How to Make Cabinet Doors: Quick and Easy Steps

With the constant decrease in space to live freely, and the proportionate increase in our need for products to make our lives comfortable, the only constant in our lives is the requirement for cabinets in the house. Not only do they help to keep the house clean and free of all mess and clutter, but they also add a touch of beauty to the decor. Yes, cabinet doors can help raise the aesthetics quotient of the interiors, and you need to ensure that it is in its best condition.

If you are the reliable handyman of your house, then you already know that it is important to build a strong cabinet door before it is given a final finish. Whether it’s a garage cabinet, or a kitchen or garden cabinet, you can easily make its door. All you need is the right set of tools, appropriate material, and the right design. Here is how you can go ahead with the procedure of making cabinet doors. It is a simple procedure, and you will love the new addition to your space.

What You Need to Make Cabinet Doors

To make the cabinet door, you need your basic tools like a large or small large or small table saw, a sharp blade, and a miter gauge, along with plywood. It’s ideal to pick solid wood. Boards of 1×3/1×4 are the best. And, if you want a wood grain look, you will also need medium density fiberboard, i.e. MDF, for the surface.

Select a Design:

For cabinet doors, there are two kinds of basic designs: flat panel and slab. You have to take into consideration the time you want to devote to this project, as well as the endurance and required maintenance, before finalizing your design.

Directions to Make the Basic Cabinet Door:

The basic steps are very easy:

  1. First, lay down the sheet, and mark the dimension of the door that you need.
  2. Then cut it accordingly. It is a good idea to leave two extra inches, which you can trip off later.
  3. Next, using a router for hardwood, smoothed out the edges, and then give this cabinet door a final finish for a fresh look.
  4. Finally, add a doorknob and the hinges, before you install it on the cabinet door.

Building a Panel Door With a Raised Panel:

  • If you’re looking to build a cabinet door with a raised panel, then you can follow some simple steps. A few extra steps and a little more time will give you a stylish result.
  • For this, you will also need stiles (vertical parts), and rails (horizontal parts) to form the borders of the central panel. You can cut them out from 4/4 material sheet. You will need to ensure that the material is planed down to a width of 0.75 inches. The stiles should be 0.5 inches more than the rails in width. The total width depends on your cabinet, of course.
  • Your stiles should be the length of the door that you need, on the outside. For the inside, the edge should be run through a router bit to form the bead or round-over.
  • Similarly, the rails, too, need to be cut according to the length you need, which you can determine by taking the measurement from the outer edge of the styles till the start of the bead.
  • Now, find the difference between this measurement and the opening width, and you will get the length for your rail blanks. As you did earlier, you again have to run the edge on the inside through router, just like in case of the stiles.
  • Now, you will need to convert the bit into a stick or coping bit for a secure fit between the rails and the stiles, before the rail ends are run through the bit.
  • The central panel’s measurement will have to be determined by finding out the length from the edge to the bead’s start. Then, find the difference between this measurement and the total dimension of the door. The door panel’s width should be about 0.25 inches.
  • Keep in mind that you need to leave space for the expansion and contraction of the material. This width is usually the same as that of the saw blade.
  • It’s time to put all the parts together and complete the door. For this assembly process, you will need to apply glue to the inside of the stile at the point where it meets the rail, and add rail tenon to it.
  • Next, add Spaceballs of rubber to the groove, using router bit, and then install the panel.
  • At this point, you will need to cover the slide tenon with glue and insert the next stile, before all the pieces are put together.
  • Once the glue dries, give the door your desired finish.

Your cabinet door is ready to be hung. So, you see, it is an incredibly easy process to make a cabinet door, whether you want a simple, flat door, or one with a raised panel. In fact, once you get the hang of making the basics of a cabinet door, you are ready to try new designs. You can paint the cabinet door in your favorite shade, and the whole look of the space will be changed, completely.

How to Save Money in Making Cabinet Doors:

When you’re making your own cabinet doors, you can give the desired makeover to your cabinet, and that too without burning a hole in the pocket. You just have to pick the appropriate items to make the most of the budget. Go for self-closing hinges instead of the pricey hidden hinges. And, instead of buying the expensive latches and hinges of oil-rubbed bronze, simply spray-paint over them.

Remember that the key to having fun while making cabinet doors is simplicity. Even an addition of trims can make your cabinet door look amazing. Thus, you can give a whole new look to your cabinet, and that too without spending a lot of money in the exercise.

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