For any person who loves their car, buying a car cover is a worthy and necessary investment. They come in very useful in any situation. The most important thing about having a cover is that they protect your car’s finish, paint job and overall cleanliness and appearance.

In addition, covers protect your car’s exterior from other forces of nature, such as dust, rain, sun or snow, depending on the weather and environment your car is in.

Therefore various car covers exist for different uses.

You can choose to buy an indoor cover or outdoor cover. For outdoor covers, you can have a normal cover or a storm proof cover if you live or work in an area frequented by storms.

The car cover can also be breathable, non – breathable, plastic or water resistant. In order for your cover to serve you for a long time, you need to ensure you use it properly.

How do you use a car cover? Here are some suggestions.


A cover should be stored correctly. It is recommended that you store it in a plastic bag when dry. This way the cover will not be subject to dirt, dust or humidity. Also place it away from any sharp objects as this may puncture your cover.

Environment and Weather Conditions

It is important to buy the right cover, for use in the right environment. This means buying a cover suited for certain use. Example if you plan to drive or park your car in a rainy area, consider buying a waterproof cover or one that is made of plastic. Using a non – waterproof cover in a rainy area will result in a defeat of the purpose and the cover will also become worn out quickly.

Alternatively, if you are planning to park your car indoors in a garage, use a cover that is breathable and lighter to keep dust away from the surface of the car.

Fitting the Cover

For the best results, a cover should fit your car almost perfectly. In order to get this, it is important to have your cover fitted or custom made for your car. A proper fitting cover prevents the trapping of moisture between the cover and surface of the car. This will be important in preserving the paint job of the car because an accumulation of moisture and humidity will ruin the paint job of the car.

Areas that require proper fitting are the side mirrors, the hood, trunk and edges of the cover. These need to properly fit on to the car so that it remains put even in areas of strong wind or rain and it does not get blown away. A well-fitting cover also gives the car a classic look.

Placing and Removing the Cover

Handling the cover on your car requires a bit of attention and a lot of patience. To cover your car, remove the cover from its package and unroll a few meters. Place it against your car and unroll it further, tucking in the edges and spreading out all sides. Fold the driver side for some centimeters, then switch and fold the passenger sides for some minutes until all sides are covered.

Whenever you are taking the cover off your car, ensure you roll it slowly backward from front to back. This ensures the cover will come off in a uniform fashion and no dirt, dust or water particles are transferred onto your car.

Care and Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the cover is important. This is in order to clean off all the dirt and dust that has been retained. To wash your cover you can choose to either machine wash or manually wash.

In manual washing, it is best to spread the cover over your car, covering all edges. Then fill a bucket with water and add in mild liquid soap. Using a sponge, gently rub the soapy water on the cover; rinse the soap when done and leave to air dry.

For machine washing, remember to place the washer on gentle mode if it has those setting. Regular cleaning of the cover will keep it functioning better and prevent the transfer of dirt or dust to your car surface.


Car covers are relatively easy to use. For the best result, use the right cover for the right environment and ensure it fits perfectly against the car. Wash it regularly and store it when dry in a clean plastic bag away from any sharp objects.


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