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AirCat 800 Air Ratchet

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 35 foot-pounds of torque power
  • 320 RPM of free speed
  • Produces 82 decibels of sound when in use
  • Through-the-handle adjustable exhaust


Dealing with small nuts and bolts isn’t always the most straightforward task. Sometimes, it can require several tools and a lot of elbow grease to get the job done efficiently.

Air Ratchets will save you time and energy, and are an essential tool that you’ll be grateful to have in your toolbox. AirCat are one of the leading brands in the air ratchet industry, and with many different versions of this product available on the market, we’ll be focusing on this particular brand to help you find the best air ratchet for you.

Today, we’ll be taking our attention to the AirCat 800 Air Ratchet, and seeing how it compares to other competitor models.

Could this be the best air ratchet for you? Well, let’s check it out!


  • Compact and lightweight, suitable for tight spaces
  • Good weight distribution for enhanced control
  • Adjustable exhaust prevents fumes from going into eyes and face
  • Quiet noise level


  • Some customers have questioned the durability of the product, and suggest that it is prone to damage after only several uses

AirCat 800 Air Ratchet Product Review

If you’re looking for an air ratchet that combines a lightweight feel with a powerful performance, then AirCat 800 Air Ratchet might just be the product for you.

This particular model features 35 foot-pounds of torque power, along with 320 RPM of free speed. This means the ratchet will work well when handling both high and medium fastening bolts, and you can expect consistently fast results. It comes with a 1/4-inch head, so be sure to double-check the kinds of requirements you’ll need for your project before you make a purchase.

The size of the AirCat 800 makes it stand out from the crowd. It’s a compact choice but still produces plenty of power, so you can get high-performance without it weighing you down. Measuring 10.5 inches, this tool is ideal for getting into those hard-to-reach, tight spaces, which you might not be able to work with if you use a larger ratchet. As it weighs less than 3lbs, you can easily store this ratchet away, and it is comfortable to hold. If you have to hold the tool for an extended period, its light weight means that you won’t suffer from hand fatigue or strain, so comfort is a factor that AirCat gets right here.

Many users of the AirCat 800 may argue, however, that the best characteristic of this ratchet is its noise level. It produces a maximum of only 82 decibels when in use, this ratchet is significantly quieter than many other models available in the market. This means you can work in more comfortable conditions, with less damage being caused to your ears, and less noise irritating your neighbors or colleagues.

The ratchet is ergonomically designed, with an innovative through-the-handle exhaust feature, which includes a worldwide patented internal muffler and filter. This useful, adjustable exhaust means that you’ll avoid air and fumes going into your face and eyes, so you can work in a cleaner, more comfortable environment. This also prevents exhausted air particulates from being inhaled, keeping you safe while you complete your tasks.

Weight distribution also plays a notable role in the construction of this air ratchet. You can expect a well-balanced tool, allowing you to have better overall control while you work. It also has a comfortable grip, making the tool easy to hold and preventing it from slipping out of your hands when you least expect it.

While this is evidently a powerful and useful air ratchet, some customers have found that it isn’t the most durable design compared to others on the market. Some have complained that it is prone to damage after only several uses, so bear this in mind when choosing the best air ratchet for you.


As you may have noticed while searching for the best air ratchet, there are key factors that you’ll need to consider before you dive straight into a purchase. It’s important that you take a look at exactly what your chosen air ratchet has to offer before making an investment.

The AirCat 800 Air Ratchet offers an ideal combination of strength and portability, as it is one of the more compact ratchets that we feature on Top Review Zone. It can greatly assist you with a variety of tasks such as repairs, maintenance, and installations. It will work well for both home use, and low-level industrial use too. AirCat are a name you can trust when it comes to air ratchets, and this reliable tool justifies why they’re respected in the industry.

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