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Best Corded Drill

Last Updated: 3rd March 2020
Product Review by Portia

The drill is the most essential addition to any toolkit.

Home improvement tools should enable you to perform both small and large jobs in your home and on a work site. There are many types of drills available on the market and the internet, but the two prominent types are corded and cordless drills.

Each drill type has its positives and negatives to using them, but here we will explore the best corded drills.

There have been recent advancements to the cordless drill, which has made it soar in popularity. That said, the corded drill remains the same powerful option on the market and is favored for being a familiar tool and for its reliability.

Fastening and drilling jobs around the home or in work can be completed by the corded drill.

However, with most products these days, the market is crowded and it can be overwhelming finding the best corded drill for you.

That’s why, here at Top Review Zone, we’ve reviewed eight of the best corded drills ranked, in order;

Our Reviews

Black & Decker DR260B 5.2-amp 3/8” Drill

Today we will be reviewing the Black & Decker DR260B Drill.

Black & Decker is one of the best and well-renowned companies and primarily known for producing quality tools at affordable pricing.

The Black & Decker DR260B 5.2-amp 3/8” drill is one of the most potent drills which makes the most robust job easier for the user.

You will be able to control the speed of this drill alongside you will get the materials you need to optimize your drilling and fastening. It comes with an onboard drill bit storage system so you will have quick access to the screw driving bit system.

The best part is it comes in the keyless chuck, and the size of the chuck is 3/8”. It weighs around 4 Lbs and therefore, it comes under the lightweight drills list.

If you ask me, then I will prefer this drill for regular home use as it comes with 5.2 amp motor and which I do not think suitable for the most robust fastening and drilling tasks.

Another thing, the cord itself is not long enough so that you will need an extension for this.


  • Suitable for regular home jobs (users of all levels of expertise)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Trusted company
  • Reasonable price
  • Two-year limited warranty


  • Power has been questioned by some consumers
  • Noisy compared to other drills on the market

DeWalt DWD210G 10-Amp 1/2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill

Today we will be reviewing the DeWalt DWD210G Pistol-Grip Drill.

If the budget is not a problem for you, and you require the quality drill at any price tag. Then this DeWalt pistol-grip drill could be the one for you.

From the same brand DeWalt, which is famous for making quality home improvement tools, the DeWalt DWD210G comes with the most reliable motor of 10 amp power.

It is a powerhouse and not only the wood or plastic you can drill using this, but this can also be applied to concrete and masonry.

The combination of looks and grip is perfect. You will get a black and yellow color combination in looks and the pistol grip for the comfortable.

The best thing I liked the most about Dewalt DWD210G is the overload protection for the motor. Meanwhile, if the motor used in its full power, then the overload protection system will automatically shut down and keeps the drill and user safe.

Another thing I liked the most is the 360-degree side handle, which provides a comfortable angle direction to the users while using.

In the end, the thing I don’t like is slightly overweight of this drill, but it is due to the added features on it.

However, if the budget is not an issue for you and you are looking for the best-corded drill under 100$, then this is the one I would suggest to you.


  • Trusted company
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Durable and reliable for work sites


  • The price is not compatible with customer budgets
  • The power has been questioned by some consumers

PORTER-CABLE PC600D 6.5 Amp 3/8-Inch Drill

Today we will be reviewing the PORTER-CABLE PC600D Drill.

If you’re looking for a powerful drill with a budget-friendly price on the market, then the PORTER-CABLE PC600D Drill is the one to add to your cart.

Despite being affordable, it comes with decent power and stability. It comes with 6-amp motor, which is perfect for regular and general uses drilling and fastening tasks, especially for home use.

The speed of the motor can go far up to 2500 RPM, which is again a good signal. The high-torque gear design makes it suitable for drilling through woods and metals.

Despite being cheap, it does come with all the professional features you can get in a premium price tag only.

To be an instance, it has an adjustable speed trigger for speed control, a keyless chuck of 3/8” size for a quick drill bit change, a belt clip to secure the tool, and a long, high-grade cord for smooth movement.

PORTER-CABLE PC600D also comes in the list of best lightweight corded drills as it only weighs around 4.3 pounds.

As a result of its lightweight and compact size, the only problem with this drill is that it is not suitable for professional and robust task uses. We would recommend this drill if you’re looking to undertake jobs in your home!


  • Budget-friendly
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Includes belt clip


  • The variable trigger can be hard to control
  • Not the best-suited drill for professionals

Bosch 1006VSR 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck Drill

Today we will be reviewing the Bosch 1006VSR Keyless Chuck Drill.

It is doubtful you’ve lived your life without hearing of Bosch. It is a famous brand that has provided consumers worldwide with power tools for over a century.

Often with an impressive reputation comes a rise in price. The Bosch 1006VSR drill is on the market at a slightly higher price, but for what it offers, it appears to be worth the investment.

It comes with a 6.3 AMP powerful motor, which is perfect for the monotonous regular home tasks. The speed of the motor can go up to 2600 RPM, which is again suitable for drilling and fastening tasks.

As well as this, it offers a comfortable handle grip, with a lock-on the grip and oversized two-finger buttons. The controllable speed provides you with smooth access to the drill, and it comes with a standard size chuck, and the chuck is keyless for easy drill bit removal.

The Bosch 1006VSR weighs around 3.4 lbs and is marketed as a lightweight power tool.

That said, it feels more substantial than its competitors, which could be as a result of the robust materials used.

This can be a good option if you need soft purposes and normal drillings at home, but I wouldn’t recommend this drill to drill through the more high-duty materials.


  • Iconic company (trusted brand)
  • Belt clip to increase portability
  • Includes 3/8-Inch Keyless Chuck


  • The price might not be compatible with some customer budgets
  • Might be too heavy for some customers

Kawasaki 840176 5.8 Amp 3/8-Inch Reversible Drill

Today we will be reviewing the Kawasaki 840176 Reversible Drill.

This reversible drill is manufactured by Alltrade Tools LLC, which is one of the best global leaders and providers of power tools, and Kawasaki tools are one of them.

The Kawasaki 840176 is one of the popular products and is compatible with a range of budgets. It possesses a 5.8-amp motor. Compared to other drills on the market, it is far from a powerhouse drill. However, it is suitable for regular drilling works under budget.

It comes with keyless 3/8” chuck and the speed of 2500 RPM which is again suitable for regular drilling tasks and is ideal for jobs around the house.

The Kawasaki 840176 comes under lightweight drills as it weighs around 3lbs, which will be easy to carry around. If you opt for this drill, you will receive a belt and pocket clip, which makes it extremely portable and frees your hands, allowing you to multitask.

Overall, we think the Kawasaki 840176 Reversible Drill is best suited for regular usage. If you’re a professional, you might encounter some hurdles because of its poor performance with heavy-duty materials such as concrete.

We hope this glimpse of the Kawasaki 840176 has enlightened you and helped with your search for the best corded drill. If this isn’t the drill for you, check out our other product reviews today!


  • Budget-friendly
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • The belt/pocket clip makes it portable
  • Best suited for jobs at home


  • The lower price might compromise the quality of the materials used
  • Not the best drill for heavy-duty materials such as concrete

Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill

Today we will be reviewing the Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill.

When it comes to quality and durability, Makita is a go-to brand for professionals and DIY-enthusiasts. That’s why the Makita 6302H model might be the perfect choice for you.

This drill is not only suitable for lightweight tasks, but it also has the power to perform heavy-duty tasks with heavy-duty materials. It comes with a 6.5-amp quality motor and its industrial keyed chuck size of 1/2″, which offers exceptional performance during the harshest of worksites.

Ease of use and comfort are essential when looking for a corded drill. The 6302H includes a reversing and switch lock-on button, and a large side handle; the handle can be placed on either side and increases overall accessibility and comfort.

The drill features premium build quality and sports an all-metal housing. The double-insulated metal provides extra durability and will sure last you for an extensive period.

The Makita 6302H drill is on the market at a high price, but for what it offers, we believe it is reasonable. That said, it provides a one-year limited warranty which might put off some consumers.

If this drill shines bright for you, we recommend confirming your budget before finalizing any purchases.


  • Excellent construction quality
  • Powerful 6.5-amp motor
  • Side handle
  • Variable-speed reversing trigger


  • The price might not be compatible with budgets
  • One-year limited warranty

SKIL 6445-02 Hammer Drill

The last one on our list is the SKIL 6445-02 Hammer Drill.

This hammer drill is one of the best heavy drill machines that provides both power and weight for drilling jobs.

The hammer look design of this drill is an attractive design and appeals to professionals and first-timers alike.

With a weight of just 5.5 pounds, you will experience a lightweight drill that is portable and easy to carry around.

It comes with 7 AMP powerful motor and additional hammer function for lightweight drilling and fastening tasks, and it also comes with a 1/2 size keyed secure chuck.

The thing I liked the most is the 360-degree side handle, which provides the user to operate every direction at maximum power.

The speed of the motor can go up to 3000 RPM, but you should note that it tends to overheat during heavy-duty tasks, so it is best to avoid heavier use with this hammer drill.

It is undoubtedly best suited to those taking on jobs around the house and will last you a substantial amount of time.

Overall, I recommend this hammer drill to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive model that offers excellent performance.


  • Trusted company
  • Affordable price
  • Rotatable side handle
  • Variable speed trigger


  • Not for heavy-duty tasks
  • Corded unit
  • One-year limited warranty

DeWalt DWD115K 8-amp 3/8″ Corded Drill

Today we will be reviewing the DeWalt DWD115K Corded Drill.

If you are looking for a drill that can handle all of your professional and casual tasks, then Dewalt DWD115K is what you are looking for. It is one of the most popular drills in the country, and the best part is Dewalt DWD115K is versatile and easy to handle.

If I talk about the features, then it has an adjustable speed trigger, reversing switch, and a comfortable grip.
We do know that it is one of the lightweight drills available over the market. The weight carried by Dewalt DWD115K is 4.1 Lbs. The best thing I liked the most about this drill is it does not cause its user fatigue even after extended usage.

It comes with a powerful motor of 8 amp, which is suitable for almost every drilling task. The best thing is it comes with widely used 3/8″ chuck, which makes it easier for the person for long-range drills. The keyless chuck will help the person to replace the used drill bit quickly.

If I do talk about the speed of this drill, then it ranges from 0 to 2500PM along with an adjustable speed trigger. The only thing I don’t like about this drill is it is slightly overpriced for the average customers. However, It is not a big deal though every premium thing comes with a premium price tag.


  • Trusted company
  • Excellent handle grip
  • Lightweight - easy to carry to one job to the next
  • Fast and powerful


  • The price might not be compatible to some customer budgets
  • Some reports of a sensitive speed trigger

Buyer’s Guide

You should familiarize yourself with the different types of drills on the market. Each offers unique features but all share some common features that you should bear in mind if you want the best one for your needs.

We’ve outlined the features below, and hopefully, we’ve saved your time, effort and most importantly, money in the buying process.

Motor power

Motor power is the core of a drill. When you’re buying a corded drill, you need to make sure whether the power is sufficient for the particular job. The power of the motors is measured in amps. Although there are variations, the general range is 5-10 amp. If you’re looking for mild jobs, like drilling into wood or plastic, a drill with the normal motor should work.

If you’re looking for some heavy and long work like drilling on the concrete or other tough material, the motor power should be above 7 amp.

There is the thumb rule, the bigger and more powerful motor you have the better. Bigger motors tend to last for a long time, possess less risk of the motor burning out and make the job easier.

Drill Speed

The corded drill should have an adjustable drill speed, as all jobs don’t need the same drill speed. While tough material like concrete needs higher drill speeds, using the same speed to work on plastic may crack it.

Getting 700-1000 rpm is enough to do most of the jobs. The only time you might need higher speed is if you’re drilling through very tough materials.

Chuck Size

The chuck is what holds the drill bit. The chuck should be strong otherwise the drill bit might slip and cause accidents. There are two types of chucks. Keyed and keyless. Some drills come with a key to tighten, loosen and lock the drill bit with the help of the key. Others are called keyless chuck which means no chuck key is used, the tightening and loosing are done by hand.

Both have their benefits. With a keyless chuck, you never have to worry about losing the key. I guess you know how painful losing a key can be, whether it is the key to your house or the chuck key. The changing of the bits is also quicker and easier.

But if you want tougher drilling, you should use a chuck with key. The bit needs to be tightened firmly to bore a smooth hole. Otherwise, the bit might vibrate and that will be dangerous at high speed. With a key chuck, you can tighten the drill bit securely by hands, and the bit is less likely to slip.

There are different sizes the chuck comes in. The chuck size determines the size of the drill bit or drill attachment fitted with it. The most popular size is the 3/8″ size which is suitable for almost every task. There are other sizes like 1/2″ and 1/4″. But the 3/8″ size is widely used, and this is the size we recommend.

Hammer Function

The hammer function is measured in BPM (blows per minute). Many people who buy corded drills for heavy works don’t know what BPM is. More surprisingly, they don’t specifically look for the feature when the buy a drill.

If you’re looking for tough jobs, like drilling through concrete, then the hammer function will provide you with extra benefits. The hammering action provides a short, rapid hammer thrust for drilling through the tough material. BPM is the amount of that thrust in every minute.

The hammer function works well with all kinds of tough materials, but you should not be drilling through wood or metal with a hammer function. A lot of people don’t distinguish between the two and end up with a disappointing result.

Reverse Mechanism

The reverse mechanism will add versatility to your drill. Sometimes your drill bit might get stuck, and you cannot simply pull it as that might cause damage. In that case, putting the drill in reverse motion will safely bring your drill bit out.

Or sometimes you might want to drill in reverse direction depending on the task, like removing broken screws. It can be hard to remove the screw using a manual screwdriver, and the reversible function will come in handy that time.


Design and ergonomics are important features, especially for those who use the drill for long hours every day i.e. the construction workers. A drill should be well balanced, lightweight and have a good grip.

Any lacking in the above features cause worker fatigue, muscle cramp, joint pain in the long run. That’s why drills with side handles are more preferred because that refrains you from putting too much pressure on one hand and helps you to do a steady job. Also, make sure the drill has a comfortable rubber grip on the handle.

Don’t call me comfort freak, but I would also like to have a trigger lock button in my drill. I want to be able to keep drilling without constantly worrying to hold the trigger down.

In short, a decent rubber grip, a side handle and a lock button, will put a drill ahead regarding comfort.


Brands are brands for a reason. They have a better quality assurance process, and they do not look to harm their reputation. That’s why, when you want the best-corded drill for you, buying from a renowned brand will always give you assurance and protection. They use better construction materials for their product. If somehow you don’t get the desired result, policies like warranty, replace, a refund can help you with that.


Price is one of the features people look for, just may not admit it. Honestly, I do not see any problem in that, why break my bank when I can get my desired features at less price?

The price of corded drills starts around 25$ and rises to 100$ or more depending on what type of drill you want. For regular home use, you will find a good all-purpose drill in 30$-50$ price.

For construction and professional use, higher-end products are used which has a long lifespan. Those drills come with more power, suitable for tough jobs and slightly costlier than the regular ones.

Corded Vs Cordless Drills: Comparison

As you can see, corded and cordless drill both have their advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I think you should keep both of them at your disposal if you’re a DIY enthusiast or an industrial worker because while a corded drill offers long time use without any hindrance, a cordless drill will make it easy to work in tiny awkward places.

But, if I were told to keep only one, I’d choose a corded drill. It might seem that a cordless drill will save you time, and it does. It’s easier to move around with a cordless drill, reaching difficult places and start working without bothering about a power source. You don’t have to fear about tripping over the cords. It’s all good until the battery starts to run out. The time you lose charging batteries or swapping them is much more than the time you spend moving a power cord.


Another issue is efficiency. While a corded drill provides you full power constantly, rotation speed and torque of a cordless drill start to decrease over time. For users, it’s annoying, especially when the work demands concentration and indiscrete power supply.


As for durability, corded drills incline to serve you for many years, generally more than the cordless ones. Because corded drills do not use a battery as a power source, so you do not have to fear that the battery will be expired and fail to hold charge eventually. The price of a corded drill is also lower than a cordless drill, sometimes even 40%-50% cheaper.

Uses Of A Corded Drill

Drills are designed to bore holes in objects. If you use the right drill bit, you can make a smooth hole through woods, tiles, concrete walls, metal, plastic and stone.

Drills can be used as fasteners. The drill is fitted with a screwdriver shaped drill bit and used to insert screws. Most of the time drills can insert the screw into the material without a pre-drilled hole.

They can also be used as mixers. If you fit a mixer attachment (known as the paddle) with the drill, it can be used to mix paints, mortars and even cement. The power a corded drill provides will make sure the mix is appropriate and well-done.

If you own a car, you can use certain drills to polish and wax the car and get a professional showroom look in a short time.


So, what have we named our best corded drill?

After checking out eight of the best featured on today’s market, the DeWalt DWD115K 8-amp 3/8″ Corded Drill is our top rated corded drill.

The DWD115K corded drill by DeWalt is an exceptional power tool that will bring success to any future jobs you find yourself undertaking, whether that be at home or in a professional environment.

It has a reasonable price tag attached to it and can be easily acquired by consumers of all levels of expertise, and DeWalt offer a generous three-year limited warranty should you experience any issues.

After checking out our corded drill reviews, we hope you have found your match. If you haven’t found one that meets your needs, we hope you feel confident in continuing your search.

Check out our included buyer’s guide to further your knowledge, and hopefully, you have one added to your cart very soon.

If you have any recommendations, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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