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Hercules Tires Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated: 13th October 2020
Product Review by Portia

When it comes to driving, safety is something that should never be overlooked. You’ll need tires that you can rely on, which will last you a long time, safely getting you from A to B.

That’s where Hercules comes in.

Hercules Tires are an American tire replacement company and no matter where you’re driving, whether you’re out in the countryside or driving by the mountains, these tires are designed to fit perfectly and give you the best drive possible.

These tires are well-known in the car industry for their high performance and variety, covering the whole tire industry with a wide array of models to suit different vehicles.

Today, we’ll take a look at five of the best Hercules tires on the market, to help you find out if Hercules tires are any good and to decide which one is the best Hercules tire for you.

Let’s check out these Hercules Tires reviews in more detail!

Our Reviews

Hercules All Season Tour 4.0 Plus

The Hercules All Season Tour 4.0 Plus tire is an excellent choice for your vehicle.

As its name suggests, this tire can handle all kinds of weather conditions, performing well no matter the season. It is a versatile tire, able to handle both dry and wet weather with ease. It features a sleek asymmetric tread, combining large, solid outer shoulder blocks with two wide channels, to promote secure handling. The inner tread design uses deep water channels and additional siping, which provides great traction even in poor weather conditions. The asymmetrical tread also prevents the vehicle from producing loud noise, ensuring a quieter ride while still offering a powerful performance.

In addition to the tires’ versatility, they are also constructed with silica-enhanced compounds, which help to enhance durability even after prolonged usage in wet weather conditions. This means the tires won’t need changing as often, and you can also feel reassured about your safety when faced with wet weather. This lifespan of the tires means that you’ll get more for your money in the long run.

With a nylon construction, you’ll feel even more safe and stable with these tires. The tires have cushion-like flexibility, making them more adaptable to wet and snowy weather conditions. You can expect a stable, smooth drive, as the tires also include twin steel belts with nylon overwrap. Not only are they clearly powerful, durable tires, but with a sleek design, they look great with any vehicle, too. The Tour 4.0 Plus are excellent for trailers, but also work great with minivans, crossovers, and sedans, so you aren’t limited in terms of vehicle use with these tires.

Despite their powerful, sturdy construction, some customers have found issues with the average tread life of these tires. They may wear down at a faster rate compared to competitor models and other models on this list, so this is worth bearing in mind when choosing your tires.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Performance isn't affected by any weather condition
  • Sleek design looks great with any vehicle
  • Flexible construction provides versatile against weather and terrains


  • May not be the most durable tire compared to others, as some customers are unhappy with the average tread life

Hercules Tires ST205/75R15 LR D/8 Radial Trailer Tire

Hercules Tires ST205/75R15 LR D/8 Radial Trailer Tire is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality. Built with rigid, sturdy construction, these tires provide all the strength you’ll need for a trailer, especially a low-platform trailer. Stability and durability are two factors you won’t need to worry about with this tire from Hercules.

Designed specifically for trailer applications, these tires come with an advanced tread compound, which helps to reduce rolling resistance. This means that less energy is required to keep the tires rolling steadily on the road, making them more fuel-efficient too. These are components you should definitely be looking out for when choosing the best tires for trailers, as improving fuel economy is an essential part of helping to reduce harmful emissions that can contribute to environmental issues.

A standout feature of these tires is their limited noise production. Many tires can create a lot of noise on the road once they’re installed, but you won’t experience that with these tires from Hercules. Instead, they maintain a quiet noise level, which makes for an overall better driving experience.

Despite being powerful and energy-saving, some customers have noted issues with the overall resistance of the tires. They claim that there is uneven tire wear after a few years of usage, so this is worth taking into account if this is a priority for you. However, they are constructed to be durable and long-lasting, so this may not be a common issue with the tires overall.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Quieter than many competitor models
  • Durable and powerful construction


  • Some customers have found that there is uneven tire wear after a few years of usage

Hercules Power STR 235/85R16 128L

If you are looking for high-quality tires at a budget-friendly price, then the Hercules Power STR 235/ 85R16 128L is a great option.

Hercules Power STR 235/85R16 128L have a high load capacity of 3,900 pounds per tire. The company’s engineers crafted this tire for trailer purposes in particular, so they’re ideal for larger vehicles.

To make the riding extra comfortable for the drivers, these tires aid in traction. The asymmetric tread pattern helps to improve the grip of the tire to the road. Additionally, to boost up its service life and durability, it comes with the latest wear-resistant compound.

It is best for both dry and wet pavement, making it a versatile and durable choice for long-lasting, strong tires that won’t let you down. Many customers believe their ride is comfortable and safe with the installation of these tires on their trailers.

However, one notable issue with this tire is that it wears at a faster rate compared to other Hercules models. So, while it is still durable and tough, there are tougher models on our list, so bear this in mind if this is a priority for you.


  • Built specifically for trailers, so can handle high load capacities
  • Stable in dry and wet conditions
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Not as tough as other models on the market

Hercules Tires ST235/80R16 Power Trailer Tire

Expect nothing but a high performance from the Hercules Tires ST235/80R16 Power Trailer Tire. it is a powerful tire, packed with features to make sure that you get the most from your money.

It is designed from a high-quality compound, which helps the vehicle to stay stable on even the toughest of terrains. These tires are made even more durable by the inclusion of the radial tread depth and good-sized diameter, which helps to run the vehicle smoothly on the road.

To boost water displacement and offer four major grooves, it comes with the symmetrical five-rib tread pattern and also, to promote traction, it uses a robust center rib design. This will help with overall balance and grip on the road. Additionally, the large tread block shoulder design offers the perfect traction on the highway. What makes this product even more durable is the uniform tread pressure. This feature makes for stronger, better-constructed tires.

Designed specifically for trailers, with a max load capacity of 3520 pounds, it works wells to create a smooth ride for larger vehicles. However, bear in mind that these tires may not be suitable for smaller vehicles.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Tread depth and diameter provides great traction against many driving conditions
  • High-quality design ensures great tire pressure


  • Model name is similar to other products, so it may be confusing to differentiate it

Hercules Power STR 225/75R15 117L

If you are looking for durable, high-performing tires that you can rely on, then it is definitely worth considering the Hercules Power STR 225/75R15 117L.

Hercules have designed this tire with your safety in mind, as they’re built to reduce rolling resistance. This means these tires won’t need as much effort and force behind them to keep them rolling smoothly, which is excellent for making sure these tires last you as long as possible.

A standout feature of this tire is its fuel efficiency. The tires are built to improve fuel economy, which helps them to perform better for longer. Durability is no issue with these tires, as they perform well no matter the road conditions. You won’t have to worry about taking extra precautions when it comes to using these tires on wet or tough terrain. They are constructed with super high tensile steel belts, which helps to prevent wear and tear even with prolonged use.

In addition to the tire being long-lasting, it also features an advanced tread compound, which means the overall handling of the vehicle will be smoother, as well as giving you a powerful drive regardless of the conditions. The tire also includes a special tread compound which helps to provide exceptional support when braking during wet weather.

You’ll also be able to handle large loads with these tires, as they feature a high loading capacity of 2830 pounds. While they are specifically designed for trailer applications, you can still use these tires with high loads of any kind, and still have high-performance and reliability regardless.

Some customers have found that the Hercules STR 225/75R15 117L can have a negative impact on the suspension of the vehicle, however, so this is worth bearing in mind before purchasing.


  • Fuel efficient design
  • Built to reduce rolling resistance
  • Durable against wear and tear
  • Powerful performance in all weather conditions


  • Some customers have noted that the suspension of the vehicle may be affected by these tires

Why Should You Choose Hercules Tires?

What makes Hercules standout from other tire brands? Many customers may be wondering why to choose Hercules tires, when there are many other brands available on the market.

Let’s take a look at the features that make these tires an exceptional choice.

1. Provide the Utmost Safety

Hercules pride themselves on putting safety first with their tires. While there are many budget-friendly tires out there, if they are low-quality and badly designed, they can put your security at risk, which is never worth it.

Hercules never compromises on safety. Their tires are constructed from high-grade materials, which offer excellent resistance on all kinds of road surfaces. They also feature a sophisticated tread design, so they won’t damage easily and are built to last, so even with prolonged usage, the tires won’t succumb to lots of wear and tear.

2. Fuel Saving Technology

You can boost up your fuel economy simply by installing Hercules tires in the vehicle. The company uses cutting-edge technology that ensures less fuel consumption is required to move the vehicle. You can save up to 3% fuel depending on the model and type of tire you have installed.

3. Amazing Steering and Handling

If you check out our reviews, you will know how well Hercules tires perform when it comes to the handling and steering of the vehicle. The top-notch profile design and center-rib give a great boost to the road handling characteristics, which is a blessing for the drivers, giving you a smooth drive every time.

4. Work All Seasons

If you are tired of your car tires getting flimsy in the summer or become too tough in the winter, then the Hercules tires are made for you. The company has crafted their tires in such a manner that they work in the same way all around the year. You’ll find no more weather-related issues after installing these tires in your vehicle.

How Good Are Hercules Tires?

Although Hercules is a high-quality, reputable brand, there isn’t necessarily a wealth of information online about them, and it can difficult to assess them in comparison to other tire brands.

That’s why we’ve done a deep-dive on the brand, to help you see whether their budget-friendly tires are suitable for you and your vehicle. Check out below to know how good Hercules tires are:

1. Tread Design

The tread design on these tires provides vehicles with a unique look, that stands out competitor tires. Many of the Hercules’ models have a sport tread design, which gives cars a sleek and polished look. Although they’re a budget-friendly brand, they still offer tires that look the part.

2. Average Life

The average life of these tires is comparable to many brands on the market. The exact performance level and life of all-season tires hugely depend on the vehicle type & its maintenance level. However, the majority of these tires last up to 35,000 to 40,000 miles, which is great considering its budget-friendly price point.

3. Resistance Level

The cut and chip compounding provide greater protection against the wear and tear on the road. It is a common feature that you will get in almost all the tires on the market, but Hercules has made it possible to have such an amazing resistance level at such a budget-friendly cost.

4. On-Road Performance

While driving a vehicle on the Hercules tires, you will feel the noise is on a minimal level. There will be an increased level of stability that helps with traction, too.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Hercules Tires?

It is inevitable that you will have to replace your car tires multiple times throughout the life of your car. That’s why it’s important to make an informed decision when choosing your tires, so that they can last you as long as possible and keep you safe. Take a look at our top features to think about when purchasing Hercules Tires.

1. When to Buy New Tires

The ideal method to assess when to change the tires is by inspecting your vehicle from a certified professional. However, if you want to check it yourself, then go for a visual inspection by checking tires treads, or you can perform a penny test.

2. Determining Correct Tire Size

To know the right size, you have to check out the owner manual of your vehicle. It has adequate information about the tire’s size. Also, you can opt for checking the sidewalls of presently installed tires.

3. Choosing the Right Type of Tires

It is important to choose those good tires that are suited to your driving habits and conditions. There are a plethora of tires available in the market, including summer tires, winter & snow tires, etc. So, it is important that you should assess your requirements and then make a decision intelligently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which ones are better, used or new tires?

Other than low pricing, there is no real benefit of buying used tires. You have to deal with lots of risks like previous punctures, leaks, etc. So, it is perfect to buy new tires depending on your requirements.

Q. Should we replace all car tires at once?

It is one of the most common questions that people ask. However, we suggest you change all four tires at once as it is best to stay as identical as possible as the performance and handling of tires is affected by the tires.


While there are many excellent tire manufacturers out there, with excellent products on the market, Hercules remains a consistently strong choice, offering reliable tires to suit a variety of vehicle needs.

However, my overall choice for the best tire would be the Hercules Tires ST205/75R15 LR D/8 Radial Trailer Tire. This tire wonderfully combines power and strength, with a smooth, fuel-efficient ride, so it can perform well against all kinds of conditions and terrains.

We hope after checking out our Hercules tires reviews, you feel more confident with your final decision.

Have you tried the Hercules Tires ST205/75R15 LR D/8 Radial Trailer Tire? What did you think of our roundup?

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