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Andecor Bedroom Area Rug

Review Last Updated: 11th March 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • High-quality floor carpet
  • Eco-friendly dyes
  • Anti-skid carpet
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Today we will be reviewing the Andecor Bedroom Area Rug.

The market is busy, and therefore, it can be overwhelming to choose the best area rug for your home.

However, it doesn’t need to be a challenging feat, and with the right guidance, you will discover your area rug match.

Before commencing your search, we would suggest confirming your budget so you can straight away cancel out the options that will stretch-out your wallet. It is also wise to examine your family type and to see if the area rug you are interested in works well with children and pets.

Andecor has an excellent array of area rugs available to consumers, but here we will explore the bedroom area rug to see if it has the components to be the best area rug in today’s market.

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  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Two different sizes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Well-established company


  • Lack of thickness may compromise comfort

Andecor Bedroom Area Rug Product Review

The first thing we noticed with the Andecor Bedroom Area Rug is the lack of sizing options it includes for its consumers, as well as this; it sticks to four color scheme options, which will straight away restrict its audience.

You can choose from either a 4 or 5ft width with a length of either 6 or 8ft and is available in five colors, including rainbow, baby pink, teal blue, grey and black. These light to dark colors make it suitable for both adults and children’s bedrooms.


  • Size: either 4ft x 5.3 ft, 4ft x 6 ft or 5 ft x 8ft
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Material: sponge and artificial velvet fabric
  • Shape: rectangle

It is clear that this bedroom area rug is purposefully designed for bedrooms as its 4cm high velvet pile gives a soft feeling, which is what your bare feet will want when you wake up in the morning.

It includes a sponge in the middle of the carpet, which soothes your feet and even has an anti-slip bottom.

One of the standout features is the anti-slip grip dots, which are included underneath the rug, preventing any accidents. This feature is worth shining a light on as there are many area rugs available without anti-slip functions.

It makes for an excellent choice for buyers with children or pets because of the comfortable fluffy material that is on the surface of the rug.

An easy clean is what you can expect from the Andecor Bedroom Area Rug, as all you need is a mild detergent and a pair of hands. Just like any standard area rug, it is advised to spot clean it for the best results.

It is worth highlighting that Andecor’s use of sponge and artificial velvet fabric uses environmentally-friendly dyes, which fastens the washing process and increases the overall washing lifespan.

Andecor recommends avoiding exposure to the sun, and when drying after washing, you are best putting it in the ventilation to drain effectively.

This bedroom area rug will bring a modern feel to any room, whether it is used in your newborn’s nursery or purchased for your teenager’s college dorm; it will do the trick and all at an affordable price.

With a weight of 3.4 pounds, you will gain a lightweight rug that won’t burden your room but instead bring comfort and style to your home. It is a suitable choice for parents with young children and would be an ideal addition to your toddler’s room.


Overall, if you wish to acquire a durable area rug and have a budget to work with, then the Andecor Bedroom Area Rug is worthy of your attention.

It is on the market at a budget-friendly price and has not only impressed us at Top Review Zone, but it is also a hit within the rug industry. Andecor does offer its consumers with a warranty that can be explored in the instructions.

This lightweight rug will complete a room and provide the utmost comfort for your family, and we think it would be an excellent investment without breaking the bank.

What do you think of the Andecor Bedroom Area Rug?

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