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Last Updated: 26th March 2020
Product Review by Portia

Escaping into the wild for a camping trip can help you to shake off any stress in your day-to-day life!

To properly enjoy your break, you need to be sheltered from the elements, therefore it’s important that you find the best tent for your trip.

Take into consideration the weather, the terrain, whether you need electricity and how many people you’ll have per tent.

When you’re shopping around, tent size is a great place to start!

If you’re taking a solo trip, you’ll only need a tent that fits 1-2 people.

Alternatively, If you’re taking a road trip in your SUV, you could find a great truck tent to help you catch up on important sleep between long drives.

Or, if you love trips to the beach, a simple pop up tent is the perfect way to escape the sun’s sharp rays!

This product review will look at ten of the best tents on the market, whatever the weather!

Our Reviews

Abco Automatic Instant Tent

The Abco Automatic Instant Tent is a great budget pop-up camping tent that provides all of the necessary features that will exceed your expectations.

This tent is easy to set up because it pops open and is ready to use in the blink of an eye, perfect for casual camping for 1-2 people.

The Abco Automatic Instant Tent is comfortable and has mesh windows for air and light circulation. The mesh is great for protection against critters!

The durable zippers are attached to both the inside and outside of the tent which, when teamed with the nylon flaps, is great for your privacy.

However, it can get hot underneath the nylon. Therefore, the breathable mesh is perfect for staying cool in warm temperatures.

Additionally, the double doors on the left and right make it easy to step out from either side.

The Abco Automatic Instant Tent is an affordable option for campers who’re experimenting with camping or backpacking.

This is a great budget option for a solo or couples trip in the backcountry.


  • Doors on both sides
  • Breathable mesh
  • Carrying bag and small bag for accessories included
  • Great for beach days


  • Not for more than two people

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent has a freestanding dome shape design that’s preattached to the frame with telescoping poles that you can easily extend to their full length.

Essentially, this tent only takes 60 seconds to install!

The rainfly only covers the ceiling and is attached to the corners by buckles, allowing the structure to support itself.

It’s recommendable to stake it down for added stability.

This tent stands at a tall 78 inches, therefore it provides a comfortable stay for taller campers.

The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is spacious enough to sleep up to nine people, fitting two queen-sized air beds while leaving space for safely storage luggage.

This tent is perfect for a friend camping trip or an open-air festival.

Plus, the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent has a room divider that’s perfect for offering privacy during a family camping trip!

Lastly, there’s an integrated electrical cord access port that is fully closable when not in use, guaranteeing your electrical supply on your camping trip.


  • Room divider
  • Time saving instant set up
  • H20 Block Technology
  • Large T Door


  • Not budget friendly

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

The Napier Backroadz Truck Tent has been designed to be used within the open bed of a pickup truck.

There are also different models for short-bed, regular-bed and long-bed pickup trucks allowing for usability with a range of trucks.

The installation is simple to follow and included in the packaging are 4 color-coded shock-corded poles that are built from fiberglass.

Simply put the poles in their specific spot, roll out the canvas cover and secure in place with the straps.

Next, attach the tent to the truck’s tailgate for resistance to strong winds.

The design of the Backroadz tent has a patented sewn-in flooring that adds increased protection from bad weather and water resistance.

The comfortable floor is teamed with the 5ft 5 inch height, providing adequate headroom, this provides enough room for two adults to stretch out and get a good sleep.

Additionally, the tent has 4 windows on top with rear access for getting items from the inside of your truck.

If you need additional storage space, this tent also features interior pockets.


  • Fully seamed floor
  • Spacious interior
  • Color coded installation poles
  • Zipped storm flaps in windows and doors for privacy and weather protection


  • Not budget friendly

Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman Sundome Tent is a popular choice amongst festival-goers because it has enough floor room to fit two queen size mattresses, 6 feet of center headroom and great ventilation!

The double-wall design and a generous amount of meshing offer excellent ventilation. The partial rainfly provides a breezy feel, which when guyed out provides a nice amount of airflow on warm summer nights.

There’s also a zippered mesh door with a back wall and a floor vent that’s located at the back of the tent.

If you’re camping out in warm weather, the Coleman Sundome Tent will act as a reliable companion!

Regardless of the budget price tag, the Coleman Sundome Tent is highly durable and therefore should have no issues withstanding the test of time!

The bathtub floor is constructed using a thick tarp material and the mesh and body don’t feel fragile.

The setup is easy and only takes around 15 minutes without the use of instructions, a quick glance at the packaging is enough to guide you through the process!

The tent has large screen panels on the ceiling which makes for great viewing when it is not raining! There’s also an additional window and screen on the door for extra airflow and viewing.

Lastly, there’s a small zippered panel in the front corner which lets you run an extension cord into the tent.


  • Welded corners and seams keep water out
  • Large windows and ground vents enhance ventilation
  • Storage pockets are sewn into the tents wall
  • E-Port offers easy access to electrical power inside your tent
  • Waterproof floors
  • Wind strong frame


  • The heavily sloped walls lack the roominess of pricier tents

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

The Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup is perfect for your family camping trip.

The internal pole system only takes around a minute to pitch and staking only takes a few minutes more, leaving you to enjoy your day in the great outdoors.

The tent fabric is fully waterproof with taped seams, therefore a rainfly is not necessary. However, if you’re planning on camping in rainy weather, you should always pack an extra tarp for increased weather protection.

Additionally, this tent features dark room technology that blocks 90% of sunlight from coming into your tent so you can catch up on sleep while the suns still up, reducing temperature buildup up to 10%.

The side doors and windows, pop-out vent tops and the ground vent in the back keep air moving and the temperatures reasonable inside the tent.

Overall, the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup is the perfect tent for the average camper.


  • Convenient storage
  • WeatherTec System
  • Quick & easy setup
  • Dark room technology
  • Built to last


  • Doesn't include a full rain fly

Coleman 8-Person Tent

The Coleman 8-Person Tent boasts a great combination of sturdy poles, spacious interior, intelligent design, and standard materials!

The base area covers 16×7 feet, therefore this huge tent can accommodate around three queen size beds.

The interior is suitable for 8 people to sleep inside comfortably.

Even if you decide to store some camping or outdoor gear inside the tent, the Coleman 8-Person Tent will home 6 people.

The center height is around 6ft 2 inches, therefore even taller campers can stand and move around comfortably while staying inside the tent.

If it rains, the included rainfly and the WeatherTec system with its patented welded floors and inverted seams help you to stay dry.

Additionally, the angled windows, which can stay open in the rain, help keep the water out while allowing extra air circulation.

The setup is easy with snag-free, continuous pole sleeves and the patented pin-and-rig system.

The hinged door makes it easy for coming and going and inside there are also storage pockets to keep smaller items organized.

When you decide to head home, the Coleman 8-Person Tent is easy to pack up into an expandable carry bag with a rip strip until your next adventure.


  • Roomy interior
  • Welded corners, inverted seams and rainfly stop water from getting in
  • Carry bag included
  • Hinged door


  • Some reviewers complained that the floor material is a bit thin which causes trouble on rough terrain

Zenph Pop Up Tent

The Zenph Pop Up Tent opens in just three seconds, simply throw the tent in the air and once it’s landed, it’s ready to use!

This tent can sleep two to three people because Zenph designed the bed area to be larger, wider and more comfortable.

Additionally, this pop-up tent provides resistance to water and moisture because the entire tent has a waterproof coating that’s more effective than other frequently used materials such as rubber.

The exterior has 2000MM water-resistance and the bottom is nearly 3000MM.

The external ledger material is an elastic 68D 185t polyester and the base is 150D Oxford fabric.

These materials together provide great sturdiness and durability for your camping trip.

The 3-dimensional ventilation system in the back and front of the tent promotes double ventilation and it also strengthens the air convection.

The ventilation outlets have a B3 gauze and the front double door has an external gate and screen door that keeps you safe from mosquitos.


  • Breathable material that provides ventilaiton
  • Waterproof and moisture proof
  • Thick floor material
  • Great internal storage solutions


  • The polyester carry case is a little thin
  • Not suitable for harsh weather

Gazelle 33300 T3 Pop up Portable Tent

This Gazelle 33300 T3 Pop Up Portable Tent weighs only 27.5lbs and packs up conveniently into a 55-inch duffle carry bag.

This Gazelle 33300 is built around a collapsible frame that already has the tent attached to it, therefore setting up is simple and involves unfolding the tent, staking it down, pulling out each side and popping up the roof.

This spacious tent has a 61 square-foot floor space and 80 inches of headroom so even tall people can stand up without any issues.

The tent is advertised as sleeping three people but you may be able to fit five. To be sure of how much room you need, it’s always advisable to do a test run in your backyard.

The convex walls are great because they add extra room in the tent and the two doors on either side mean that everyone can get move in and out without causing a disturbance.

Lastly, the eight zip-down windows provide sunlight and a fair amount of ventilation. Also, the roofing underneath the rainfly is mesh which increases the ventilation.


  • Rainfly has integrated poles
  • Removable thread
  • Sturdy pop-up hub design
  • Comfortable


  • The doors sit on the corner of the tent which can be hard to unzip and narrow to step through

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

The Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent is a dome dent that has full vestibules, two doors and plenty of space!

This tent is rugged, straightforward and versatile, with the build and quality of materials being the main selling point of the superior construction.

The Lynx has sturdy aluminum poles instead of fiberglass with a lot more mesh material on the body of the tent, creating a sturdy and lightweight model.

This tent stands out from other tent designs thanks to the two-pole system which goes into a grommet hole, which is preferable over a clip or sleeve system.

You should be able to set this tent up without directions in around five to ten minutes, that’s how simple it is!

The lynx weighs 8lbs which means that it’s not an ultralight backpacking tent, but it’s light enough to be considered by most backpackers.

The two doors have 35″ vestibules that offer 25 additional square feet of storage space.

Vestibules are great because they cut down on extra clutter in the tent and keep your gear away from the sleeping area.

They also work as antechambers to retain heat and stay dry in bad weather.


  • Polyester tent fly resists water and UV damage
  • Fully equipped with #8 zippers, gear loft, storage pockets, guy ropes, stakes and two doorways
  • Easy to set up aluminium two-pole design
  • Floor has 2000mm waterproof coating


  • The height of the Lynx at the highest point is 4'4"

OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent

The OT QOMOTOP Camping Tent is popular amongst campers for its fast set up time and freestanding design.

Although this tent’s features are basic, it has a great reputation for being beginner-friendly and offering airflow which is important for summer campouts!

This model is pretty basic in terms of design, however it offers a variety of amenities and it has a great reputation for maintaining good interior temperatures whether you’re camping in the summer or fall.

The freestanding design means that you don’t need to stake this tent into the ground, which prevents you from having to worry about hammering into tough terrains.

This model measures 8×8 ft, with a height of 4ft 11, which is pretty small. The tent is advertised as sleeping four people, but if you don’t want to sleep in a cramped environment, this tent may be better for sleeping 3 using sleeping pads.

If you want to use queen-sized airbeds, this tent is a better choice for two people.

The built-in rainfly protects from light to moderate rainfall, however, this tent is not a suitable choice for rainy seasons.


  • Instant set up that's suitable for one person
  • Spacious interior for enjoying the starry sky
  • Adjustable ground vent for inside temperature vesatility
  • Color coded for fly positioning
  • Large windows
  • Storage bag


  • May not be suitable for experienced and regular campers

Buyers Guide

Tents provide temporary outdoor shelter for sleeping and comfortable living while camping.

Also, the tent that you choose should keep you safe from harsh heat and sunlight, wind, cold, insects and falling debris.

It should also keep you safe from any nocturnal wildlife that decides to explore your campsite while you’re asleep!

How To Find the Best Tent For You

When choosing your tent, choose a model that’s based on your group’s size and whether you need more space for pets and luggage.

When deciding upon your capacity, the best action is to assume that you’re going to have a close fit.

If you need more room, think about upsizing the tent’s capacity by 1 person.

You should especially consider upsizing if your friends or family;

  • Are claustrophobic
  • Are large
  • Require elbow room
  • Move a lot overnight
  • Are bringing children or pets

Peak Height

If you want to be able to stand up in your camping tent or if you prefer the breeziness of a high ceiling, you should look for a tent that has a tall peak height.

Dome-style tents offer great strength and wind-shielding qualities, which you’ll need on windy nights.

These tents stand tall in the center and have walls that slope, which slightly restricts living space.

Cabin-style tents have near verticle walls that maximize the peak height and living space.

Some models come with useful features such as dividers or a vestibule door that can be staked out.

Purchasing a truck bed tent combines comfort and mobility which is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.

The length of the SUV tent will be limited by the size of your truck and the height will depend on the tent size.

Compact tents will be on the lower price range and are designed with poles that cross to form a D shape.

A truck tent will provide less internal room, which could be a problem if you suffer from claustrophobia.


If you’re camping with your family, multiple doors helo you to avoid climbing over each other for nighttime bathroom breaks.

If you’re camping in a big group, a cabin tent maybe your best option!

You should also think about how noisy the doors are to open and close, YKK zippers are perfect for preventing snagging and breakages


The pole’s structure will determine your tent’s ease of pitching.

Most family tents are freestanding, which means they don’t need stakes to set up!

This is great because you can pick the tent up and move it to a different location, or shake out the dirt before staking it down on your chosen terrain.

Also, fewer poles contribute towards a quicker setup time. Plus, it’s easier to attach poles to clips rather than threading them through long pole sleeves.

Aluminum poles are a stronger choice than fiberglass and color-coded corners and pole clips make setup faster.

If you’re looking for a beach tent, your best bet is to purchase a budget-friendly pop-up tent that’s perfect for escaping the sun and keeping your beverages shaded.


A rainfly works by providing a separate waterproof cover that’s designed to fit the roof of your tent.

Your rainfly will come in handy whenever rain is expected or when you want to retain extra warmth.

Full coverage rainfly offers maximum protection from rain and wind and roof-only rainfly offer beautiful views and fair rain protection.


Mesh paneling in the doors, windows, and ceiling of the tent enhances cross-ventilation that helps to manage condensation and they allow for better views.

If you’re camping in humid climates, look for larger mesh panels.

Interior Pockets and Loops

Loops on the interior walls are great for attaching a gear loft shelf, and they’re also great for keeping items off the floor.

Interior pockets keep your tent nice and organized!


When you’re shopping for the best tent, it’s useful to spend as much as you can afford because a high-quality tent will last longer, offer you greater protection in the outdoors and a wider range of features.

The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is the winner of this roundup review because of its spacious design that’s perfect for the festival or your family camping trip!

The mesh doors and windows offer fantastic ventilation and the sealed seals on the rainfly prevent the water from dripping into the tent.

Also, the 56D polyester material has a 600mm hydrostatic rating that works with the 125gms P.E floor to keep out rain and moisture.

What style of tent do you prefer?

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