10 Best Fog Machines 2018 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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A fog machine or fog generator machine produces artificial smoke which needs for the different purposes. The best fog machine can be used for various entertainment purposes like for DJ music parties, dramatic mood, any light shows and for Halloween festival to create an artificial haunted atmospheric condition. Fog machines can also be used in some industrial operations, military operations and different training program.

Now a day’s fog machines are frequently available and low at price. That’s why fog machine has become broadly used for the various jobs include Halloween presentation. But some fog machines are also costs high price. According to different companies, new features services by the machine the price range may vary.

But there are some important things you must consider before buying a fog generator machines. All the fog machines available in the market are not good and nondurable. If you are looking best outdoor fog machine or for DJ music parties Halloween, Please sit tightly and read the whole article.

In this article I’m going to share some important factors of fog producing machines, fog creator buying guides and full reviews of Top 10 fog machines. Before going to deep of this article, I would like to place a table here. You can easily look at all the best fogger at a glance.

Top 10 Best fog machines review 2018

I strongly believe that there are many fog machines available in the market to buy. But, these foggers we mentioned below are the top among the best in the market.


Fluid Tank(L/ML)

Warm Up Time

Power (w/v)


chauvet dj hurricane 700 fog machine



120 v

adj fog fury jett




1byone O00QL-004




 The new chauvet h1100 fog mchine

1.3 liter

40-50 sec


american dj mister kool




American DJ Storm

2.5 Liter



eliminator lighting




Chauvet Hurricane H1301 Fog




CHAUVET Hurricane Haze 2D Water-Based DJ Haze




Bog Fog Extreme High Density Fog Juice




1. Chauvet DJ Hurricane 700 fog machine

If you are looking a great fog machine for the party, event or any light show, this would be a great choice for you. You can easily fill your room with heavy fog by the Chauvet DJ Hurricane smoke generator and let your light shine. And also this fog machine can perform for a theatre, small movie set or DJ program.


  • This Chauvet DJ 700 fog machine can create a continuous fog stream at 1500 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and heats up in just 2.5 minutes which is very fast to produces smoke.
  • Constructed with instant ready to use function and included 13 feet wired remote control.
  • It also featured with 0.2 gallon that is equal to 0.6-liter fluid tank capacity and 7.5 ml per minute fluid consumption. It comes with water based fog fluids.
  • The machine runs with low volt AC power at 120 volt 60 Hz or 230 volt 50 Hz.
  • This item weighs 5.6 pounds and the item dimension is 14.8 x 13.8 x 15.6 inches.

Benefits & Pros

  • The machine which is compact, lightweight and portable. You can easily move this to any event location without any hassle.
  • Initially, the fog shoots 9 feet long distance and after two complete gust, it can easily complete a room with full of fog. Great for creating a haunted Halloween and an elfin environment.
  • The machine is silent itself but it can generate a soft hissing sound when you press the fog.
  • The smoke that produces by this machine is dense, odor free and not harmful for animals.

(Note: If possible, you should always keep your pets and bird’s distance from the machine and smoke)


  • You can’t connect this fog producer to a DMX controller.
  • Not works with a battery power, you must always use this with an electric connection or plugged into a wall.

2. ADJ Fog Fury Jett- Best Vertical Fog Machine

Fog Fury Jett by ADJ products is one of the best vertical fog producer machines. People who used it for their event and parties, music shows are mentioned ADJ FOG FURY JETT as the top fog machine for the purpose they used to. This powerful fogger has some extra ultra-modern specifications. The super structural design made this fogger eligible and suitable for any kind of musical shows, light shows, Halloween party and so on. This is considered the best outdoor fog machine by its satisfied customers.


  • This can be plugged into a standard outlet.
  • The fog furry jet is built in 12 x 3-watts RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, and Amber) LEDs and high-quality Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) technology.
  • It comes with 3 different operational moods like manual, remote control and DMX. 3 pins DMX input and output function.
  • 3-liter fog fluid tank to escape reservoir inversion so that you can grasp the ongoing taste of smoke production.
  • It also has a 4 button LCD display, which provides the right operational description in the monitor.
  • Item weight: 17 pounds and Dimension: 19.5 x 10 x 14.8 inches.

Benefits & Pros

  • This device has a 25 feet long fluid dispersion capacity. So, you can make a smoky environment fast and easily.
  • Possible mounting to light bar with 2 mounting points like perpendicular to lighting pipe and upside down.
  • The machine is usable in horizontally and vertically as you want. So, you can adjust your fog shooting direction by rotating the machine.
  • The LEDs can be turned off and just run fog during the DMX mood.
  • Fluid indicator level gives you the indication of rest amount of fluids and included wireless remote can give the hassle free control of fog.


  • After uninterrupted and randomly running, it may smell like something is burning.
  • exclamation-triangle
    It can produce continuous smoke for up to 4 hours Little a bit more would have been great.

3. 1byone O00QL-004

The company 1byone is reputed for small home electronics. This company produces fog machine for a long time and they have vast experience in producing small home appliances and music show instrument.

If you are looking the best low-lying fog machine at the best low price, it is for you. By this device, you can decorate your yards with all the way weird pieces. You can easily showcase a ghostly mist by this 1byone O00QL-004 smoke creator. This machine is compatible with 2 types of remote control like wireless remote control and time remote control.


  • This fog machine consumes 400 W electric current and works easily at 120 volt 60 Hz. Also, has 5 amperes 125-volt fuse function.
  • It can produce 2000 cubic feet fog per minute with a lower warm up time of 4-5 minutes.
  • This mini 400-watts fog machine is convenient for indoor and outdoor use and featured with convenient hose drain.
  • The device has wired 6.5 feet remote control and safe material built electric power cord.
  • 300 ml water based fluid tank capacity helps create thick fog.

Benefits & Pros

  • It is very light at the weight so that you can easily transport it from one place to another by the carrying with its handle. The weight is about 4.7 lbs.
  • Water based fluid fog juice can keep you breeze free from prepare fog liquids.
  • The machine is constructed with the safe material which keeps the environment free from pollutant. And safe wire reduces the risk of electrocuted.
  • If it is necessary for any special effect and controllable time, the wireless remote can do this.
  • The oil level indicator shows you the rest amount of fluid in the tank. So, you can refill fuel when needed.


  • Does not work with a DMX controller.
  • The wireless remote is not included with the machine. You have to buy one to connect with a device.

4. The new Chauvet H1100 Fog Machine

The new Chauvet H1100 fog generator is one or more step advance than the other traditional fogger. To make your party more realistic haunted, this fogger is one of the top rated fog machines for Halloween and music parties. Because this device provides the best quality and assures high performance with innovation. To make your event foggy and enjoyable, you can use this.

So, it would be the best and very first choice of yours when you are looking best ground fog machine for the live music show at a fair price or event party as well as for the small theater or movie set.


  • Designed for Quick, hasty and extemporary fog production with a measure of time at 60 to 70 seconds.
  • The Chauvet H100 produces an uninterrupted amount of 8000 cubic feet per minute smoke within a very short time.
  • It comes with a wired remote control and a wireless remote to rule the timer and smoke burst.
  • It has 1.3 liter capacity of fluid tank and 65 ml/minute fluid consumption.
  • Item weight is 10.3 lbs and the product dimension is 13 x 13 x 13 inches.

Benefits & Pros

  • The fog density and volume is great produces by this fogger. It produces thicker smoke and works great at night and day also.
  • You can control the volume of fog. With a wireless remote control, the machine is easily controllable for time and smoke bursts.
  • The machine is designed with more features than other conventional machines. It is portable so that you don’t have to face any hassle of moving.
  • The wireless remote is powered by the machine, so no need of any extra plug.
  • You can use it for many outdoor activities. Because this is one of the best ground fog machines to fulfill your outdoor party requirements.


  • Little heavier than other machines, Approximately 4.6 kgs.

5. American DJ Mister cool

This American DJ Mister cool fog machine might be a great choice of yours if you are looking for the best low lying fog machine for DJ parties. The machine is of cool perfect design and has a different look itself. It comes with low-lying fog producing facility by using ice with your regular fog fluid juice. This fogger is great for Halloween and stage program to create a realistic haunted mood and feel.


  • This machine is featured with a timer to create fog automatically when you needed.
  • You can use ice with traditional regular fog juices.
  • It is compatible with any fog fluids but low-lying fog juice is better.
  • To run this fogger frequently, it consumes 400-watts electricity and constructed for 120 V and upper.
  • The machine dimension is 20.25 x 13 x 12.5 inches and item weight is 18.7 pounds.
  • The item includes a manual fog control wired remote itself.

Benefits & Pros

  • 1-year limited warranty (conditions apply)
  • You can use Ice with fog juices to create a low-lying thicker smoky effect. So, you don’t need to buy an additional low-lying fog juices.
  • The regular juice creates fog by this machine but the ice makes the fog heavy and thicker and shoots the fog along to the ground.
  • American DJ chiller comes with attached timer controller. In that case, you don’t have to buy additional timer controller for this device.


  • This fog machine is heavier and the price is little higher than the other available traditional fogger in the market.
  • Does not include a wireless remote.
  • DMX not supported.

6. American DJ Storm

Are you getting ready to make your next event best, the American DJ Fog Storm is would be great for your live entertainment functions. With LEDs and laser lights, the fog effect combines with your lightings and makes your program dynamic. You can expect a lot more by the ADJ fog machine especially using their recommended fog fluids.


  • American DJ storm is featuring with Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) advanced technology and also headway heater system. The warm up time is only 8 minutes.
  • This device produces 7000 CFM fog output which shoots more than 20 feet distance from the machine during the fog blasts.
  • It has a 25 feet long wired remote and external fog control switch.
  • The removable fluid tank capacity is 2.5 liter and it consumes 33 ml fog juice per minute.
  • The item weight is 12 lbs and product dimension is 12 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches.

Benefits & Pros

  • The electronic heater remains hot all the time so there is no delay of heat up time during fog blasts.
  • External fog control system switch in the back can work if you lost the remote.
  • You can control the flow rate of fog created by the device.
  • You can control the length of fog blasts and the number of blasts on a given time.
  • It comes with a carrying handle, compatible, portable. So, there is no hassle to carry this to your event location.
  • The removable fog fluid tank will give you some extra fluid refill options.


  • Optional timer control and wireless remote not included. You need to buy it separately.

7.Eliminator Lighting EF-1000 fog machine

Enhance your lighting and fog experience by using EF-1000 fog machine by Eliminator lighting. The Los Angeles based company is producing high-quality DJ products with lots of different experience.

The EF-1000 fog machine comes with unique design, high-quality material, and environmental based fog production. This water based fog generator is more than a fog machine just because of its construction. You can use this machine for your Halloween party, Musical stage shows, Theatre set and much more. This is one of the good fog machine as well as the best ground fog machine.


  • This device has a 1000 watts heater to generate heat in a very short time.
  • It produces 4500 cubic feet fog per minute which comes from the 1-quart fog juice container.
  • The machine draws 10 amp current to run and create fog.
  • The device weighs is 8.5 pounds and the dimension is 13.25 x 7 x 7 inches.
  • Works with water based fluid juice.

Benefits & Pros

  • It can continuously produce fog for a show up to 4 hours with no interruption.
  •  You can create low-lying fog output by cooling it on dry ice.
  • The item is light weight and compatible. It also comes with a handle to carry.
  • Wired remote to control the fog output and a power indicator.
  • Works with wireless remote and computer operating system.
  •  With 1-year limited worry free warranty.


  • This does not produce low-lying fog itself. To get this, you must add a chiller a low-lying fog juice.
  • The wireless remote is not included; you have to buy it separately.

8.Chauvet Hurricane H1301 fog machine

When it comes to reviewing a Chauvet, I have a lot of things to say about the fogger. The Hurricane series fogger provides the best quality of fogging experience. The company is founded in 1990 and increasing values products and customers. This is a renowned company for its years of valuable service to the consumers.

Chauvet Hurricane series exceptionally the H1301 model has a lot of new features and specifications. People who used Chauvet Hurricane series H1301 model recommends to buying others. It has satisfied more than 90% customers who bought it.


  • The Chauvet H1301 works with wall plug of 120 VAC, 60 Hz and consume 1200 Watts, 10 amp.
  • It is capable to generate a huge amount of fog, about 20000 CFM within a very short time.
  • It has a 3.3-gallon water based fluid tank capacity and featured with the low fluid indicator, automatic shutdown.
  • 3 different control option like manual, wireless and wired remote.
  • Easily controllable by the manual fog button and or wireless timer remote.
  • Item weight is 13.8 lbs and the dimension is 16.5 x 12.4 x 12 inches.

Benefits & Pros

  • With an advanced fluid sensor and auto shut off feature, you can skip and protect your pump from overheating.
  •  It works in 5 minutes heat up time.
  • The item included FC-T remote, a high-quality power cord, Warranty card, Instruction, and operation manual.
  • It comes with 2 remote, wireless and wired. So you can control the operation in your preferred method. You can control this fogger by 15 feet distance with the wired remote and 30-40 distances with the wireless remote.
  •  The machine is compatible and portable.


  • Fog smell. But the smell is not bad.
  • Item weight is 6.3 kgs.

9. Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D water based DJ Haze

It is a water based Haze machine that gives continuous output and stands with DMX controller. This Hurricane series 2D Haze creates a comparatively thin atmosphere which is suitable for any light show like DJ, musical event, party etc.


  • It has 2 DMX channel and 3 pins XLR DMX connectors.
  • Compatible with 120 AC volt, 60 Hz and quick heat up time of 5 minutes. The device consumes electricity of 533 Watts, 4.4 amp.
  • It has a 0.7 gallon or 2.5-liter fluid tank capacity and output is 1200 cubic feet smoke per minute. The fluid consumption is 8.2 ml/liter.
  •  ADJustable Haze output and blower speed function.
  • Fluid indicator level and sensor to automatically shut down the machine when the tank is empty.
  • 3 operational methods with a wireless remote, wired remote and manual operation.
  • Item weight: 18.7 lbs, Dimension: 11.2 x 10.5 x 13.7 inches.

Benefits & Pros

  • Hassle free DMX connection with a digital display.
  •  It also comes with 2 remotes. The remote length is 15 feet for wired and 30-40 feet for wireless.
  •  You don’t have to think about the turn of the machine when the fluid tank is empty. It will turn off automatically.
  • One year worry free limited warranty.
  • Power cord, HC-remote, Warranty card and reference guide is included with this device.


  • Item is heavy.
  • Price is a little bit higher.
  • Does not produce snow, only fog.

10. Bog Fog  Extreme High Density Fog Juice​

Well, Reviewed 9 fog machines above. Now I’m going to review best ground fog fluid juice. So that, you don’t have to open a new window and search for a low lying ground fog juice for your party or event.

The Bog Fog fluid juice is for the machines which are 700 watts or higher. It is the most condense and high-density fog juice in the market. Bog Fog is an HD water based fog juice.

If you are looking for a dense fog for any occasion or program it is ideal for you. It can make a Halloween night more haunted and horrible.

Benefits & Pros

  • It works with any water based fog machine
  • Prepared with pharmaceutical grade chemical.
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • 100% American made and approved by FDA.
  •  Create dense and heavy low-lying ground fog.


  • Work great with 700 watts or higher machine.

Best Fog Machine Buying guide in a short

Before buying a fogger, you must ask yourself for which purpose you are going to buy the fog machine. Because according to your buying purpose you have to think about the size of the machine.

Size: If you are looking for the good fog machine for Halloween party then you should buy a possibly small size of machines so that you can easily hide the machine anywhere and create a horrible environment. A big size fogger is really difficult to hide.

Sound: Every fog machine sounds like a hiss, some are noisy. Again here you should consider the purpose of using. The consumer should consider the noise amount of their new fog machine they are going to buy.

Because the machines which make more noise than the expected level can ruin your event. When you buy the best low lying fog machine or best ground fog machine, try one which sounds less. That machine sounds more is good for a musical show.

Fog Output: This is somewhat related to the machine, not to your purpose of buying. You should always find the best fogger which gives heavy, dense and low-lying fog output.

Weight: Are you going to use the machine occasionally once or twice a year? If not, you should always buy the light in weight machines which are compatible and portable to anywhere. So that, you can easily carry the machine when you need and where you need.

Features: Now a day there are various types of new features and facilities added to the fog machines. The more feature costs more. But these features can keep you far from the worry free fogging and make your party more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

A fog machine is necessary to lavish your music event as well as the party. Without a foggy effect, it remains ungratified. You’ll be amazed to see when the fog will shine on the light. Halloween is also one of the perfect even for using the fog machine.

Once someone decided to buy a fog machine, they might find many options near. But picking the right one for the event has become a great challenge. Because, most people become hesitant to buy the right one from a lot of choices with different size, features etc.

But, I would like to suggest buying cheap fog machine according to your needs, the purpose of uses. And obviously buy, after reading reviews on that particular product or recommendation from someone else know to you and already using the product. Wish you a happy fogging to all.

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