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AirCat 805-HT Air Ratchet

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 130 ft-lb torque
  • Emits 85 dBA in use
  • Extra large ratchet head
  • 180 RPMs of speed


When working with complicated nuts and bolts and dealing with difficult fasteners gets too much for you, you’ll find a great alternative in a powerful Air Ratchet.

Air Ratchets make DIY projects and mechanical repairs a much easier task, so you can work more productively and efficiently. This effective and convenient product should be an essential in your toolkit if it isn’t already, and with this in mind, there’s quite a lot of air ratchets available on the market.

This means it isn’t always easy to choose the best air ratchet for you, and there are several features you’ll need to consider before you make a purchase.

Today at Top Review Zone, we’re checking out the AirCat 805-HT Air Ratchet. This tool seems to have gained popularity, so we’ll see what all the hype is about!

Let’s take a look at this ratchet in more detail, and see what it has to offer!


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Quiet noise levels compared to competitor models
  • High torque force power
  • Easy to control for increased accuracy


  • Can cause dust to blow in your face and eyes, so safety measures will definitely need to be taken

AirCat 805-HT Air Ratchet Product Review

If you’re looking for an air ratchet that is not only powerful, but also comfortable to use, then the AirCat 805-HT Air Ratchet seems like a great place to start.

One notable feature of this particular ratchet is its ergonomic design. The design of the ratchet highlights how AirCat have made productivity a priority, as its easy-grip makes it easy and comfortable to hold, so you won’t have to worry about the ratchet unexpectedly slipping from your hands. This makes it an overall safer product to use, and it means you’re less likely to experience injuries along the way.

Comfort isn’t just applicable to the design of this ratchet, however. It is also comfortable on the ears compared to many competitor ratchets, only producing around 85 decibels of noise. This means you can work freely without worrying about causing serious damage to your ears, or irritating those around you. It makes the whole process smoother and more enjoyable for you.

Despite being a relatively quiet tool, this air ratchet doesn’t compromise on power and performance. It comes with 130-foot pounds torque force power, which is a considerable amount of power, especially when compared to other tools on the market. This powerful output, however, will require you to take a few extra safety precautions before use, in order to prevent injuries from happening.

The AirCat 805-HT also features a speed of 180 RPM, which helps to provide fast and efficient completion of all of your projects. While these rates of power seem significantly high, they are designed to be easy to control, due to the ratchet’s touch-sensitive trigger and directional changer, offering you free and simple operation at all times.

This air ratchet is designed with safety in mind, as the overall control of the ratchet is increased by the ratchet’s ‘head spreading’ technology. This technology allows you to have full control even while using the ratchet at its maximum power output, so you can achieve an accurate performance no matter how you choose to use the ratchet. The ratchet’s extra-large head, therefore, makes it more reliable and durable, supporting you against all kinds of repair, DIY, and mechanical tasks.

In addition to this, the ratchet features a Twin Pawl Mechanism, for enhanced accuracy all round, showing how even power isn’t compromised in the name of safety.

Some customers, however, have noted that while the air ratchet is safe to use, you should wear safety glasses when using this product, as it can be likely to blow dust in your face or eyes while you work.


Air Ratchets can be one of the most useful tools you’ll acquire, as they can increase your productivity to a great extent.

However, there are certainly factors to look out for, to make sure that you purchase the best air ratchet for you.

With this in mind, the AirCat 805-HT Air Ratchet ticks a lot of boxes, and would make a great addition to any toolbox. This reliable product is not only powerful, but it looks and feels great to use, so you can expect excellent results with this wrench.

Have you tried the AirCat 805-HT Air Ratchet? What did you think of our review?

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