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Best Fog Machine

Last Updated: 13th October 2020
Product Review by Portia

Are you looking for the best fog machine to spice up your Halloween party or do you want to add an unexpected element to your DJ party?

In this guide, we’ll cover our favorite fog machine used for filmmaking, events or just for fun!. Before jumping into the product reviews, you must have a basic idea about how fog machines work.

The fog machine is a device that is used to create fog blasts. It has a compact design with 1 to 10 kg of weight. The fog machine can produce artificial fog.

The mechanism ensures that the fog fluid evaporates and fog escapes the device. These machines are primarily used when you want to generate the amplification of light effects.

Whatever your reason is for buying one; it is never an easy task to find the best fog machine. However, if you have little knowledge about the machine; then half of the work is already done!

What is the best fog machine? Let’s take a deeper look!

Our Reviews

Chauvet Lighting DJ 700

The Chauvet Lighting Chauvet DJ 700 is a fantastic way to help you improvise your show. Plus, the machine is lightweight; therefore, you can easily carry it anywhere.

The main highlights of the Chauvet DJ700 are that it is a fogger which includes a wired remote control for timer settings. This fog machine can create a continuous fog stream at 1500 cubic feet/minute.

Overall, the machine is constructed with instant ready to use a function, which means you can use the machine as soon as you take it out of the box. The machine runs on AC power supply at 120 volt 60 Hz or 230 volt 50 Hz, making it a powerful fog machine that offers high-quality results. Chauvet DJ700 can produce smoke which is dense, odor-free as well as it will not at all harmful for animals.

If you are on a budget and looking for a cheap fog machine, then this is a great option when compared to other machines on the market.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Ready to use straight out of the box
  • The tank has a generous capacity
  • Heats up in under three minutes
  • Free pint of water based fog-fluid is included
  • Budget friendly


  • You can't attach an automated remote or timer

ADJ Products Fog Fury

If you’re willing to spend an extra buck or two, then you should definitely consider buying the ADJ Fog Furry! It’s regarded as one of the best vertical fog producer machines thanks to its ability to produce thick, billowing clouds! It is a high output fog machine that you can rely on.

Professional fog machines ofter have a vertical dispenser for better coverage across the stage. They’re considered professional grade because they included a pump that creates a consistent high-performance for the duration of its usage. This automatic fog machine is an excellent choice for all kinds of uses.

Some cheaper machines will clog up during the use; however, ADJ creates an oil type pipeline for transmissions which eliminates the risk of clogging. It is arguably the best fog machine for outdoor use that we’ve encountered!

Overall, the ADJ Fog machine is considered one of the best outdoor fog machines available in the market. It comes with 3 various operational moods like manual, remote control as well as DMX. The 4 button LCD display provides the right functional description in the monitor.


  • Lighted external fluid tank
  • DMX operational
  • Features automatic circuit cut-off
  • Electric thermosensing technology
  • Perfect for mobile entertainers
  • Quick blasts
  • Extremely high output


  • Loud vibration noise

Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1200 H1200

If you’re looking for a portable machine which you can carry anywhere, then the Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1200 H1200 is an ideal choice for you. It’s compact and packs a punch. This handheld smoke machine will produce a thick white cloud of smoke that surely bring your show to life.

Included is a timer remote so that you can set to puff so that it will continue to fog without having to restart it. This fog machine comes with a 1-liter tank capacity, which produces unscented fog at 18,000 com output. The fog is ready to use after a 2-minute heat-up time.

The Led-illuminated indicators help you to know the heat status and fluid levels of the tank.

Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1200 is the best choice for you if you’re looking for a budget option that will still provide you with the best ground fog machine for your live music show.

This fog machine is designed for quick, hasty and produce extemporary fog production in 60 to 70 seconds.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Included timer remote with variable output control
  • Manual fog button
  • Residue-free water-based fog output
  • LED-illuminated tank for safe operation
  • Advanced fluid sensor with automatic shut-off


  • The nozzle can get hot, keep out of the way from children and animals

American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger

American DJ Products is amongst the best manufacturers for anybody who’s looking for low lying fog options. You can use any fog machine for your stage plays or theatrical events because the quality offered by American DJ Mister is the best among all.

The Mister Kool Graveyard Low Flying Fogger has an excellent reputation, and you won’t be disappointed with this product.

American DJ has successfully produced one of the best dry ice effects fogger which is specially designed for theatrical events.

You can either use ice cubes or standard water-based fog juice, to use it. The machine is easy to operate, and a water drainage valve system was integrated for that purpose.

American DJ Mister is great for Halloween and stage program to create a realistic haunted mood and feel. Additionally, it includes the manual fog control which you can manage with a wired remote.


  • Uses standard water based fog juice or ice cubes
  • Water drainage system allows for easy clean-up
  • Power on/off switch
  • No need for expensive fog chillers!
  • Tough and durable
  • Quick heat up time
  • No spills


  • The fog rises in warm temperatures
  • The ice needs to replaced every 30 minutes

Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly fog machine, then you can buy an Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine for a competitive price!

It weighs only 6lbs and is ideal DJ gig, backyard parties, as well as any scenario where you require portability. The machine comes with two separate remotes, and that is the wired EF-TFR controller and the wireless EF-WR controller. This is potentially the best fog machine for DJs that we’ve come across.

The most innovative feature of the EF 1000 is its continuous and uninterrupted output. If you’ve ever used any for the machine than you know that many of them get shut off whenever the heating elements kick in. But that’s not the case with this machine.

Primarily, this is a continuous fog machine. The heating elements of the machine continuously works even when the fog is produced.

Overall, Eliminator offers some of the incredible features. However, one of the only weaknesses which we have seen is the limited output — not in terms of volume but the frequency.


  • Adjustable mounting bracket for stand, wall or truss
  • Only 2-3 minute warm up time right out of the box
  • Continuous and uninterrupted output to produce nonstop fog
  • Budget friendly


  • Limited frequency

Chauvet Hurricane H1301

The Chauvet Hurricane H1303 is appropriately named!

The Chauvet Hurricane H1301 brings the storm to the dance floor, or wherever you want to be! It comes with a high power wattage and an automatic shutoff setting, as well as a manual remote. You’ll get everything to create the atmosphere.

This fog machine is best suited for larger areas and extended uses due to its massive wattage.

The Chauvet Hurricane H1301 has a 1300 wattage. Using the manual remote control, you can turn off the storm of fog with ease. You’ll get an option to set an automated power shutoff. The fog machine comes with an LED-illuminated tank that enhances the safety and operation both.

Overall, the Chauvet H1301 model has a lot of new features and specifications, and this high powered fog machine will be a great addition to your upcoming event. The company has satisfied more than 99% of customers for its years of valuable service to consumers.


  • Advanced fluid sensor with automatic shut-off which protects your pump from overheating
  • Enhanced operation and safety with the LED-illuminated tank
  • Quick 5-minute heat-up with an output of 20,000 cfm
  • Easy control with using the manual fog button or included timer remote


  • Can't link with other brands of fog machines

Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D

The Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D is a water-based haze machine that a continuous output and a digital display to set DMX and stand-alone functions with ease.

When you’re running on the low fluid, the machine will give you a warning before you entirely run out. Running the machine on low fluid causes damage to the engine.

Overall, The Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D is a simple unit that packs plenty of punch! We’ve included other Chauvet units in this review which are worth looking at, because it’s always a great idea to research thoroughly so can find the machine that’s better suited to your needs.

With Hurricane Haze 2D you can create a thin atmosphere that is suitable for any light show like DJ, musical events, as well as the party.


  • Low-fluid indicator that automatically turns off the machine off when the tank is empty
  • The nozzle allows the user to aim the haze using the user-adjustable output angle
  • Emits a continuous output after the initial warm-up time
  • Blower speeds and haze output is adjustable


  • Not budget friendly

1byone Halloween Fog Machine

The 1byone Halloween Fog machine is a great choice for mobile entertainers, and is arguably one of the best Halloween foggers on the market.

The Halloween Fog Machine weight less than five pounds, so it is easy to transport from one place to another workplace. This small smoke machine works excellent in rooms, small venues, as well as garages.

This machine packs up with 400 watts of power, which is sufficient for recreational use. Now, if you’re looking for a high-performing fog machine, then this one is great for the purpose it serves. However, if you’re looking for a quiet fog machine, this may not be the best option for you, but the noise produced by this product is usually normal for machines within this price range.

The fog machine is developed using ABS environmental protection materials. Approved and certified by CE, ETL, & RoHS.

1byone Halloween Fog Machine is an ideal Halloween fogger machine for all the small-time use. It can give its best for moderate-sized rooms. Although it is marketed as a fog machine for holidays, Halloween, weddings, as well as parties, it would be as useful for DJ parties.


  • Easy to use
  • Budget friendly
  • Perfect for holidays
  • Compact
  • Overheating preventative measure stops excessive heating
  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors


  • It makes a lot of noise, but this is normal for the price range

American Dj Fog Storm 1200

The American DJ Fog Storm 1200 is a 1200W professional fog machine with an output of 7000 cubic feet per minute. This high-powered fogger is excellent for live functions and will you help you to show your guests a great time!

The initial warm-up time is 8 minutes but the electronic heater fitted on the machine stays hot, therefore there’s no warm-up time between the blasts of fog.

The machine has an advanced heater system that is designed to prevent clogging, and an advanced cut-off system has a low fluid LED indicator. The pumping of fluid stops when it reaches the minimum level.

For best results, you should use the fog fluids that are recommended by American Dj.


  • Wide-angle spray nozzle
  • Interval knob for personalized fog output
  • Quick warm up time
  • Useful 25ft cable remote
  • LED indicator lights for fluid levels


  • This machine is only compatible with ADJ fog juice

Buying Guide for the Best Fog Machines

Before looking into the best fog machines, you must ask yourself for which purposes you will need the fogger. It’s important to consider your requirements before deciding on the size of your new machine.

If you find a fogger machine for sale, make sure to consider these aspects first before you make a purchase.


If you are looking for a good fog machine for Halloween a party then you should buy a small fog machine with a lightweight size, so you can easily hide the machine anywhere and create a spooky environment. A big size of fogger is really difficult to hide!


Every fog machine hisses and some are noisier than others. Again here you should consider this before purchasing.

Buying a machine that makes more noise than the expected level can ruin your event. When you buy the best low lying fog machine or best ground fog machine, try one which makes less noise.

Loud machines are better suited to music events because you won’t be able to hear it.

If you’re looking into fog machines for Halloween or events, then a loud rumble can disturb the illusion you’re trying to create.

Fog Output

This is somewhat related to the machine, not to your purpose of buying. You should always find the best fogger which gives heavy, dense and low-lying fog output.


How often will you use your machine? Will you only use it during holidays or do you intend on frequently traveling around with your new machine? You should consider the weight and portability before you make your final decision.


There are various types of new features and facilities added to the modern fog machines. The more feature there are, the more the machine generally costs.

But these features can keep you far from the worry-free fogging and make your party more enjoyable.

If your interested in party fog machines for your events, then there will be special features to incorporate different moods and settings to suit you.


The best fog machine is necessary to lavish your music event as well as the party!

As you may have seen, there aren’t many fog machine reviews available online, so we hope that we’ve helped you here at Top Review Zone to find the best rated fog machine.

You’ll be amazed to see the improvement to your party or event when the fog illuminates your light display or adds that special something to the night, and with the top rated fog machines, you can have all of this and more!

Halloween is also one of the perfect event for using the best smoke machine you can find, why not treat yourself to a new fog machine to get your party started!

What do you think is the best fog machine?

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