Top 10 Home Improvement Tools

Gadgets to Help with Home Improvement

In the United States alone, it is estimated that every year, a total of 40,000 people get injured severely from using power tools, ending up in the ER.

Over half of these incidents involve the nail gun. These shocking statistics indicate the danger of using power tools that were designed to keep the user safe. Safety is important! With this in mind, here are the top 10 gadgets to help with home improvement.

Top 10 Home Improvement Tools

Cordless Screwdriver - DeWalt 20

It’s important to remember that a cordless screwdriver is not the same thing as a drill!

The cordless screwdriver is more lightweight, therefore provides safer use than a corded drill.

It’s even better if your screwdriver comes with LED lights because then you’re able to see clearly without any shadow, making the cordless screwdriver one of the most frequently used tools for home improvements.

Cordless Screwdriver - DeWalt 20

The Dewalt 20 is a fantastic two-position cordless screwdriver for DIY enthusiasts who’re looking for a tool with various professional-grade features.

The Dewalt 20 kit includes the tool, two cadmium batteries, a charger, a reversible screwdriver bit and a carrying case. This screwdriver is perfect for use where there’s a lack of power outlets as the batteries have a long life so you can get your work done.

The batteries have a healthy lifespan and the kit includes two batteries so you can use the second set while the first is charging. This might not even be necessary as full charge only takes about an hour.

The adjustable handle is perfect for allowing both inline and angled use. This is a great feature for carpenters, electricians, and appliance repair personnel who work at odd angles.

The handle also has a contoured grip which makes it comfortable enough to mitigate hand strain during periods of extended use.


Cordless Oscillator - Dremel

This tool is becoming increasingly popular among home improvement enthusiasts.

Oscillators allow you to sand, cut, scrape and grind objects easily and quickly.

The Dremel Cordless Oscillator has an accessory for each of these actions. Also, it is powered by batteries and consists of different velocities.

Therefore, it is a handy tool and gets jobs done economically, which otherwise takes an extremely large amount of time.

Cordless Oscillator - Dremel

The Dremel cuts long lines accurately and makes drop cuts nicely.

With 36 accessories, you can use this oscillator to scrape, sand, cut and remove grout straight out of the box.

The accessories snap on and off with little resistance thanks to Dremel’s standard Quick Hold magnetic flange that keeps them in place during operation and allows for easier tightening.

Additionally, this multi-tools’ Quick-Lock and Quick-Hold system allows you to quickly change accessories without any tools and the Quick-Boost technology maintains a constant speed while the machine is in use.


Impact Drivers

Impact Driver - Bosch PS-41

Though the design appears to be similar to that of a drill, the impact driver has a completely different purpose.

The purpose of this tool is to loosen and fastening bolts.

They work well for putting together furniture, as well as adjusting your vehicle. This particular model has a portable size and also contains an LED light, rotates up to 2,600 times per minute, and is power by batteries.

Impact Driver - Bosch PS-41

The Bosch PS41 Impact Driver is comfortable to hold and use and at 2.2lbs, it is extremely easy to maneuver and carry around with you.

Bosch has successfully engineered some fantastic features in this device, for example, a bright three LED array that does an excellent job of illuminating whatever you’re working on.

Additionally, the small battery indicator display lets you know when the battery is running low.

The variable-speed triggers provide great control for how fast the tool is driving and similar to most drills. the PS41 has a directional lock switch.

Bosch includes a quick charger that fully recharges the 12-volt battery in less than 30 minutes. The battery charger knows when the battery is too hot to recharge and refuses to work until the battery is cool enough not to ruin it.

Drill and Drivers

Drill and Driver - Craftsman C3

This is one of the most popular brands of this tool.

It comes in handy if you prefer to have the driver and drill combined into one.

Some of its key features are the bit holders, top that consists of 24 different options, and its battery power.

Drill and Driver - Craftsman C3

The lithium-ion battery on the Craftsman C3 provides so much life to this driver that you might even forget that you’re using a cordless impact driver!

Also, this driver has a quicker release holder without the need for two hands like similar models. The LED light around the chuck on this tool is reliable and efficient.

The light stays on for six seconds after you release the trigger which is important for checking your work for errors while you’re moving along.

There’s also a speed control feature that is highly beneficial for when you’re dealing with projects that can’t handle torque. The speed control is perfect for a simple finessing or for the opposite when you need all the power that this tool can muster to drive through cement.

The Craftsman C3 works great both forward and reverse so that removing strenuous screws will be simple!

Cordless Jigsaw

Cordless Jigsaw – Milwakee M12

This home improvement tool makes jobs commonly done by saws a lot easier.

This model is most convenient as no cord will be getting tangled up in the process.

It works well with various wooden boards including pine and ply boards. This tool is one of the most commonly used ones if you work a lot with wooden boards.

Cordless Jigsaw – Milwakee M12

The Milwakee M12 is a 12-volt jigsaw that easily cuts through everything from hardwood to plywood. As long as your great quality blade is matched to the cutting equipment, the M12 cuts beautifully!

The vertical cut accuracy will perform very well and exceed your expectations! The M12 is very robust and the removable nor mar plate teamed with the LED lights puts this saw on the same level as high end corded versions.

The variable speed trigger is easy to use is fairly easy to control and keep a steady speed!

Overall, this cordless jigsaw is perfect for any contractor! Not only is the Milwakee M12 is easy to work with and offers great control while remaining compact and lightweight so your bag doesn’t weigh a ton.


Sensor – Ryobi Tek4

A sensor is an essential tool for recognizing areas you may fasten a screw or making a hole in the wall.

This an especially necessary tool when you’re hanging up a large painting or a mirror on the wall.

This model is incredibly accurate and it also features include a laser distance, flashlight, and multimeter.

Sensor – Ryobi Tek4

The Ryobi Tek4 is a high-quality inspection scope that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is available to buy at a low price!

The TEK4 is the perfect size for a number of household jobs and the LED lights can be brightened or dimmed to adapt to whatever your conditions require. Additionally, the controls are conveniently located in one place that is situated adjacent to the screen.

The camera head may be too large for inspecting engine cylinders, but overall this shouldn’t affect the performance for day-to-day DIY responsibilities.

The extra-long 3-foot cable is flexible and therefore maneuverable into a variety of positions and locations.

The screen is crisp and bright to see detail in all situations and it runs on 4-volt Tek4 batteries.


Blower – STIHL BGA 85

The BGA 85 is an extra high-quality tool and the STIHL brand is iconic.

There are a number of features that make this model more convenient than the usual leaf blower. Some of its best qualities are low volume degree, high power, no oil nor gas, and it is powered by batteries.

Blower – STIHL BGA 85

The Stihl BGA85 is a high-spec, battery-powered leaf blower that boasts 23 minutes of leaf clearing potential. Plus, if you decide to charge a spare battery, you’ll have at least double the usage time.

What makes this leaf blower special is its battery-powered portability. The BGA85 has an impressive 650 m3/5 with an airspeed of 46 m/s, which is equal with blowers that are plugged into the mains or even petrol-powered.

What makes this blower versatile is the variable power output with an analog trigger that is used to vary the speed.

The controls are well designed, which makes this blower effortless to operate. The trigger sits on the underside of the handle that’s easy to reach and is gentle enough to make it tiring to hold down.

Quite simply, the Stihl BHA85 is a joy to use thanks to the convenience of its cordless use and portability.

Circular Saws

Circular Saw – Porter-Cable PC18CSL

Though it is smaller than a table saw, the circular saw is still capable of the same amount of power.

In fact, they’re convenient if you have less room on the table for a table saw.

Circular saws are built to function with a high degree of precision when sawing wood. It is often used for home improvement projects including the construction of shelves, sheds, and decks.

Circular Saw – Porter-Cable PC18CSL

The Porter-Cable has an electronic blade brake for improved control and safety when ending your cuts. The rubberized grip helps the operator maintain positive control of the tool.

This circular saw is quick and convenient to grab and cut without first having to locate an extension cord and outlet, the freedom, and speed to use are impressive.

This saw works well and setting the angle and depth of cut is extremely easy. The laser provides a nice clean cutting line which is extremely helpful and overall. the saw feels great in hand and is never fatiguing to use.


Folding Knives

Folding Knife – Sog Flash 2

Unlike the other tools listed here, the Sog Flash 2 is a non-electronic tool.

Yet, it does belong among the top ten because there are many aspects you may run into here and there that just need a nice, sharp blade to do the job.

This specific model works as it is supposed to and it has a safety feature, including a lock option.

Folding Knife – Sog Flash 2

The Sog Flash 2 is a tactical folding knife that weighs just over three ounces and measures four and a half inches when closed.

The Flash 2’s three and a half-inch drop-point blade is made from AUS-8 steel and has a full flat grind with a satin finish.

This results in a simple-looking blade that is particularly effective at slicing. The AUS-8 is a great quality Japanese steel that sharpens and holds its edges quite well. It’s easy to re-sharpen and works well for a knife in this price range.

Additionally, the Flash 2 carries SOG’s reversible pocket clip which is positioned to allow the knife to sit deep in the pocket for maximized concealment.

The ergonomics are good and the handle withstands the harshes conditions and really takes a beating without any signs of weakness.

Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating Saw – Bosch RS428

Unlike the other tools that do a similar job, The Bosch RS428 is able to cut through metal objects, such as nails.

It is very useful for cutting off branches and posts.

Bosch instruments are high quality but need to be handled with care.

Reciprocating Saw – Bosch RS428

The Bosch RS428 has an innovative counterbalance technology and an anti-vibration handle that reduces vibration to about 1/3rd that of standard tools.

The Constant ResponseTM Circuitry maintains the desired speed for consistent performance under load.

The compact length of only 18.4 inches allows for easy cutting in challenging positions, especially overhead for less fatigue with a lightweight design and the constant orbital action allows for fast cutting in all types of materials with an orbital action feature.

The RS428’s robust 3 position adjustable foot is built to withstand job-site abuse and the ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort and gripping during cutting.



That is the complete list of the top 10 gadgets to help with home improvement.

This will give you a head start for preparing for various projects around the house. Be sure to follow all safety procedures to stay safe!

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