Best Power Tools to Cut Tile at Home

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Power Tools to Cut Tile at Home

Do you know there is a range of power tools available in today’s market through which a tile can be cut?

That’s right, these tools are capable enough for making cuts of all types on your kitchen floor or even a bathroom wall.

Cutting a tile is a big challenge, no matter the size you’re working with, but these best power tools make your job easier.

In this post, we will briefly explore some of the best power tools to introduce you to what the market has to offer. Some of our top picks even make it possible to cut without a wet saw!

We recommend carefully reading through our top picks of the best power tools to cut a tile at home.

Hopefully, you find out what is best for you, your level of expertise, and for what category of jobs you expect to perform.

Best Power Tools to Cut Tile at Home
Tabletop Saw

Tabletop Wet Tile Saw

The tabletop wet tile saw is designed so it can be set-up on a tabletop.

Tabletops are in our kitchens and garages, and therefore a tabletop wet tile saw is one of the best power tools to cut a tile at home.

It provides users with a great range of flexibility and is a tool capable of cutting porcelain, natural stone, ceramic, and pavers with complete ease and accuracy.

Tabletop Wet Tile Saw

A tabletop wet tile saw is an excellent solution for cutting large quantities of tile with precision and consistency.

It consists of a blade that is covered in tiny diamonds, which fastly spins to cut through the tile. For the best results, you’ll have a basin of water below the blade that keeps the tile and blade cool during the cutting process.

The tabletop wet tile saw is beneficial for extremely hard or dense tiles and for large jobs, where multiple tile cuts are taking place. It is a vital tool, especially when cutting hard or dense tiles such as porcelain, because it prevents the blade from heating up and from creating too much friction which will jeopardize the performance.

You will find these tiles to be either a fixed tray or a sliding tray. You’ll also find them to be referred to as tabletop wet tile saws. They are considered wet tile saws because they require the use of water as a coolant when in use.

When cooling the blade there is a range of methods to follow, including the use of just a reservoir, recirculating pumps, and a saw with a pumpless design that requires a connection to a freshwater source.

This tool is especially ideal for when cutting a tile that is already installed, so if you want a clean and error-free cut, then this tool is a perfect choice for you.

If you want to be prepared for a range of cuts, the tabletop wet tile saw would be an excellent choice and is easily one of the best power tools to cut a tile available in today’s market.

Circular Saw

Regular circular saw having a tile blade

If you need a power tool to cut tile from home, you might want to check out a circular saw.

You don’t need to call a professional to remove a part of the affected tile because there are many circular saws out there with a tile blade to get the job done.

They are easily accessible and are a worthy contender as the best power tool to cut tile at home.

Regular circular saw having a tile blade

Circular saws allow you to easily complete work, which means circular saws with a tile blade included will enhance your ability to perform tile work at home.

After intense tile work, the end of the tiles that you choose to cut will hide under a baseboard.

Most circular tools, with a blade designed specifically for tile, can be used wet or dry.

This feature is suitable because tile materials tend to be associated with damp and wet rooms in homes, i.e., bathrooms, and kitchens.

It is the ideal option for do-it-yourselfers looking for a power tool that offers reliable performance at an attractive price.

You will find regular circular saws on the market on the inexpensive side of the price spectrum and will entertain the most restricted budgets.

If you don’t have the means to pay out for a professional or a premium power tool, then this is the perfect go-to option for you.

Snap Cutter

Snap Tile Cutter

If you’re familiar with tile cutters, you will know how the snap tile cutter works.

The snap tile cutter, also known as the rail tile cutter, has grown in popularity, and it is undoubtedly one of the best power tools to cut a tile at home.

Snap tile cutters tend to be inexpensive and won’t break the bank if you choose this as your power tool to cut tile at home.

Snap Tile Cutter

The snap tile cutter is the best tool for the people who want to complete their job without paying a hefty amount of money.

This tool is ideal for utilizing small tile jobs in bathrooms and for the edges of tiles that hide under cabinets, molds, or baseboards. They are also excellent to fulfill tasks on curves or corners.

However, if you’re looking for a power tool to perform more significant projects such as basement floors or lines that aren’t exactly straight, you might encounter difficulty.

If you’re a DIY-enthusiast who needs to nip off a small portion located in an individual tile, there is no need to spend a substantial amount of cash on premium power tools because they can be quickly completed with simple, budget-friendly equipment.

No Saw Necessary

Tile Nipper

A tile nipper is a tile tool that is used mostly to make circular cuts in ceramic tile that are difficult to perform with a standard tile saw to accomplish.

Out of all the best power tools to cut tile at home, the tile nipper has the most simple design and function and can be used by users of all levels of expertise.

Tile Nipper

Both professionals and DIY-enthusiasts use the tile nipper.

These tile tools are necessary pieces to acquire if you want a tool that creates less mess when performing tricky cuts. Tile nippers are compatible with wet tile saws as they can be used to nip off the rest of the tile when working with angled cuts.

The tile nipper can be the perfect option for shaping and nipping some portion of the glass tile. Generally, they come with two opposite scoring wheels to make the job easier for everyone.

Also known simply as the nipper deals for cutting edges or making holes in the center of the tile, which is ideal for larger-scale jobs.

If you are looking for making a hole in the middle of a tile or nips of the tiles, then it would be wise to consider this item.

It has proven to the industry why it is one of the best power tools to cut tiles at home, which will leave you feeling accomplished.


Rotary Cutter

Another one of our best power tools to cut tile at home is the rotary cutter.

A rotary cutter is a tool that is mainly associated with quilters to cut fabric but has since made its mark in the tile power tool industry.

It features a very sharp blade can be resharpened, and are available in different sizes, and strength.

You could say the rotary cutter is the underdog out of our top picks.

Rotary Cutter

The best feature of the rotary cutter is it’s the safest power tool on our list, which makes it an ideal choice for people with lower levels of expertise.

They offer a range of blade sizes; the smaller blades are typically used to cut little curves, whereas the larger blades are used to cut straight lines and broad curves. This range makes it one of the most versatile tools on the market.

The rotary cutter enables the user to complete cuts with precision and accuracy, which prevents mistakes and accidents.

Tile-cutting hole saws are compatible with portable drills and can even be paired together to make clean circular cuts. Although it works like a drill, it is worth noting it can’t make straight cuts or curves; it can only cut complete circles.

You will mostly find rotary cutters on the market with budget-friendly prices and can be a quick and secure fit to undertake tile jobs at home.


After checking out our guide to the best power tools to cut tile at home, you now know there is a range of power tools out there to perform an array of tile jobs.

Some tools are better than others, and we have no doubt you’ll find a tool to entertain the style of work you’ll be pursuing and be compatible with your level of expertise.

If you’re on a restricted budget, there are plenty of power tools on the market at an affordable price, which can be easily acquired to get jobs at home finished.

We strongly believe that you are now aware of the choices out there that will produce perfect cuts on the tiles.

Before finalizing any purchases, it is wise to confirm your budget and requirements in order to judge the best power tools on the market.

Please don’t forget to share this post, tag a friend and leave your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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