With the growing awareness of environment protection, countries across the world are acknowledging that there is a need to make changes in our lifestyle. One area that direly needs a shift is the way we commute. The ever-increasing levels of pollution are alarming the global community, and they realize the fact that it is about time to find some practical ways to combat the pressing environmental concerns. Toxic emissions from the internal combustion engine contaminate the air, causing a whole lot of health troubles. Electric or hybrid vehicles appear to be the safest getaway from these issues. And, it is the reason why major brands like Tesla and Nissan are taking initiatives and working to bring such vehicles in the market that won’t poison the air anymore. Electric cars designed by major brands give us a sign that in the coming years, trends will change.

According to a survey, the number of electric cars on the road will reach up to 125 million in the year 2030. So apparently, the trends will change very soon, and we are looking up to a future where charging stations will be in use more than the gas/fuel stations.


Source: https://cleantechnica.com

Keeping in view all these alterations, you might be considering to make a shift and purchase a vehicle that incorporates an electric power system. But before you make any move, you must evaluate this domain from multiple perspectives and insurance policy is one of them. It is a legal prerequisite for the drivers to have an insurance policy for any vehicle they are using. Here are a few tips that can help you out finding the best car insurance deals in your area:

1. Sort Your Insurance

A fundamental note before you go for an insurance policy is that there is no difference between the insurance of an electric car and the petrol/diesel cars. The insurers are offering the third party and comprehensive insurance for all types of vehicles. With that in mind, you must set out to look for a viable insurance policy that befits. Consider the year, make and model of your vehicle and then analyze what you want to protect it against and what is your financial limit.

2. Cost Difference

EVs are still at a very mature stage, and it is quite probable that the manufacturers won’t have enough facilities to repair your vehicle in case of an accident. This leads to the insurers charging more to fix damages or replacing the parts. It is essential that you acknowledge this difference and then start searching for an insurance policy. The policy is bound to increase if the value of the car is higher, regardless of the incentives provided by the government.

You may consider dropping the Fully Comprehensive Insurance Coverage and replace it with the Third-Party fire or Theft because the latter is somewhat cheaper. Of course, you can only go for this if your car worths less than 2000 pounds and then you can start building up your no-claim discount.

3. Ask About Discounts

It is always good to save a few bucks, no? Some insurers offer special discounts to the drivers of an electric car. Whereas, there are some in the industry who offer discounts to the drivers that are young and not earning enough for a good insurance policy. Also, a few policy agencies offer special cut-offs if the driver completes their advanced driving course.

4. Go for a One-time Payment

A normal belief is that paying all money at a single time is expensive on the pocket. However, it isn’t true. If you study closely, you can figure out that people always end up paying more if they are paying in installments. It is expensive and costs more than one premium payment.

5. Shop Around

The integral element of making a purchase is to analyze all the available options. The more you study, the more you get to know about all the underlying areas which make it easier for you to find the cheapest quotes in the industry. Always compare all insurance quotes on a like-for-like basis. While doing all this homework, you should never assume that the cheapest quote in the market is the best one because there are some fraudulent entities in this field and it is wise to stay cautious.

6. Don’t Go for a Change

Whenever a person buys a vehicle, they are always looking for making some changes in the model so that it fits their comfort level and they can drive with increased pleasure. But you must know that if you keep making changes in your car, you risk accumulating more costs upon your insurance policy. Thereupon, stay content with the model that you bought and try aligning your comfort level with that.

7. Leased Batteries

In case you are leasing batteries from your manufacturer, you must notify your insurer about that before you can fix a quote. Along with that, you should also read through the entire purchase document of that vehicle so that you can understand the stance of your manufacturer on this issue. It will also allow you to clarify your responsibilities as the owner of an electric car,

The bottom line is that choosing an insurance policy for an electric car is as exhaustive as it is for a conventional vehicle. You must scrutinize all your options and single out a policy that appeals you the most regarding security, reliability, and affordability.

What are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to make your first move. That is, get rid of traditional vehicles and find an electric model that seems befitting enough. You can always make a call at we buy cars today where they ensure easy buying and selling of your vehicle with very little effort at your part.

So, call and let them handle the rest while you hunt down a perfect electric vehicle for yourself!


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