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Abco Automatic Instant Tent

Review Last Updated: 11th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 3.7lb Item Weight
  • 100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee
  • UV Protection


The Abco Automatic Instant Tent is designed from high-quality polyester and is available in 2 colors!

User-friendly, spacious and comfortable tents are perfect for providing a cozy experience in the great outdoors.

If you’re camping with kids, most tents even offer enough space to set up a cot or a chair and tables.

If you’re shopping for your first tent, you should make sure that it delivers you protection from the elements, somewhere to store your belongings and a reliable place to catch up on sleep!

According to its website, Abco is a great brand that delivers excellence and is backed by a team that’s dedicated to manufacturing unique products with a goal of simplifying everyday life.

Let’s take a closer look at the Abco Automatic Instant Tent!


  • Doors on both sides
  • Breathable mesh
  • Carrying bag and small bag for accessories included
  • Great for beach days


  • Not for more than two people

Abco Automatic Instant Tent Product Review

The Abco Automatic Instant Tent is an excellent addition to your beach trip!

The setup is really easy and simple for use by two people, however, the size may not be ideal for living in during long camping trips.

This tent is great for use at the beach to take a break from the waves and rest your eyes.

The nylon flaps that cover up the windows provide privacy while you’re having some peace and quiet. If you get too hot, roll the nylon window up and the breathable mesh will step in to keep critters from crawling inside.

This tent comes with a bag to store your tent while it’s not in use and there’s also a smaller accessory bag that provides more functionality.

Durability is not one of the main features of this tent because it’s designed for casual use, and not enduring tough conditions.

The Abco Automatic Instant Tent will keep water out to a certain degree, however, we recommend you add your own type of waterproof sealer to ensure that the seams have full protection.

With regard to price, this instant tent is affordable due to its small size. Therefore, it won’t break the bank and it’ll offer beginner campers and backpackers an excellent starter tent.

Lastly, this tent comes with a carrying bag that’s useful for storage and carrying along in a small bag for accessories to stay organized, therefore taking up little space in your car or in your home.


The Abco Automatic Instant Tent pops open into a ready to use unit and is also easy to fold back into its compact carry case.

The double doors on both sides make it easy to step out from either side.

Also, the combination of the inner zippered screen plus outer zippered nylon makes it easy to switch between complete privacy and high breathability.

The two mesh windows on the front and back contribute to the air circulation and when opened, allow you to enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

There a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee in the unlikely event that you’re unsatisfied with your Abco Tent.

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