Top 10 Gadgets to Help with Home Improvement

In the United States alone, it is estimated that every year, a total of 40,000 people get injured severely from using power tools, ending up in the ER. Over half of these incidents involve the nail gun. These shocking statistics indicate the danger in using power tools that were designed to keep the user safe. Safety is important! With this in mind, here are the top 10 gadgets to help with home improvement.

Gadgets to Help with Home Improvement

1: Cordless Screwdriver – DeWalt 20V

Keep in mind, a screwdriver is not the same thing as a drill. However, it is used to push screws into the wall without the need of a drill. The cordless screwdriver is lighter weight than the regular screwdriver, thus it is safer. It is even better if it comes with LED lights because this way, you will be able to see more clearly without any shadow in the way. This is indeed one of the most frequently used tools for home improvement.

2: Cordless Oscillator – Dremel

This tool is becoming increasingly popular among home improvement tools. Oscillators allow you to sand, cut, scrape and grind objects easily and quickly. It has an accessory for each of these actions. Also, it is powered by batteries and consists of different velocities. Thus, it is a handy tool and gets jobs done economically, which otherwise take an extremely large amount of time.

3: Impact Driver – Bosch PS-41

Though the design appears to be similar to that of a drill, the impact driver has a completely different purpose. The purpose of this tool is to loosen and fastening bolts. They work well for putting together furniture, as well as adjusting your vehicle. This particular model has a portable size and also contains a LED light, rotates up to 2,600 times per minutes, and is power by batteries.

4: Drill and Driver – Craftsman C3

This is one of the most popular brands of this tool. It comes in handy if you prefer to have the driver and drill combined into one. Some of its key features are the bit holders, top that consists of 24 different options, and its battery power.

5: Cordless Jigsaw – Milwakee M12

This home improvement tool makes jobs commonly done by saws a lot easier. This model is most convenient as no cord will be getting tangled up in the process. It works well with various wooden boards including pine and ply boards. This tool is one of the most commonly used ones if you work a lot with wooden boards.

6: Sensor – Ryobi Tek4

A sensor is an essential tool for recognizing areas you may fasten a screw or making a hole in the wall. This an especially needed tool when you hang up a large painting or a mirror on the wall. This model is incredibly accurate. Its features include a laser distance, flashlight, and multimeter.

7: Blower – STIHL BGA 85

This is an important yard tool in the fall when leaves lie all over the yard. This is an extra high-quality tool and the STIHL brand is iconic. There are a number of features that make this model more convenient than the usual leaf blower. Some of its best qualities are low volume degree, high power, no oil nor gas, and it is powered by batteries.

8: Circular Saw – Porter-Cable PC18CSL

Though it is smaller than a table saw, the circular saw is still capable of the same amount of power. In fact, it is convenient if you have less room on the table for this device. These saws are built to function with a high degree of precision when sawing wood. It is often used for home improvement projects including constructions of shelves, sheds, and decks.

9: Folding Knife – Sog Flash 2

Unlike the other tools listed here, this is a non-electronic tool. Yet, it does belong among the top ten because there are many aspects you may run into here and there that just need a nice, sharp blade to do the job. This specific model works as it is supposed to and it has a safety feature, including a lock option.

10: Reciprocating Saw – Bosch RS428

Unlike the other tools that do a similar job, this saw is able to cut through metal objects, such as nails. It is very useful for cutting off branches and posts. Bosch instruments are high quality but need to be handled with care.

Summing Up

That is the complete list of the top 10 gadgets to help with home improvement. This will give you a head start for preparing for various projects around the house. Be sure to follow all safety procedures to stay safe!

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