The wet saw has a little bit complex functionality when compared to the other variation of tile cutting tools. Follow the below process for cutting the tile easily with a tile cutter.

1. Set the Tool on a Flat Surface

At first, position the saw on a flat and hard surface. If you position the saw on a table, make sure that the table is fully stable. Otherwise, you will end up with unsmooth and inaccurate cuts. Make sure that the saw is securely positioned and it will not move at the time of cutting.

2. Fill the Water Basin

Most of the tile saw comes with water basin under the cutting the surface. However, some of the saw also comes with an attached pump which continuously takes water input and output. If your tile saw has basin then fill it up with water. If the saw comes with a pump then connect the clean water input and drained output hose with the saw.

3. Mark the Tiles and Position It on the Table

To cut the tiles based on your preferred line you must mark them. The wax pencils are the best option for marking tiles. You can also score the marked area for a much efficient result. After that, adjust the tile on the cutting surface correctly.

4. Turn on the Tile Saw Machine

Turn on the power supply of the machine after making sure that the tile is correctly positioned in the machine. Check the water is being sprayed correctly on the blade before you start cutting.

5. Start Cutting

The blade of the water saw doesn’t move as like as the tile cutter. You will need to push the tile slowly into the blade by staying on the opposite side of the blade. Keep your hand away from the marked area. Do the process carefully and slowly, forcing the tile in the machine may destroy it. When you are done the cutting, turn of the saw carefully and remove the tile from the table.

Types of Tile Cutters/Saw

There are different types of tile cutter for different kind of jobs. Some of them are manual and don’t require any power supply and some of them work automatically with the help of power supply. Here are some of the vastly used tile cutters:

#1. Beam Score Cutters

The beam score cutters are the most common types of tile cutter. They are also the most popular variation of the tile cutter. They put mass weight on the tiles for cutting it down. Most of them come with adjustable handle height for cutting different thickness tiles. Normally they require much time for cutting the tires.

#2. Tile Nippers

A tile nipper is a small tool which comes with a trifling cutting wheel along with a handlebar. It is a simply designed and inexpensive hand tool. Tile nippers are mostly used for making small tile cuts or cutting tile edges correctly. This is the perfect tool for cutting tiles in an irregular shape.

#3. Glass Cutter

The glass cutter is another hand tool which manually cut tiles on the scored line. All you need to do is score the tile with the tool and after that, the tile will break in the score with a little force. The glass cutter with respect to its name is mainly used for cutting glasses. However, it also works for the different type of tiles too.

#4. Angle Grinders

An angle grinder is a hand tool for cutting tiles in various shapes. It is a power tool and the motor rotates the wheel for cutting the tiles. The grinder can be also used for other types of construction and metal works.

#5. Tile saw

As we mentioned above, the tile saw is a fully automated tool for cutting tiles. This is mainly used for cutting tiles on a large scale. It can cut all kind of tile easily and quickly. All you need to do is turn the tile cutter on and push the tiles in the blade of the machine.


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