How to Cut a Tile without a Saw

When it’s come to the tile cutting job, most of us will think about a tile cutter saw. A saw is definitely a good choice for cutting tiles efficiently and smoothly. However, the tile cutter tool is a little bit hard to monitor and a lot of users find it uninteresting. Moreover, a saw is not a good choice, if you are going to cut tiles to put on your commode, shower or bathtub. So, you have to consider other ways of cutting tiles too.

There are a lot of different types of available tile cutter for porcelain and ceramic tiles. But most of them are scary electronics tools with risky cutting teeth. If you don’t feel well with them then you can use the tiles nipple and carbide tipped pencil method tool. These techniques will not require a costly saw. I will discuss how to cut the tiles by following the methods.

How to Cut a Tile by Tiles Nippers

A tile nipper is a hand tool and you can cut tiles in curved or usual shape. The using process is also very simple and easy. This is a great tool when you need a weird shaped cutting. Follow the below guide to cut the tile correctly with tile nippers:

Step 1:

At first, you will need to make yourself ready for using the nipper. Wear eye protection glasses to make sure that the flying chips of the tile will not reach your eyes. Then you will need to mark the space you are going to cut. Use a wax pencil to indicate the marked area. After that, you will score the marked area to make sure that the tiles will not snap off at the time of cutting. You can use a glass cutter for scoring.

Step 2:

Now start nipping at the marked area. Make sure that you have started from the bottom edge to decrease the possibility of cutting wrong and breaking the tile. Cut small area at a time to cut the tile in a controlled manner. Patience is the most important thing in the time of cutting with the nipple. The more patiently and slowly you cut the better and smooth cut you get.

Step 3:

After you are done with the nipple, it’s time to rub. It’s an important part of the game to make your tile as smoother as possible. On the other hand, the tiles become very sharp after cutting with a nipple. Rubbing will help you to make them lesser the sharpness and risk-free. You can use the rub brick, a specialized stone for smoothing the tiles edge.

Nipper is not perfect for all kind of tiles. On the other hand, if you have tiles with high width then the nipper couldn’t cut it perfectly. The nipper is perfect for thin tiles. Moreover, as it takes a huge time to cut tiles with the nipple, you will not be able to cut a large quantity with the nipper.

How to Cut a Tile with a Carbide-tipped Pencil

The carbide-tipped pencil trick for cutting tile is something you never heard before. All you need is just a carbide-tipped pencil which you can find in the local hardware shop. Follow the below guide to cut the tile perfectly with a carbide-tipped pencil:

Step 1:

At the very beginning, hold your tile in a stable and flat surface. Make sure that the tile is securely placed and stable even after putting pressures. Then mark the cutting area with a pencil to indicate the marking spot.

Step 2:

Now gently hold the carbide-tipped pencil on the marked area and start dragging it with downward pressure. Repeat the dragging process for several times to create a score. It will help you to cut easily.

Step 3:

Now turn the carbide-tipped pencil all above the tiles to fit the scored line into the attached clamp. Hold the tile with your one hand and use the drag the pencil with another hand. Keep the dragging process with the pressure for cutting. However, don’t put huge pressure as it can break the tiles.

Step 4:

After cutting the tile you will need to rub them. You can follow the above process of rubbing to make the tile smoother.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned two processes will help you to cut the tile without any kind of saw. If you face any problem at the time of cutting the tile using the processes please let us know, we will try to help you.

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