5 Best Power Tools to Cut a Tile at Home

Do you know there is a great range of power tools available in the market through which a tile can be cut? These tools are capable enough for making cuts of all types in your kitchen floor or even a bathroom wall. Cutting a tile is a big challenge, but these best power tools make your job easier.

In this post, we will tell you about some power tools in brief. Some of them even make it possible to cut without a wet saw. Read them carefully and then make your decision as per that.

Table-top Wet Tile Saw

This type of saw is designed in such a way that it can be set-up on a tabletop. Providing a great range of flexibility, this tool is capable to cut porcelain, natural stone, ceramic, and pavers with a complete ease and accuracy.

So, it is a perfect tool for those who want a clean and error-free cut.

Ideal for cutting a present tile that has already installed

Sometimes, we have to cut some portion or complete tile that is installed already in our house. For that purchase, it is one of the best power tools available in the market.
Tool- Regular circular saw having a tile blade

You don’t need to call a professional for removing some part of the affected tile as this job can be completed on your own. Shop a circular saw with a tile blade through which you can easily complete this work.

It is a perfect method for cutting the grout near the tile in a surgical way.

Ideal for the people looking for a cheap tile cutting tool.

If you want to cut some tiles in your house, but don’t want to invest too much in buying a specialized cutting tool, then it is the perfect option to go for. The end of the tiles that you want to cut will hide under a baseboard.

The snap tile cutter is the best tool for the people who want to complete their job without paying a hefty amount of money. This tool can be ideal for utilizing for doing small work on bathroom’s tiles and the edge of the tiles that hide under the cabinets, molds or baseboards.

However, you shouldn’t consider this tool for the bigger projects, such as basement floors or lines that aren’t completely straight.

Ideal for the areas having curves and corners

There are many instances where we just have to nip off a small portion located in a single tile. In that case, there is no benefit of spending your hard-earned money on the best power tools that are expensive as your job can be easily completed with this simple equipment.

Tool- Tile Nipper

This tool is known among the people with many different names, some call it a nibble, whereas others call it a tile nipper. It is simply one of the simplest tile cutting tools that you can buy from the market.

The tile nipper can be the perfect option for shaping and nipping some portion of the glass tile. Generally, they come with two opposite scoring wheels make the job easily for everyone.

Ideal for cutting an edge or making some holes in the center of the tile

If you are looking for making a hole in the middle of a tile or nips of the tiles, then you should buy this tool for sure.

One of the best power tools, the rotary cutter can help you in cutting tiles with complete accuracy. Furthermore, this tool is completely safe to use while cutting tiles.


We strongly believe that you must be aware of all the main power tools through which you can make a perfect cut on the tiles. Select one as per your choice and requirement carefully so that you don’t feel any problem while completing your job.

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