.

Ironman has crafted a tire that is specially designed for every kind of road and to protect against stone drilling and push away everything in its way. It also features staggered buttresses that protect the sidewall from any cuts or stones from the road.

This tire can entertain a range of weather types as it is constructed with a hybrid tread design which makes for an excellent ride in all climates.

Ironman is known for providing products that are compatible with a range of budgets, but with this premium product, we would recommend confirming your budget before making up your mind.

After checking out the Ironman All Country M/T All-Terrain Radial Tires, we recommend this product especially for those of you with SUV’s or trucks. It delivers both a smooth and sturdy performance at the same time.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Trusted company
  • Groove tread design
  • Beefy shoulder blocks


  • Loud volume

TreadWright Claw II M/T Tire

TreadWright says TreadWright Claw II M/T Tire is the most aggressive and rugged mud-terrain tire included in their range.

It is a perfect fit for any off-road side vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, etc. The unique tread pattern helps in the traction of the tires in areas where mud, snow, gravel, and any other tough terrains are present.

The sidewalls are made from a hard and reinforced material that provides additional strength while reducing the possibility of getting the tire punctured on the off-roads.

The Claw II mud-terrain tire has a combination of attractive exterior and a powerful substance as a result of the high-quality shiny rubber compound used while manufacturing.

TreadWright uses remolding as a manufacturing process which is an excellent method for producing durable products like tires. This tire is specially designed for mud-terrains, but according to our research, the company claims it can be used on other surfaces as well.

For peace of mind, TreadWright uses an environmentally friendly process to manufacture its products. It uses almost 70% of recycled content and will leave you feeling accomplished.

The overall reaction from the market is it is a reliable mud-terrain tire that delivers exceptional performance and extra mileage at an affordable price, without compromising in quality.


  • Aggressive and attractive tread design
  • Excellent off-road traction
  • Easy to balance
  • Budget-friendly


  • Road noise is quite loud
  • Expect a shorter tread life if used for daily driving

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

Last on our list is the Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Tire.

Mastercraft is a brand that is known for providing high-performance tires for both off-road and highways.

The Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire comes with tread design along with void-to-ratio that offers extra stability, excellent traction and smooth handling on off-road ridings.

It provides decent performance on various roads, so if you’re road-tripping, this tire is worthy of your attention and will entertain a range of surfaces.

This mud-terrain tire features broad and deep abrasion-resistant shoulders which provide enhanced sitewide grips during off-road trips. Additionally, the wide grooves on the side automatically clean any muds or stones that get in its way. The best part is it also helps to strengthen the traction.

Mastercraft has mastered tires that are perfect for any lightweight truck, SUV or any other off-road side vehicles. The quantity of rubber is optimized to provide a superior grip on the roads and makes it safer when met with the harshest of terrain.

We do know that most of the tires generate a lot of sounds while riding on the off-roads but the MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire provides a noise-free and pleasant ride. Additionally, deep sipes aid in perfect traction for wet types of roads.

Another reason to invest in this tire is its affordability. The cost of the tire is average, and any person can afford this. In the end, we know that only a few of the brands can provide decent and robust performance at such an affordable price.

So, if you are planning to purchase a 35-inch tire at an attractive price, the MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire would be an excellent choice for you.


  • Solid all-around traction on and off the road
  • Good traction in deep snow
  • Reasonable price (although pricier than others)
  • Creates quieter noise compared to others


  • Highway driving takes some getting used to

How to Choose the Best Off-road Tires for your Vehicle?

Tires are on the market at a substantial price and are something that will cost you a considerable amount of money. That’s why it’s essential to choose sound 35-inch tires that can drive you around for a long time. Here we have devised a guide of what you should consider helping you with your search.

Tire Types

To some, a tire is a tire. However, there is a range of off-road tires to check out. These vary from all-terrain tires, mud terrain tires, and snow tires.

The best 35 inch all terrain tires, with respect to their name, are perfect for wet, dry and snowy surfaces. This tire is the most practical because they perform well on highways, but can also be the most expensive.

Then we have the best 35 inch mud tires; these tires come with a deeper tread block to perform well on muddy roads. They perform well on wet surfaces but not the best choice for highway use.

The snow tires are only optimized for the best performance on wet and cold weather.

You are best choosing a tire based on what terrain you will encounter the most, that’s why all-terrain or mud-terrain is probably the better option.

Tire Price

The price of a tire depends mostly on the tire type, optimization, and tread quality. However, most of the tires we reviewed above are available in the same price range, between USD $150-$300

You can find cheap 35 inch mud tires on the market at a lower cost. However, there are cases of dunks in price, meaning a compromise in quality.

On the contrary, there are high-performance premium tires on the market that offer the best performance and are usually manufactured by leading manufacturers. That said, the cost of the tires doesn’t always determine its performance.

If you’re on a budget and are worried about seizing the bank, we would suggest going for the mid-budgeted tires as these will give you excellent performance without burdening your wallet.

Tread Design

The designs of the tread pattern determine the performance of a tire. The street tires and the off-road tires come with a range of different tread designs.

The best off-road tires should have deep and wide tread blocks to provide great traction on various kinds of terrains.

As well as this, excellent off-road tires will have wide grooves cut to self-clean rocks, muds, etc. from the way. We recommend investing in a tire with small grooves cut if you are going to use the tire on the icy terrains.

Tire Construction

Tire construction is also an essential factor to consider. The durability, along with the performance depends on the tire construction. A tire should be well-constructed to provide better strength and protection to the sidewall to stay safe against puncturing from rocks, debris, trees, and other things.

The tread of the tires should, however, also be built with a high-quality rubber compound which will provide better traction on the various terrains.

Nowadays, there are some radials tires available in the market which comes with steel cable belt with coated rubber. They provide excellent traction, consume less fuel and considered as better than other constructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why 35 Inch Tires?

The 35-inch tire provides great maneuverability to the off-road tires. They perfectly fit on 17-inch wide wheels and give better traction on the muddy roads.

These big tires come with a larger footprint and bigger tread patterns that grip the surface of any terrains perfectly and provide better performance.

Are the 35-inch tires for jeep wrangler a good choice?

The 35-inch tires are good choices for the jeep wrangler. Smaller tires look weird to a lifted jeep wrangler and they often create problems in the time of crawling or wheeling.

On the other hand, the smaller tires are not perfect when you are running through the tough terrains. The 35-inch tires give a great look as well as give excellent performance on various terrains.

How long the off-road tires last?

The durability of the off-road tires depends on various factors rather than the tire quality. It depends on the driving style, vehicle set-up, driving conditions, and some other factors.

The lifetime of the off-road tires decreases if you use it roughly on the highway roads. However, the tires are monetized to provide more than 40,000 mileages on mixed off-road and on-road driving.

All-terrains tire or Mud-terrains tire?

The mud terrains tires are mainly designed for muddy roads, loose soil, jagged rocks, and other related conditions. They come with larger tread blocks and deep and wide voids to provide better performance on the off roads.

On the other hand, the all-terrain tires come with smaller tread blocks, tinier voids to run on all kinds of terrains.

Actually, they produce a little less traction than the mud terrains tires to run provide a smoother performance on both off roads and on roads. On the other hand, most of them feature sipes for efficient traction on the cold conditions.

So, you should choose the types depending on the road you use for your vehicles.

Are they a good investment?

The off-road tires are highly monetized to provide efficient performance on the off roads.

We have taken a good time to research on the top 35 inch tires and find out the above-listed tires as the best choices available. If solid performance along with long-term usability is your preference, you can go for them without any further confusion.

How to Install the Off-Road Tires on Your Vehicle?

If you are going to buy off-road tires then you should also know how to mount an off-road tire on your vehicle. The following guide will help you to learn the process of mounting tires easily:

  1. At first, park your car on a flat surface so that it can’t roll away in the time of changing the tire. Apply the parking brakes and put the car in park position for additional security.
  2. Now place the jack under the nearer frame of the car that you are going to change. You will need to do this carefully, otherwise, you will end up by damaging your car.
  3. Now raise the jack gently and continue rising until it is supporting your car. After that, remove the hubcap and untie the nuts with a wrench turning in the counterclockwise position. If the nuts are too high don’t put heavy pressure directly. Place a heavy material such as rock or concrete in the front and back tires to make sure your car stays in position at the time of uniting the hard nuts.
  4. Now lift the car from the ground complete by removing the tire. Now remove all the nuts and take out the tire along with the wheel.
  5. Now you will need to remove the old tires from your wheel to install the new tire. Pull the valve stem core and make the old tire empty.
  6. After that, remove the tire from the rim. You can use a tire machine to remove it. Now you will need to check the rim to make sure that the rim is smooth. The rim will need to be perfectly smooth. Otherwise, the tire will not seat on the rim correctly and it can cause leakage.
  7. Now it’s time to insert the new tire in the wheel. Put the tire above the rim and press firmly onto the rim till it suits the rim.
  8. Now you will need to attach the tire along with wheel in your car. Place the tire on the hub and wheel bolts in their place and tighten them. Don’t put heavy energy otherwise, you will end up by upsetting the jack.


After checking out our reviews, you should now have a better understanding of what features to expect to see in 35-inch tires for off-road to be considered the best.

The Top Review Zone team has chosen the Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire as their best 35-inch tire because of its ability to entertain off-road and highway experiences all year round.

The manufacturers at Mastercraft designed the versatile Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire to be used for more than just adventures, though it is best suited to off-road purposes. We are confident that if you invest in this mud-terrain tire, you won’t be disappointed.

Now, all you have to do is use all the knowledge you have gained and apply it to the purchase of a brand new 35-inch tire of your own.

You have some exceptional tires to choose from, but if you, unfortunately, didn’t connect with any of these, there is a crowded market to explore!

What did you think of our top picks? Out of our selection, which is your best 35 inch tires?

Please share this post, tag a friend and leave your thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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