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ADJ Products Fog Fury

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 1600W Max Power
  • 8 Minute Warm Up Time
  • 5 Liter Tank
  • Wireless Compatible


Fog machines add a unique and bespoke twist to your performance, DJ set or any special occasion!

However, choosing the best fog machine for you can be difficult with so many great options on the market.

The Top Review Zone team have conducted thorough research and testing the best products on the market to help you make your important new purchase.

The ADJ Products Fog Machine FURY 3000 is a great top-quality choice for your premium light show! The Chauvet brand is a leader in the entertainment lighting industry in terms of flexibility, design and innovation.

The ADJ brand began in 1985 as a supplier of lighting products to mobile entertainers. Now, the California based brand has developed into a global enterprise who provide lighting, audio and staging products across the world.

Before you make your choice, it’s important to consider you’re budget and specific requirements.

Here’s what we liked about the ADJ Products Fog Machine Fury 3000;


  • Lighted external fluid tank
  • DMX operational
  • Features automatic circuit cut-off
  • Electric thermosensing technology
  • Perfect for mobile entertainers
  • Quick blasts
  • Extremely high output


  • Loud vibration noise

ADJ Products Fog Fury Product Review

This professional-grade 1500W fog machine produces 21,000 cubic feet of fog per minute to fill your venue with thick clouds when used with the ADJ water-based fog fluids.

The included lighted external fluid tank means no more stumbling around to fill fluid tanks at your show. The Fog Fury 3000 features an LED lighted external tank that makes it easy to find and fill in dark venues.

The built-in safety features include an automatic circuit cut-off to protect the pump if the fog fluid tank runs dry and Electronic Thermosensing technology which maintains optimum heat levels.

The ADJ Products Fog Machine FURY 3000 is DMX Operational, which can be used in both manual mode, timer mode or with a 3-pin DMX controller through 3 channels and a DMX LCD Display! The DMX controller can be easily integrated into this powerful unit to add extra power to your existing light show.

Combined with the integral LED lighting, the Fog Fury’s effects are impressive and dramatic. The remote has four programmable buttons for different color combinations on demand.

This machine is responsive, registers remote presses from at least 30-feet away and jets fog out up to about 10 feet from the device when outside!

Also, the electronic thermosensing technology has been integrated to maintain a consistent temperature to prevent extra heating phases between the fog emission pulses.

The construction is tough throughout the device and there’s multiple ways to prop it up, or hang it sideways and even upside down! There are plenty of color patterns to choose from and the machine stays relatively cool after hours of use.

The fog juice tank lights up either green or red to let you know if the heating element is ready, which is a cool feature! This fog machine really does work like a beast!

ADJ Fog Fury has a vertical dispenser that provides great fog coverage and it has a professional-grade pump that allows it to be amongst the top-performing fog machine on today’s market!

Another reason that the Fog Fury is amongst the best fog machines is that it doesn’t clog up while using because ADJ created an oil-friendly pipeline for transmitting the fog for easy cleaning.

The only drawback is that like any fog machine, it’s loud when creating the fog. Both the pump and the hiss are significant, but this is pretty normal. It also tends to drip a little when hung high!

Here’s a tip, if you’re looking for a fog machine to create dense clouds and a spooky effect, place the fog fury inside a garbage can so the fog and lighting appear even thicker! It will sure to scare your Trick-or-Treaters when the fog is blasted as they walk by!


The ADJ Products Fog Machine FURY 3000 is a professional-grade 1500W fog machine that will fill your venue with thick clouds of smoke!

The 8-minute warm-up time is worth it for the billowing clouds that are produced at an impressive rate of 21,000 cubic feet per minute.

The built-in safety features are great because the pump is protected if the fog fluid tank runs dry and the Thermosensing technology maintains optimum heat levels to prevent overheating of the internal components.

The tough construction is consistent throughout the whole machine and the multiple ways to prop it up or hang it create an added versatility that’s perfect for mobile entertainers.

If you work in dark venues, the lighted external fluid tank means no more stumbling around trying to refill at your show! This is an excellent safety feature and further contributes to the Fog Fury’s overall versatility and ease of use.

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