Brought new rims and wheels for your car? Well, then you are not the only one who is attracted by them. Maybe someone is waiting for a chance to take them out from your car on your absence. So, what you can do to protect them from the eye of the theft? You can add a wheel lock, a small but effective tech which can make the wheel non-removable without the help of a unique key. It is almost unbreakable, no matter how strong wrench or power tool you use.

Why do we need wheel locks? You’ll find a lot of people on the internet that say wheel locks are a waste of money. They break easily and they don’t do much to protect your wheel. What they don’t realize is that the best wheel locks are the only thing you can use to save your tires.

Still, don’t believe us? Keep reading on.

A couple of decades earlier people needed to protect only their cars. There were literally hundreds of people out there that made a living out of stealing and selling cars. If you lived in a bad neighborhood and you parked your car outside for one night, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to your ride because you won’t be seeing it again.

However, these days things are a little different because you don’t need to protect your cars anymore. The problem is that thieves stopped going for cars because they were a little harder to sell now. With all the paperwork and stuff that you have to get done before buying a car, it is almost impossible for people to sell cars without all the paperwork. So, the thieves stealing cars had to resort to some other means of employment. They started boosting tires instead of cars.

Tires are much easier to sell on the black market because no one really cares where they came from. Now, tires don’t cost that much but you do have to spend a couple hundred bucks to get them replaced. You have to get a truck to take your car to a workshop and pay a decent amount of money for replacements that aren’t even your fault. Sucks, doesn’t it?

Well, there is something you can do about it. You can use Wheel Locks. Wheels locks are highly similar to your ordinary tire lugs. However, instead of being able to open with any wrench, wheel locks require a special key to open. Some of the wheel locks are pretty vulnerable and can be opened if the right guy tried to bust it with the right tools. But, just the wheel locks themselves discourage the thieves and they might not even bother wasting time trying to open your wheel lock.

Best Wheel Locks 2019

Now that we have talked about why you need to buy wheel locks, let’s talk about which wheel locks you need to buy. Just because there are a ton of wheel locks out there, we are about to list top 5 wheel locks that you have to get your hands on.

According to our research, the below mentioned wheel locks are some of the best choices available in the market. We have selected them based on product quality, customer reviews, and price. They will ensure the security of your wheel more then you could imagine.

1. McGard 24157 Wheel Locks

McGard is one of the high-quality wheel lock manufacturers out there. The company is manufacturing the wheel locks since 1964 with great customer satisfaction. McGard’s wheel locks are just like any other wheel locks but they just put in their own special touch to things that really makes their product unique.

McGard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (M12 x 1.5 Thread Size) - Set of 4 Price: $24.17 McGard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (M12 x 1.5 Thread Size) - Set of 4 Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 01/05/2019

The best thing about McGard is their chemically treated steel. They make their own steel according to OEM Standards, specifically for their products. Their steel is really reliable and is infamous for its durability.

The McGard 24157 wheel locks come have a 12mm x 1.50 thread size with a length of 1.28 inches. The interior of the lock has their own steel and the outer side is plated with chrome to protect the lock from corrosion.

The plating process of McGard 24157 Wheel Locks goes throw three layers of nickel and another extra layer of microporous chrome which gives it a loftier finish and protect it from the rust.

If you’ve bought multiple wheel locks from different manufacturers, you’ll see that packaging is a key factor. Most manufacturers, even some that are making the perfect wheel locks available, just chuck their locks in a box and that’s it. The locks are scratched and demolished during all the shipping. However, McGard offers the perfect shipping. They have their locks sealed in an airtight plastic bag and each lock is stored in completely different compartments.

One problem with wheel locks is that most manufacturers use the same key to open thousands of wheel locks. If the guy stealing your tires has your key by any chance, then consider your tires gone because the lock will be as easy to remove as the lug. But, McGard is completely different in that case. McGard’s unique feature is that they don’t ship the same generic key to every customer. They use computer-coded patterns and make a unique key for each of their locks. This way, no one key would fit another wheel lock.

The McGard 24157 Wheel Lock is easy to use and it comes with one-piece wheel lock function as like as the other regular wheel locks. It has user-friendly steel collars which make it very easy to install and remove. There is a narrow pattern groove in the lock, as a result, it is hard to meddling removal tools in the pattern.


  • McGard uses their durable chemically treated steel that is really tough.
  • A unique key is available for each set of locks.
  • McGard has pretty decent packaging. The locks don’t touch each other in any way.
  • Chrome plating prevents corrosion.
  • McGard has pretty decent packaging. The locks don’t touch each other in any way.
  • Full warranty. McGard offers the replacement for all manufacturing defects.

2. Gorilla Automotive 61631 Guard Locks

Gorilla Automotive is probably one of the only wheel lock manufacturers that can stand toe to toe with McGard. Gorilla offers a large variety of thread sizes to go with their wheel locks. They have a ½ inch, 7/16 inch, 12mm x 1.25, 12mm x 1.5 and 14mm x 1.50 with a length of 1.5 inches.

Gorilla Automotive 61631 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size) - Pack of 4 Price: $18.99 Gorilla Automotive 61631 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size) - Pack of 4 Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 01/05/2019

The 12mmX1.5’’ thread size will help you to install the wheel locks on your car wheels seamlessly and easily with the provided installing tools. It comes with a 6—degree conical seat which makes it almost impossible to break. Moreover, no one can remove the lugs with the traditional power tools. The package includes 4 wheels and the keys for removing and installing.

Gorilla Guard Locks also have the same structure as most of the wheel locks out there. The locks have the standard triple nickel plating with a chrome outing to finish the job. The chrome is perfect to protect the lock from corrosion and rust.

These locks are pretty good for the price that they come at. They are a lot cheaper than most of the top-rated wheel locks on the market. But, the problem is, as we discussed earlier, the generic key. Gorilla doesn’t have a system to produce unique keys. Since Gorilla is one of the leading lock manufacturers out there, there is almost a certainty that a trained thief will have the key to these lugs.

Gorilla isn’t really famous for its packaging and most people complained that the locks came out damaged from the box. But Gorilla made a huge change with these locks. Just like McGard, these locks are stored in an airtight box in separate compartments so they don’t rub against each other.


  • Gorilla’s hardened steel makes the lock much more durable
  • Unique lock system and external security lock pattern.
  • Chrome finish offers optimal protection against corrosion.
  • The locks are pretty cheap.
  • Best for all kind of aftermarket vehicles as long as you chose the right threads size.
  • Good packaging makes sure that the locks don’t suffer damage before delivery.

3. DPAccessories LCB3L2HE-BK04LK5 Wheel Lock Set

If we’re talking about the overall quality of an accessories’ manufacturer, it just doesn’t get better than DPAccessories. DPAccessories are highly known for their durability and reliability and their wheel locks are just the same.

DPAccessories LCB3L2HE-BK04LK5 Black Wheel Locks 1/2-20 Closed End Bulge Acorn 3/4 & 13/16 Locking Lug Nuts Wheel Lock Set Price: $24.00 DPAccessories LCB3L2HE-BK04LK5 Black Wheel Locks 1/2-20 Closed End Bulge Acorn 3/4 & 13/16 Locking Lug Nuts Wheel Lock Set Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 01/05/2019

DPAccessories are manufactured from cold forged and hardened steel to ensure that the locks stay the same for a long time. The lock contains 1/2″-20 thread size. The thread size for each lock is made with high precision so they fit your wheel perfectly.

The DPAccessories LCB3L2HE-BK04LK5 Wheel Lock Set comes with a unique key-to-lock combination which will give your car great protection in every condition. As the recommendation of the manufacturer, you should install lug nut in every wheel along with the additional lock for the spare tire. The package contains five wheel locks along with a matching key.

These wheel locks allow you to choose a couple of things. The first thing they allow you to choose is the finish. There are two colors available; jet black and chrome. The second thing is the number of locks you want. DPAccessories allows you to choose either 4 or 5 locks. No other manufacturer does this. But, honestly, the extra lock can be pretty helpful if you need one for a spare tire.

DPAccessories is also one of the manufacturers that don’t make a generic key. All wheel locks have different keys and two different set of locks will never open with the same key.

DPAccessories has a pretty quick process for the replacement of a lost key. Since each key is unique, you’re going to have to contact the manufacturers if you want a replacement. The locks come with a special card for your key. In case you need a new key, you need to send this card to DPAccessories and they will send your key back as soon as possible.


  • Precision threading makes sure it fits all specified cars.
  • Hardened steel makes it almost impossible to break.
  • These wheel locks use a unique key for each lock.
  • You can choose from two different colors.
  • You can pick the five lock set if you want one for your spare tire.
  • These locks blend in quite nicely with the other lugs.
  • DPAccessories offers the easy replacement for your key.

4. Muteki 32901B SR48 Locking Lug Nut Set

Muteki Lug Nuts are some of the good wheel locks out there. You might not be familiar with their brand because they aren’t that famous. But, rest assured, Muteki makes some pretty mean wheel locks. Muteki hasn’t made too many sales with their locks, but the people that do buy them don’t regret doing so.

Muteki 32901B Black 12mm x 1.25mm SR48 Open End Locking Lug Nut Set Price: $29.00 Muteki 32901B Black 12mm x 1.25mm SR48 Open End Locking Lug Nut Set Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 01/05/2019

The Muteki 32901B SR48 Locking Lug Nut Set comes with a 48 millimeter lengthy specially designed lock feature which is almost impossible to break. The package includes 4 locks for 4 wheels and two key for removing the lock.

Muteki Wheel Locks offer some pretty decent choices for their wheel locks. You can choose from two different thread sizes; 12mm x 1.25mm and 12mm x 1.5mm. You can also select your color preference from four different colors; Black, Purple, Chrome Titanium and Neon Chrome. But, remember one thing, don’t buy the Neon Chrome color unless you want your car to look like Barbie’s sedan.

Muteki 32901B is manufactured from pure chrome vanadium. If you don’t know what that is, then all you need to know is that it is one of the toughest steel alloys available. Chromium and vanadium combined make the steel tougher. Chromium helps to protect corrosion and abrasion. These locks use a heavy steel alloy but they weight almost nothing. The locks weigh about 2 ounces. 2 ounces is almost nothing considering that some of the wheel locks are much heavier.

Muteki comes with four locks and two keys inside a tightly packed air locked box. Muteki has 5-8 different key combinations so you don’t have to worry about thieves having your key. Muteki also provides two keys when you buy the locks. No other manufacturer does this but it can help you out when you lose your key.


  • Two thread sizes.
  • You can choose from four different colors.
  • Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium which makes the locks extremely durable.
  • The chromium also helps prevent corrosion.
  • 5-8 different key combinations make sure there is a very slim chance that a thief has your key.
  • Muteki ships two keys so you don’t have problems if you lose one.

5. Gorilla Automotive 71683NBC “The System” Wheel Locks

This is the second model of wheel locks from Gorilla Automotive. That just explains the fact that they’re one of the best in the business because almost all of their products are ranked the best in their respective categories.It got a good quantity of positive reviews from the customer.

Gorilla Automotive 71683NBC "The System" Acorn Black Chrome Wheel Locks (1/2" Thread Size) - For 5 Lug Wheels Price: $55.18 Gorilla Automotive 71683NBC Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 01/05/2019

Gorilla is one of the only manufacturers out there that makes wheel locks to replace every single lug on every tire. Most manufacturers only make one lock per wheel, while that offers pretty good protection, that is nothing compared to Gorilla’s 20 wheel lock set. Consider this, a guy looking to jack your tires might just spend the time and break through all locks on the tires. When a trained individual comes across a total of four locks, they will try to break them. But, when the same individual comes across 20 locks, he might just leave your car because he isn’t going to spend so much time on just a single set of tires. While these locks are much more expensive than some of the other ones, they might just be the very things that save your valuable tires.

The lock is manufactured from case hardened and forged steel. The outer portion of the lock is covered in chrome plating that protects the lock against corrosion. The plating is pretty secure and protects rusting even in the roughest weather conditions. But, once the paint starts wearing off, nothing can save the locks from rusting from the base to the tip.

The wheel locks are available in three different thread sizes to suit all cars; ½ inch, 12mm x 1.25 and 12mm x 1.5. The size of the locks is about 1.4 inches. The best thing about Gorilla’s wheel locks is that they have 20 pieces inside the box. This is perfect for people that have five lug tires. But, if you have four lug tires, it’s even better for you because you can have four locks for your spare tires.

There are a few issues with the Gorilla lock set that really puts them behind their competition. The first thing is the packaging. If you see some pictures online, these locks come in a neat box. But, that’s all there is because the locks are just chucked inside the box. During shipping, they will rub against each other and get all scratched up. This way the locks will be damaged before you even get to use them. The second thing is the keys. The keys for all Gorilla locks are generic, meaning all the locks from the same model have the same keys. So, there is a huge chance that your tires will be gone even though you used such expensive locks.


  • The case hardened steel makes them extremely durable.
  • The chrome finish protects the locks against corrosion.
  • Different thread sizes allow the locks to fit a variety of cars.
  • Black Chrome Plating looks good on most rims.

Types of Wheel Locks

The type of wheel locks varies from one to another. What you need to do is find the suitable on based on your wheel and rim. Read the below description to know more about the different type of wheel locks:

1. Alloy Wheel Locks

With respect to its name, the Alloy Wheel Locks is made of solid alloy material. They are well constructed and ready to provide smooth security to your vehicle. Normally alloy wheel lock come from the manufacturer with the car. You will need a specialty socket, provided by the manufacturer for removing the lock.

2. Spline Drive

The Spline drive is one of the best types of spline drive which provide great security to your vehicle wheels at any condition. The spline drive comes in closed-end design and still provides a great gripping power and stud engagement. They are very easy to install and perfect for vehicles with thicker lug-design diameter.

3. Clamp Wheel Lock

The clamp wheel lock is slightly different from the other wheel locks. No one will be able to move your car when the wheel lock is attached. That means your car along with your rim and wheel will be secured with it. You will need to remove the clamp before you move the car. This lock is also known as parking boot, wheel boot or a Denver boot.

4. Locking Lug-Nut

The locking lug-nut comes with unique rigged patterns which make it impossible to open it with a typical wrench. It has a key which is specially designed to remove the lock. They are attached in the exterior surface of the rim and almost impossible to break normally.

Wheel Lock Buying Guide

We hope that everything we just explained above might have shed some light on the good wheel locks for you. But, these wheel locks aren’t for everyone. They might be some of the best ones available right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re best to suit your needs.

Because there are various types of wheel locks available in the market. Like: Hitch lock, trailer lock, coupler lock, and U shape lock. So before selecting a lock, you must know about the lock. This best Trailer locks guide may help you a lot to know about those different types of lock.

wheel lock on the car tire

So, there are certainly other brands and locks that you can choose from. But, instead of explaining every single wheel lockout there, we will just explain what you need to look for in a wheel lock. This way everyone reading this will be able to choose the perfect lock for themselves.

Without further ado, let’s get into everything there is to know about buying the top wheel lock – More importantly, let’s get into everything you need to know about buying the wheel locks out there.

Choosing the Right Material

Choosing the right materials is one of the important tasks to do when you are going to buy a wheel lock. They are variation in the construction material of wheel locks. However, only a few of them provide effective action against the daring thieves.

Wheel locks are made of different steel and titanium alloys. Some materials are much stronger than some of the other. You need to pick the best material because buying cheap material means you’re not buying wheel locks, you’re just buying expensive wheel lugs.

If you don’t know what material is good for you then just go ahead and buy chrome vanadium or some other titanium alloy. The thing about chrome vanadium is that it’s pretty tough and anti-corrosive. So, that may be one of the best locks you can buy.

Buying the Right Thread Size

If you haven’t figured it out by now, each car has a different thread size. Wheel locks typically come in 12mm x 1.25mm and 12mm x 1.50mm. But there are also some other thread sizes to accommodate all types of wheels.

You need to ensure that you buy the locks the thread size matches with the size of your car. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to take a trip to the store to get them changed.

Buy from Manufacturers that Make Unique Keys

Keys can be a deal breaker for any wheel locks. A good wheel lock will have a unique key. However, most manufacturers make locks with generic keys. This means that every model has the same key and there’s a huge chance that a thief might have your key. If he does, then he will be long gone – with your tires. They provide a universal key for all the wheels manufactured by them.

So go for the manufacturer which provides a unique key for every product.

Choose the Right one for Your Vehicle

Wheel locks come with great compatibility for various vehicles. But that doesn’t mean that all the wheel locks are suitable for all kind of vehicles. There are different types of wheel lock for different kind of vehicles. In the time of buying the wheel lock, choose the right one based on your wheel and rim size, vehicle type and other issues.

Customer Reviews

Well, this is not a very important factor but we all know that the majority go for the better. Before you buy a wheel lock, check for it reviews in online and also check what’s the user saying about this. It will help you to choose the right one.

Consider the Price of the Product

A strong wheel lock can save your precious wheels and rims. So, when it comes to the wheel lock you should not compromise about the price. Because most of the low priced wheel locks are not well constructed and not ready to secure your wheels and rims from the potential thieves. So you should always go for the high-quality wheel locks which may cost you the extra couple of bucks.

Pick Anti-Corrosive Locks

Corrosion is the worst thing that can happen to your wheel locks. Most wheel locks are covered in chrome plating which is one of the perfect materials to protect your locks from rusting. However, there are a few wheel locks that are pretty weak when it comes to their chrome plating. The outer paint could wear out and it leaves behind bare metal. Bare metal means that the locks will start rusting within a couple months.


Wheel locks are a necessity these days. Yes, they are a pretty expensive necessary, but what do you prefer? Spending less than $100 on the best wheel locks once or spending $500 on wheels every now and then? Well, we all know what we’re going to choose. It might be a bitter pill to swallow but trust us on this one, you definitely need wheel locks. Otherwise, there’s a huge chance that one day you come out and see your car standing on a couple of bricks.


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