As you make the final decision to purchase or rent a used lift truck, you have to consider several factors. An obvious consideration that you need to make is the condition of the used Moffett forklift for sale. Before you purchase the equipment, you have to ensure that you get a forklift that will operate smoothly and properly, an equipment that did not endure any irreversible damage or one that is about to depreciate.

When you purchase a used forklift, you have to look out for several things. You have to evaluate its maintenance records, take it for a test ride, and conduct a thorough inspection. In addition, you have to consider whether you should purchase an electric, dual fuel powered or a diesel forklift. Should you choose a rough terrain forklift or one with rubber tires? Once you make up your mind on the lifting capacity and the type, you can begin your search for the best one.

Read on below to learn more about the details you need to evaluate to know the condition of the used forklift for sale you need to purchase.

1. Evaluate the Forklift’s Past Maintenance

If you need to be sure about the condition of the forklift, you should go through its maintenance properly. This should help you to know whether its previous owners worked on its maintenance or not, since this will assure you of the Moffett Truck condition. As you go through the maintenance records, this should give you a clear idea of how the truck operates. If previous owners conducted regular maintenance, you should rest assured that it means the truck will remain in the best condition. However, if there are no maintenance records, just ensure that you meet the right service company before you commit to other options.

2. Evaluate the Forks and Mast

You should begin the inspection of the front side of the forklift. You need to check it for any signs of bends, cracks, or possible distortions that occur due to overloading. In the case of minor bends, you need to consider the forks straightened and be vary of any deep cracks. Deep and large cracks often make it unsafe for the lift truck to load well at full capacity. When you inspect the forklifts, you should check the fork heels for any signs of wear.

Keep in mind that the heel forks thickness should match the fork shank thickness. You should inspect the masts for any welds and cracks and ensure the most pins as well the side shaft and tilt are secure. You need to check the cylinders for any leakage signs.

3. Physical Inspection

You also need to conduct a physical inspection all by yourself before you decide to purchase a used lift truck. It is best that you do this along with a mechanic to ensure you utilize his expertise. Do this by checking whether the mast is operating and with a full load as well as without a full load. Note that you need to be a qualified person to engage in such an inspection, or have prior knowledge using the lift truck. Ensure that the mast operates smoothly.

When the mast moves backward and forwards, you should check the alignment in the right motion. If the truck has any form of attachment to the mast of the truck, you will also want to check whether this works smoothly and properly.

Once the forklift warms up, another important thing you need to look out for is leaks. You should check the engine well and work on any repairs if necessary. Of course, don’t forget to check the brakes too without and with the load.

4. Take It for a Test Drive

When you take the used Moffett forklift for sale for a test drive, you should observe how it moves carefully. To test it, you should drive it in an “8” figure pattern in reverse and forward gears. You should check the response and steering of the lift truck and its accuracy. When you end the test drive, you need to check if the tires are operating well.

In addition, you should know that buildup of dirt is something inevitable when you operate your lift truck regularly. If you ignore this, it can cause your lift truck to run less efficiently and become a safety-related hazard. It may also compromise the quality of your forklift, leading to accidents.

Before you buy a Moffett forklift, it is important that you consider evaluating it thoroughly. Usually’ this should help you to ensure that you buy the best quality one. If you need any guidance, you can always consult specialized dealers, who will guide you on the best options and the specifications of a forklift suitable for your business or warehouse operations.


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