How to Make a Welding Machine At Home

When you think of joining two metal, the welding is the most effective and permanent way that ensures utmost firmness. For a perfect welding, two things are necessary- one is a quality welding machine and another one is the welding knowledge of the person who is going to perform the task.

There are many welding machine models are available out there in the market manufactured by different brands like esab rebel, Lincoln electric, boc, safe they are the most popular brand in the market. You can purchase any of them for granted performance and security. But, if you don’t want to buy a machine, instead want to make a welder by yourself, then what to do?

This is not very easy also, although not too tough. If you have the technical knowledge or can acquire it after proper instruction, then you can do it by yourself. How to make a welding machine at home is the issue to explain here. We mainly focus on the arc/stick welder.

What is an Arc (Stick) Welder?

A stick welder is commonly known as an arc welder. By the electrical power supply and a consumable electrode, a stick welder creates an arc that melts as well as we fuse two or more metals together. This is a really cool welder with so many benefits, that’s why we highly encourage to make and use for a regular home requirement. There is a transformer integrated into an Arc Welder. The Transformer is used to step down the electricity from high voltage low current to low voltage high current.

How to Make

Let’s come to the main point- the procedure to make a welder at home. A power supply is an obvious thing for welding. So, to make a welder you must need a transformer. We can either take a second-hand transformer of any other welder or take the transformer from an old microwave oven. We did the second thing. You can try TV, internet or any other transformer; but the microwave transformers are the best as we inspected. They have a lesser amount of primary windings, big core, big secondary window, and excellent power. These are all we really need.

Initially, you need to break down the transformers. Using a grinder or hacksaw you have to dissect Section I from the Section E of the transformers. You need to remove the secondary window either by ungluing or using any removal tool or by chopping off. The primary window must not be damaged while you’re removing the secondary. You should knock off the shunt and filament winding. The shunts are used to maintain or control the current; it’s kept at the window of the transformers. You should avoid it because you require high amps.

The secondary wires, now, should be put in the transformers. And, you should use thick wires with fewer turns to get fewer volts. Lesser turns mean higher amps and lesser volts. Avoid too big wire, instead, put the right size to get perfect volts and amps. You can use 14 gauge, 12 gauge, or 10 gauge copper wire. You can use 220V or 110V input transformer; you will get the same output from the wall socket.

You can make a casing to keep it in order to make the unit compact as well as portable. To feed the arc holder, few jumper cables can be used. To handle the good current, you can use 25mm jumper wires. You should decrease the secondary window thickness. Fit the turns and ensure around 50 volts. TO weld 3/32 electro codes 80/100 amps are quite good, even it might be a bit less than that.

Last Words

This is all about the very basic and brief idea of making a welding machine at home. You can get good numbers of video tutorials about this procedure, which you can follow too. Hope you can do it by yourself

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