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American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 700W Heater
  • 3 Minute Heat Up Time
  • Produces 3,000 Cubic Feet of Fog Per Minute


Choosing the best fog machine for you can be difficult with so many great options on the market.

The Top Review Zone team have conducted thorough research and testing the best products on the market to help you make your important new purchase.

The American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger is a portable machine that creates low-lying fog effects that’s perfect for dances, holidays, special effects, stage set or simply for parties at home!

Over the last 10 years, Mister Kool has become of one of the leading, affordable, yet portable, low-lying professional fog machines on the market!

Now, with a more powerful 700W heater and 3 minute warm-up time, Mister Kool II continues to help staging and effects professionals with affordable solutions to low-lying fog.

Before you make your choice, it’s important to consider you’re budget and specific requirements.

Here’s what we liked about the American DJ Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger;


  • Uses standard water based fog juice or ice cubes
  • Water drainage system allows for easy clean-up
  • Power on/off switch
  • No need for expensive fog chillers!
  • Tough and durable
  • Quick heat up time
  • No spills


  • The fog rises in warm temperatures
  • The ice needs to replaced every 30 minutes

American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger Product Review

The American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger is perfect for creating stage and set effects, or use on dance floors! The Mister Kool II is the leader in low-lying fog machines.

This fog machine is simple and easy to use with ice and regular water-based fog juice that generates mystifying fog without the need for dry ice, bulky machines or CO2 tanks.

The warm-up time is super fast and takes only three minutes to create massive fog effects! The Mister Kool II features a powerful 700W heater that has an impressive output of 3,000 cubic feet of fog per minute.

There’s no splashing or spilling thanks to the unique draining system which allows you to simply release the drainage valve or use the included hose and bag to quickly get rid of drainage and prevent spills or splashes during clean-up.

To get the water to flow into the drain bag, you need to elevate the fog machine. The unique draining design allows for collecting the processed water from melted ice in a special easy-to-clean plastic bag.

We’re confident that your parties will always be fun with this machine!

This substantial and powerful machine weighs in at 19lbs and is easily transported and stored with its built-in carry handle and robust metal construction.

The American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger provides the right ambience if you’re looking for a Halloween special effects fogger!

Our advice is to use a fair amount of dry ice that easily fits in the front chamber, as well as high-quality fog juice. This combination will allow you to set the machine to pump out a fantastic ground fog that will roll a constant ground cover for a good six hours!

If possible, you could also try running LED-backlit strips under the area that your fog starts to roll downhill for Hollywood level fog!

Although the cord length is a little short, the controls are easy to use and they allow you to experiment with intervals. This means you can customize the amount of fog your machine will produce!

This machine works really well, but it’s important to note that the effect is dependent on the temperature of the fog and air temperature. Ultimately, the fog must be cooler than the ambient air of the space that you’re operating the unit.

The cooler the evening or the room, the cooler the fog needs to be. So, the greater the difference in temperature, the better the ground effect will appear.


The American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger is a compact and lightweight, low-lying fog machine that’s perfect for a spooky party or ambient Hollywood worthy stage effects!

The 3-minute warm-up time is worth it for the massive fog effects with an impressive output of 3,000 cubic feet per minute.

The American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Flying Fogger is tough and durable whilst being easy to transport and store thanks to its built-in carry handle and robust metal construction.

Mister Kool II is a budget-friendly machine, that’s suitable for use with standard water-based fog juice and ice cubes!

We were especially thankful for the water drainage valve system that’s perfect for easy clean-up and water drainage!

What do you think about the American Dj Mister Kool Graveyard Low Lying Fogger?

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