How To Drill into Wall: A Proper Guide

The other day, when it was a weekend, I planned to wake up really late, but alas, I hardly could make that happen, as just early in the morning I got a call from my neighbor to have my hand to fix his newly bought painting. Yeah, can you imagine to start a day with some drilling-filling! Phew!

Anyway, later I asked him to get a drill machine for his home, as nowadays a power drill is considered to be one of the most useful home appliances and obviously a must have!

Though this device got its many appeals most of the people get this device to fix the wall, as to be it a painting or a fancy clock or even a new self, we need some hammering, drilling, mounting and fixing to give a proper setting. So how would you drill a wall with a power drill with the most convenient, effective and easiest way, is our main concern of this article?

So, for having our purpose served, we need few items in our collection.

  • Power Drill.
  • Protective Gloves.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Pipe Detector.
  • Drill bits.
  • Wall plug.
  • Stepladder.
  • Bradawls.

Step 1

Understand your wall. If you are living in a very old home, means your wall is most likely built with last and plaster; but the modern houses are often contained drywall. This is important to determine because last and plaster tend to be much harder, thicker and brittle. So which type of drilling bits you need to use depends on your wall texture.

Step 2

Make your position fixed, where you put the stud. But before making the position, make sure you do not tend to drill on the electric wires or pipes. If you do not know where these elements lie, check the attic and basement to have an idea where they run up and down. But if you still do not get sure of it, then you can get yourself or hire from a friend or neighbor a cordless inspection camera, which let you see the inside wall cavities, wires, and pipes.

When making the sure, the third step is putting a pencil mark and draw a colored circle on the surface, where you tend to drill the hole. If you plan the hole to be placed on a higher surface you need a step ladder to reach that positions. So bring it over, and make your circle rightly drawn. If there is no such thing in your collection, the color pencil, and the step ladder, you can use a tape to make a position and bring over a tool or a strong chair to use that as your ladder.

Step 3

Rightfully decide what you need to hang on the wall; if the thing is too heavy and need some heavy stud, then never use nails, use screw instead.

Now change your power drill’s bit according to your mounting needs. After making it fasten properly (Check the other articles of “How to use Power Drill” and “How To Insert A Drill Bit” for the detail instruction), start your drilling. There are many types of bits available, so using the right type of bit is very important. If you use the wrong type of bit, all your efforts will go into vain.

After changing the power drill bit, start working your marked position. Always remember to push the drill slowly and steadily. If you push very hard, you may end up damaging your wall or drilling the wrong size of a hole.

Step 4

When you are finished with drilling, use a hammer to fix the wall plug into the hole properly. Well, when it is about hammering, be extra-extra-cautious. If accidentally, you end up hammering your fingertip, you will require some medical attention for sure. So, do the hammering very lightly.

Step 5

When you are done with putting the wall plug, insert the stud into it, and make your project done.

Make sure to follow the below safety checks:

  • Use hand gloves for performing the whole task.
  • Use a very steady and firm step ladder or tool for using to reach your target.
  • Make sure to have someone by you all this time, to give a helping hand and to have a caution eye, whether everything goes right.
  • Make sure to check your bit very carefully; check the top to bottom with extra caution.
  • If the bit is too old and there is rust anywhere on its body, I will suggest avoiding using it. As, when putting the pressure on the wall, it might get broken. Then you will face some extra hassle to bring it out of the wall.
  • Check your power drill properly before applying on the wall, push the forward and rewind button a couple of times when you insert your bits into the chuck. If you find it steady enough, start working on.
  • Keep multiple screws, wall plugs, and a bradawl. Though keeping a bradawl is not necessary, as using the right type of bit will do the task well, but for being on the safer side, it is okay to keep it, in case if you need it.
  • Put a piece of cloth or paper on the floor so that the dust out of drill falls on that so that your house does not get dirty.
  • Wear a safety goggles, so that dust does not get through into the eyes.

Well, the above rules are simply not derived out of the bible. You can always make your job done in your own ways. But by following the above tutorial, you can always make the job done efficiently. But if your job requires some pro skills, do not take this risk, but hire some professional technician.

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