Top 10 Best Corded Drill in 2018 Reviews

best corded drill

The drill is one of the most important home improvement tools. No tool kit is complete without a drill. The best corded drill make your fastening and drilling job easy. Whether it is for home or industrial use, keeping a corded drill handy is a must.

There are many types of drills on the market. The main two types are the corded and cordless drill. Each has its advantages. Which one should we use? While cordless drills offer portability, corded drills offer more power and seamless drilling.

My personal favorite is corded drills. In this article, I will tell you why I choose corded drills over the cordless ones.

We will also go through a list of top 10 corded drills available on the market, their features, their pros and cons in detail. These corded drill reviews will help you choose the one that fulfills your needs.

Corded power drills buying guide

There are many types of corded drills on the market. Each has its unique facilities. However, there are some common features that you should keep in mind if you want the best corded drill for your need. Take a look at the features. Hopefully, this guide will save your time, effort and most importantly, money in the buying process.

Motor power

drill motor

Motor power is the core of a drill. When you’re buying a corded drill, you need to make sure whether the power is sufficient for the particular job. The power of the motors is measured in amps. Although there are variations, the general range is 5-10 amp. If you’re looking for mild jobs, like drilling in the wood or plastic, a drill with the normal motor should work. If you’re looking for some heavy and long work like drilling on concrete or other tough material, the motor power should be above 7 amp.

There is the thumb rule, the bigger and more powerful motor you have the better. Bigger motors tend to last for a long time, possess less risk of the motor burning out and make the job easier.

Drill speed

drill speed

The corded drill should have an adjustable drill speed, as all jobs don’t need the same drill speed. While tough material like concrete needs higher drill speeds, using the same speed to work on plastic may crack it.

Getting 700-1000 rpm is enough to do most of the jobs. The only time you might need higher speed is if you’re drilling through very tough materials.

Chuck Size

drill chuck

The chuck is what holds the drill bit. The chuck should be strong otherwise the drill bit might slip and cause an accident. There are two types of chucks. Keyed and keyless. Some drills come with a key to tighten, loosen and lock the drill bit with the help of the key. Others are called keyless chuck which means no chuck key is used, the tightening and loosing are done using the hand.

Both have their benefits. With a keyless chuck, you never have to worry about losing the key. I guess you know how painful losing a key can be, whether it is the key to your house or the chuck key. The changing of the bits is also quicker and easier.

But if you want a tougher drilling, you should use a chuck with key. Bit needs to be tightened firmly to bore a smooth hole. Otherwise, the bit might vibrate and that will be dangerous at high speed. With a key chuck, you can tighten the drill bit securely by hands, and the bit is less likely to slip.

There are different sizes the chuck comes in. The chuck size determines the size of the drill bit or drill attachment fitted with it. The most popular size is the 3/8" size which is suitable for almost every task. There are other sizes like 1/2" and 1/4". But the 3/8" size is widely used, and this is the size I’ll recommend.

Hammer Function

The hammer function is measured in BPM (blows per minute). Many people who buy corded drills for heavy works don’t know what BPM is. More surprisingly, they don’t specifically look for the feature when the buy a drill.

If you’re looking for tough jobs, like drilling through concrete, then the hammer function will provide you extra benefits. The hammering action provides a short, rapid hammer thrust for drilling through the tough material. BPM is the amount of that thrust in every minute.

The hammer function works well with all kinds of tough materials, but you should not be drilling through wood or metal with a hammer function. A lot of people don’t distinguish between the two, and finally, end up not having the desired result.

Reverse Mechanism

reverse mechanism will add versatility to your drill. Sometimes your drill bit might get stuck, and you cannot simply pull it as that might cause damage. In that case putting the drill in reverse motion will safely bring your drill bit out.

Or sometimes you might want to drill in reverse direction depending on the task, like removing broken screws. It can be hard to remove the screw using a manual screwdriver, and the reversible function will come in handy that time.


Design and ergonomics are important features, especially for those who use the drill for long hours every day i.e. the construction workers. A drill should be well balanced, lightweight and have a good grip.

Any lacking in the above features cause worker fatigue, muscle cramp, joint pain in the long run. That’s why drills with side handles are more preferred because that refrains you from putting too much pressure on one hand and helps you to do a steady job. Also, make sure the drill has a comfortable rubber grip on the handle.

Don’t call me comfort freak, but I would also like to have a trigger lock button in my drill. I want to be able to keep drilling without constantly worrying to hold the trigger down.

In short, a decent rubber grip, a side handle and a lock button, these will put a drill ahead regarding comfort.


Brands are brands for a reason. They have better quality assurance process, and they do not look to harm their reputation. That’s why, when you want the best-corded drill for you, buying from a renowned brand will always give you assurance and protection. They use better construction materials for their product. If somehow you don’t get the desired result, policies like warranty, replace, a refund can help you with that.


Price is one of the features people look for, just may not admit it. Honestly, I do not see any problem in that, why break my bank when I can get my desired features at less price?

The price of corded drills starts around 25$ and rises to 100$ or more depending on what type of drill you want. For regular home use, you will find good all-purpose drill in 30$-50$ price.

For construction and professional use, higher end products are used which has a long lifespan. Those drills come with more power, suitable for tough jobs and slightly costlier than the regular ones.

Corded Vs Cordless Drills: A Comparison



Corded Drill

Cordless Drill


Power Source

Requires a power source and extension cord.

Cordless, fully portable, doesn’t need any power plug to run.


Working Style

Just need a power source, no need to change batteries.

Always needs a charger and a charged battery. The battery might run off in the middle of the work and will need replacing.


Lightweight because there’s no battery attached.

Heavier than the corded ones because of the battery.

Power Quality

Always delivers full power.

Delivers less power as the battery starts discharging.



Good torque and power.

Good torque and power as long as the battery is fully charged.


Balancing is easier.

Balancing is tougher due to the battery at the end.




Comes with a long power cord at the end.

Comes with a battery at the end.


For heavy industrial use, long use, mixing paint, running wire brushes.

For working in small spaces, for light jobs around the house, working in sites where a power line is yet to be connected.



Less portable, cannot be run without power source.

Heavier, solely depends on battery life.



Cheaper than the cordless drills.

Slightly costlier than the corded drills.

Corded Vs. Cordless Drill

As you can see, corded and cordless drill both have their advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I think you should keep both of them at your disposal if you’re a DIY enthusiast or an industrial worker. Why? While a corded drill offers long time use without any hindrance, a cordless drill will make it easy to work in tiny awkward places.

But, if I were told to keep only one, I’d choose a corded drill. It might seem that a cordless drill will save you time, and it does. It’s easier to move around with a cordless drill, reaching difficult places and start working without bothering about a power source. You don’t have to fear about tripping over the cords. It’s all good until the battery starts to run out. The time you lose charging batteries or swapping them is much more than the time you spend moving a power cord.

Another issue is efficiency. Efficiency is the synonym of time. While a corded drill provides you full power constantly, rotation speed and torque of a cordless drill start to decrease over time. For users, it’s annoying, especially when the work demands concentration and indiscrete power supply.

Even if we leave out the issue of power supply, corded drills are still better regarding design and ergonomics. When your job demands regular and long hours of working with a drill, those are important. A cordless drill is heavier than a corded drill due to the weight of the battery pack. For a short time this might not hold any significance, but for long use, the weight may cause fatigue, joint pain, and tired muscles for the worker. That’s why corded drills are an undisputed choice for heavy industrial jobs and long hour works.

As for durability, corded drills incline to serve you for many years, generally more than the cordless ones. Because corded drills do not use a battery as power source, so you do not have to fear that the battery will be expired and fail to hold charge eventually. The price of a corded drill is also lower than a cordless drill, sometimes even 40%-50% cheaper.

Uses Of A Corded Drill

  • The main use of a drill is, guess what, Drilling! Drills are designed to bore holes in objects. If you use the right drill bit, you can make a smooth hole through woods, tiles, concrete walls, metal, plastic and stone.
  • Drills can be used as fasteners. The drill is fitted with a screwdriver shaped drill bit and used to insert screws. Most of the time drills can insert the screw into the material without a pre-drilled hole. But if the intended material is hard enough, making a pre-drilled hole is an easier option.
  • Drills can also be used as mixers. If you fit a mixer attachment (known as the paddle) with the drill, it can be used to mix paints, mortars and even cement. The power a corded drill provides will make sure the mix is appropriate and well-done.
  • If you own a car, you can use certain drills to polish and wax the car and get a professional showroom look in a short time. Use proper pads and cleaners for the job. Set the speed of the drill into the lowest gear. Be careful and do not apply too much pressure, or you’ll end up ruining the body-paint.

Top 10 Corded Drills Comparison Table 

For this corded drills reviews, we have gone through an enormous list of corded drills. We took the abovementioned features into consideration, listened and read other users experiences, weighed them against each other.

After a thorough research, we have come up with the ten best corded drill on the market. They are used and praised by a lot of users and have remarkable versatility. Let’s take a look at our top picks.


Chuck &Chuck Type










3/8” Keyless




High power motor, Variable speed, Reverse mechanism.

Black and Decker DR260B

3/8” Keyless




Lightweight, Variable speed, On-board bit storage.


3/8” Keyless




High power motor, Variable speed, Lightweight.


1/2 “  With key




Best powered motor, Variable speed, Side handle.

Black and Decker DR560

1/2 “ With key




Moderate power motor, very lightweight, Variable speed, Side handle.

Porter Cable PC600D

3/8” Keyless




Lock-on button, Variable speed, Belt clip

Bosch 1006VSR

3/8” Keyless




Oversized 2 fingers trigger, Variable speed, Lock-on button, Very lightweight.

Kawasaki 840176

3/8” Keyless




Durable metal gear box, Variable speed, Lightweight.

Makita 6302H

1/2 “ With key




Belt clip, Variable speed, Reverse mechanism, Side handle

Skil Hammer Drill 6445

1/2 “ With key




Best corded hammer drill, Variable speed, 2 fingers oversized trigger, Lock-on button, Side handle

1. DEWALT DWD115K 8 Amp 3/8-Inch VSR Mid-Handle Grip Drill Kit with Keyless Chuck

One of the most popular drills around the country. DEWALT DWD115K is versatile and easy to handle. This is a light duty drill that can be used for both casual and professional drilling. The drill features an adjustable speed trigger, reversing switch and comfortable grip for longer use.

The weight of this only 4.1 lbs. The drill is navigable and does not cause its user fatigue even after long use. The DEWALT DWD115K comes with a powerful motor of 8 amp, which is enough for almost all drilling tasks. From drilling wood to concrete, just provide the drill an appropriate drill bit, it will do the rest. The drill comes with the widely used 3/8” chuck which makes it compatible with a long range of drill bits. The chuck is a keyless type, which makes it easy for the user to quickly replace the used drill bit.


  • High performing 8 amp inductive motor, suitable for all works.
  • 3/8 inch keyless chuck, provides better bit holding.
  • The speed range is 0-2500 RPM. Comes with an adjustable speed trigger.
  • It has mid-handle soft grip design.
  • Works at 120 volts. Dimension is 12.75 x 13.06 x 3.44 in.
  • DEWALT DWD115K comes with reversible drilling option.


  • Made by Dewalt, one of the leading power tools manufacturers.
  • The powerful motor provides you all the power you need for a smooth drilling.
  • Comfortable grip, easy to handle.
  • The variable speed allows the user to drill through a variety of materials.
  • Comes with the widely used chuck. Keyless, easy to replace drill bits.
  • Comes with a ball bearing system, provides support for long and durable use.
  • The reversible drilling comes handy for certain tasks.


  • Slightly pricey, but that’s acceptable comparing the features.

2. Black & Decker DR260B 5.2-Amp 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver

Black and Decker DR260B review

Black & Decker is renowned for manufacturing quality power tools in affordable price. One of their most popular products is the Black & Decker DR260B 5.2-Amp 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver. This is a powerful and compact drill which can handle tough jobs. The drill comes with variable speed control, thus offering you a wide range of materials for drilling and fastening. It has a nice onboard bit storage system, so you can quickly gain access to the screw driving bit.

The Black and Decker DR260B comes with a keyless chuck. The size of the chuck is the popular 3/8” size. Weighing only 4 pounds, the drill is easy on hands. DR260B has a 5.2 amp motor which is suitable for home use. As for tough jobs, the power might be inadequate.


  • The Black & Decker DR260B comes with a motor of 5.2 amp, suitable for most household tasks.
  • The drill has a keyless chuck. The size is 3/8” and can be fitted with a wide range of drill bits.
  • The bubble level helps in precise drilling.
  • The drill has a variable speed of 0-1500 RPM.
  • Drilling capacity- in wood 1”, in steel 3/8”.
  • It has an on-board bit storage which helps the user to get quick access to screw driving bit.
  • Very lightweight at 4 lbs. Product dimension is 11 x 4.3 x 11.4 inches.


  • Lightweight, not only in weight but also in price.
  • The drill is ergonomic, easy to handle.
  • At a speed range of 0-1500 RPM, the drill provides quite a support for household use.
  • Need to change the drill bit quickly? The keyless chuck will give you that advantage.
  • The on-board bit storage system will keep your bit handy.
  • Suitable to drill through plastic, wood and even metals.


  • The motor is not suitable for tough industrial use, i.e. drill through concrete.
  • The cord itself isn’t long enough, so you might need an extension cord for seamless movement.

3.DEWALT DWD112 8.0 Amp 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Drill with Keyless All-Metal Chuck

DEWALT DWD112 revirew

Quite similar like the previous one, the DEWALT DWD112 is one of the prime corded drills. The drill features an 8 amp powerful motor suitable for all kinds of drilling and fastening jobs. The drill comes with a variable speed of 0-2500 RPM which can be controlled by the trigger.

The DEWALT DWD112 has an ergonomic design with comfortable pistol grip, so you don’t have to fear about dropping the corded drill. The drill comes with an all metal keyless 3/8” chuck, which makes it easy to replace drill bits. The drill comes with a ball bearing construction for smooth and lengthy jobs. From professional to house works, this is your trusted confidante for tough jobs.


  • A truly powerful drill with an 8 amp motor, suitable for drilling through plastic, wood, metal even concrete.
  • Comes with a variable speed trigger. Provides a whopping RPM of 0-2500.
  • It has an all metal chuck of 3/8” size. This universal chuck is compatible with most of the drill bits produced.
  • The weight is only 4.1 pounds, easy to hold. The dimension is 3 x 9.63 x 10.81 inches.
  • It has a ball bearing feature that gives it a long life.
  • The machine can drill through 1 ½” wood and 3/8” steel.


  • Almost covers all features of a champion drill at a very affordable price.
  • The easy to grip soft handle and lightweight protect the user from fatigue and muscle pain.
  • The motor is quite powerful for home and industrial use.
  • The keyless chuck allows you to change the drill bit quite easily; the all-metal chuck will hold the drill bit firmly.
  • Comes with a long warranty and money back guarantee. Just imagine the confidence its manufacturers have on their product.


  • If the trigger came with a lock system, that would have been better.

4. DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp 1/2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill

DEWALT DWD210G  review

Dewalt is known for making quality drills, and they have quite a few corded drills embraced by the users. The DEWALT DWD210G possess one of the strongest motors available for drills. With a roaring 10 amp motor power, the drill is truly a power house. Not only wood or plastic, but the drill can also perform drilling for concrete and masonry. The drill comes in a ½” pistol grip which is easy to hold. The outlook of this drill is a trademark Dewalt yellow and black color combination.

The motor delivers full power and comes with an integrated overload protection which makes it durable and ready for some tough jobs. The DEWALT DWD210G comes with a soft grip and a two finger trigger, offering the user greater control. One of the things I like about this drill is the 360-degree side handle which gives you more control over your movement.

Known as the best corded drill under 100$, the DWD210G motor delivers a variable speed of 0-1200 RPM, which makes it easy for you to work with a wide range of materials.


  • A powerhouse with 10 amp motor, more power than most of the drills on the market.
  • The drill comes with a keyed chuck, and the size of the chuck is 1/2 “.
  • The weight is 6.9 pounds, the dimension of this drill is 10.2 x 13.1 x 3.2 inches.
  • The DWD210G features soft, non-slip grip and two-finger trigger for better control and comfort.
  • The machine comes with a 360-degree side handle, making the controlling easier.
  • The drill comes with a metal gear housing durability and better reliability.


  • The drill can perform from regular to tough jobs; the powerful motor won’t let the drill bit stall at the crucial moment.
  • The keyed chuck holds the drill bit quite strongly and securely to prevent slippage.
  • Comes with a good speed range to work upon different materials.
  • Comfortable handle, two fingers smooth trigger enhances user satisfaction.
  • Comes with a long warranty and money back guarantee.


  • The drill is slightly heavier than its counterparts of Dewalt. That’s normal because of the added feature it offers.

5. BLACK+DECKER DR560 7.0-Amp 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver

Black and Decker DR560 review

Black and Decker is a well-known company operating since 1910 and known for their innovative and well-designed power tools. The BLACK+DECKER DR560 is no exception. This is the highest-priced and most powerful drill of Black and Decker. Don’t worry about the price, despite being B&D’s priciest, the drill is still cheap than most of the drills on the market.

Looking for the best corded drill for woodworking? The B&D DR560 comes with a powerful 7 amp motor, capable of carrying out even the toughest jobs. An all metal chuck is part of the structure; the ½ “chuck comes with a key. The DR560 has the slick tradition design and beautiful red-black color combination the company usually features. Another advantage of this drill is the drill has a comfortable grip with 360-degree side handle. Looking towards long hours of drilling task? This drill is your savior.


  • The drill comes with a powerful 7 amp motor. You can do your household jobs and most of the toughest jobs a construction site demands.
  • The DR560 has a variable speed of 0-900 RPM. The speed allows the user to work with tough materials with power and precision.
  • The drill has a ½” keyed chuck. This key system allows the user to tightly attach the drill bit with the chuck.
  • The drill has a steel capacity of ½” and wood capacity of 1 ½”.
  • The BLACK+DECKER DR560 comes with a comfortable grip and side handle.
  • The weight is only 3 pounds, and the product dimension is 12 x 3.5 x 10.4 inches.


  • Slick design, easy to hold pistol grip.
  • A powerful motor to work with plastic, metal, and wood, sometimes concrete with the right drill bit.
  • The keyed chuck is more secure.
  • Excellent structure made of plastic and metal. Sturdy and durable.
  • The side handle allows the user to use both hands, thus reducing pressure on one hand.


  • The ½” chuck might appear a little bigger for general-purpose drilling.

6. PORTER-CABLE PC600D 6.5 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Drill

Porter Cable PC600D review

The PORTER-CABLE PC600D is one of the best corded drills on the market. But do not get fooled by the price. Despite being cheap, the drill comes with a decent power and fairly sturdy design. The PC600D comes with a 6 amp motor which is suitable for general purpose drilling tasks for the house or professional use.

The drill delivers a variable speed of 0-2500 RPM. The high-torque gear design makes it easy to drill through metal and wood. The PC600D comes with a set of professional features. It has an adjustable speed trigger for speed control, a keyless chuck of 3/8” size to facilitate quick drill bit change, a belt clip to secure the tool and a long, high-grade cord for easy movement.


  • Comes with a 6 amp power motor, suitable for casual jobs.
  • Comes with a variable speed trigger and a speed range of 0-2500 RPM to facilitate drilling through different materials.
  • Slim and ergonomic handle design, a lock-on button for prolonged use.
  • The drill is attached to a 6 feet, high-grade power cord.
  • Includes a 3/8”, Keyless chuck for quick drill bit changes.
  • Lightweight, only 4.3 pounds, the dimension is 10.9 x 3.2 x 10.9 inches.


  • A very useful drill for regular use at a low price.
  • Lightweight, easy on hands, comes with a trigger locking facility.
  • Keyless chuck with quick bit changing facility.
  • The belt clip holds drill steadily during work.


  • The motor is enough for regular use, however not suitable for professional and tough drilling works.

7. Bosch 1006VSR 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck Drill

Bosch 1006VSR revirew

Another popular product in this category. The Bosch 1006VSR comes with a slightly higher price, but worth every penny. The drill comes with a 6.3 amp motor which is suitable for regular works. It has a variable speed of 0-2600 RPM which makes it easy to work through different materials.

The handle comes with a comfortable grip, a lock on switch and an oversized 2 finger trigger. It’s easy to control speed and do lengthy works with this drill. The Bosch 1006VSR comes with a standard 3/8” chuck which is keyless. You’ll feel no pressure while operating this drill even in awkward positions.


  • Comes with a 6.3 amp motor which is, not the most powerful motor, but will facilitate general purpose works.
  • Remarkably lightweight at 3.4 pounds, easy to handle. Dimension is 11.2 x 9.9 x 2.7 inches.
  • It has a 3/8” chuck which is keyless, and it’s easy to change bits.
  • It has an RPM of 0-2600.
  • Improved lock-on switch and 2 fingers trigger make it easy to operate for workers.
  • It has a belt clip which frees up hands while doing other tasks.


  • Very compact and ergonomic design, a treat for the hands.
  • The lock on switch helps the operator in lengthy works, while the oversized 2 finger trigger makes the speed changing easy.
  • Keyless 3/8” chuck, can be used with a wide range of drill bits.
  • The belt clip makes easy to hook the device to your belt, especially in awkward positions like on a ladder.
  • Comes with an 8 feet power cord.


  • The motor power is suitable for general purpose drilling on soft materials at home or construction sites.

8. Kawasaki 840176 Green 5.8 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Reversible Drill

Kawasaki 840176 review

Kawasaki Tools by Alltrade Tools LLC is a global leader when it comes to power tools. The Kawasaki 840176 Green is a popular product for them which comes with a 5.8 amp power motor. While it might not be the powerhouse, the motor fairly facilitates regular light drilling works.

The drill comes with a keyless 3/8” chuck. Kawasaki 840176 provides a variable speed of 0-2500 RPM. The drill is very lightweight at 3 lbs. And a treat for the eyes with its beautiful green color.


  • Comes with a 5.8 moderately powerful motor. Suitable for light drilling works here and there.
  • The drill is easy to hold, only 3 pounds of weight. The dimension is 10.63 x 9.5 x 2.75 inches.
  • Kawasaki 840176 has a variable speed of 0-2500 RPM. Flexible for any types of soft drilling
  • The product is tested for durability by the manufacturers, has a 3/8” chuck with keyless function.
  • Comes with a durable metal gear box.


  • Fairly cheap, easy to hold ergonomic design.
  • The keyless chuck is appropriate for changing the bits quickly.
  • Comes with a variable speed of which is easily controllable with the trigger. There is a lock on button for extended use.
  • One of the most lightweight drill on the market.


  • Though suitable for normal use, not suitable for heavy jobs like drilling into concrete.
  • As it is very lightweight, a side handle would be good for the user to apply firm pressure.

9. Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill, Variable Speed, Reversible

makita 6302h review

When it comes to quality and durability, the Makita 6302H is a trusted name to many people. The drill comes with a moderate 6.5 motor, suitable not only for light jobs but also for heavy works if equipped with a proper drill bit.

The chuck is keyed. The ½” chuck is of industrial quality. What I like about the Makita 6302H are its reversing switch and lock-on button. The large side handle will provide a comfortable feeling to the user. The drills come with a double insulated metal casing.


  • Fairly powerful 6.5 amp motor for light and heavy works.
  • It has a variable speed of 0-550 RPM; this speed allows the drill for boring through a wide range of materials.
  • It has a heavy duty ½” chuck with key
  • Large lock on button and handlebar helps the user to work continuously without fatigue.
  • Lightweight at 4.8 pounds. The dimension is 11.3 x 8.4 x 3 inches.
  • Offers 1 3/8” drilling in woods and ½” drilling in metals.


  • Comes with an appropriate belt clip, easy to keep the drill handy.
  • The large 360-degree side handle provides firm control over the machine.
  • The reverse switch helps with certain jobs like broken screw.
  • The lock on button provides continuous drilling opportunity without any hindrance.


  • The drill is an all-rounder, but might not satisfy extreme drilling needs for professional work.

10. Skil 6445-02 7.0-Amp 120-volt 1/2-Inch Hammer Drill

Skil Hammer Drill 6445

Looking for a heavy drill machine that provides both power and adequate weight for a steady drilling job? Well, the Skil 6445-02 is what you need. One of the best corded hammer drills, the nice looking machine comes with a motor power of 7 amp and additional hammer function to facilitate light jobs like wood drilling and tough jobs like masonry.

The drill has a ½” keyed chuck which is secure. The 360-degree side handle provides support for controlled, precise drilling. Comes with a variable speed of 0-3000, that’s why this drill is a trusted friend of those who has to work with different materials.


  • The drill comes with a powerful industrial grade motor of 7 amp.
  • Comes with a keyed chuck sized ½”. The chuck provides a firm grip to the drill bit.
  • Slightly heavy, 5.6 pounds. The dimension is 11.2 x 9 x 3 inches.
  • Side assist handle helps the user with comfortable holding.
  • Variable speed control trigger to control speed, the trigger is an oversized 2 finger trigger and comes with a lock on function.
  • Can drill through the concrete of 1” and wood of 1 5/8”.


  • Delivers an amazing maximum speed of 3000 RPM.
  • Suitable for mild to moderately hard work.
  • CULUS certified that means the product meets all the requirements of US and Canadian standards.
  • Oversized trigger, lock on feature and side handle- a complete ergonomic design.
  • Comes with a cord which is 8 feet long, provides flexibility to the user.


  • The price may seem slightly high. However, for a product certified by UL, the price doesn’t break the bank.


A corded drill is a must have for users dealing with home improvement works as well as professional construction works. When buying a drill, look for the motor power, the RPM and the ergonomic features of the drill to avoid quick wear and tear.

We have done some heavy researches and compilations for you. If you’re in a hurry, then go through our comparison chart for a quick look. If you want more detailed information, our best corded drill reviews will help you. If you have any recommendation, don’t hesitate to share with us.

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