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Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2680-20 Angle Grinder

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • Four-pole motor
  • 3-position plastic side handle
  • Cordless
  • Paddle switch


If you are looking to improve your construction game, then you’re going to need the best angle grinder you can find.

However, this isn’t always an easy task, considering how many angle grinders are now available in the power tool market. They will range in power, size, and speed, so it is important to consider these, amongst other factors, before you make a purchase.

With that in mind, here at Top Review Zone, we’ll be taking a look at the Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2680-20 Angle Grinder, to assess how it fairs compared to other competitor angle grinders.

Let’s check it out, and see what this product has to offer!


  • Lightweight and portable, and can adapt to compact spaces
  • Side handle provides greater control
  • Easy to activate even whilst wearing gloves
  • High-powered and durable, able to handle tough materials with ease


  • Tool-only purchase, so no accessories or battery is included

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2680-20 Angle Grinder Product Review

If you’re looking for a sturdy, tough tool that you can trust, then the Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2680-20 Angle Grinder might just do the trick for you. Many professionals in the construction industry rely on this tool for their material grinding and removal, and it’s clear to see why once we delve into the specs.

But what makes this tool so powerful?

Well, it features a four-pole motor, which works to deliver maximum power when cutting or grinding. It comes with overload protection, which means it can handle the toughest of materials with minimal damage to the battery and body. In addition to this, the grinder runs at 9000 RPM of speed, meaning you’ll get high-quality, fast results.

One way Milwaukee have designed this grinder to keep it clean, is with the inclusion of an L-shaped molding vent. This feature works by collecting debris, and preventing it from entering the tool and causing damage to its inside structure. This adds to its overall durability, so you can be assured that this machine won’t fall apart at the sight of harsh conditions and tough materials. This makes it a durable, reliable grinder, that won’t crumble against harsh conditions.

A standout aspect of this grinder is that it is cordless, which makes it more portable and convenient for overhead usage. It also features a paddle switch, which makes it easy to activate the product even while wearing thick, protective gloves. It also ensures that the grinder will automatically shut off, should you accidentally drop the tool on a hard surface. In addition to these convenient features, this grinder includes a 3-position plastic side handle, which allows you to greater comfort and control over the tool, which is particularly beneficial while working in areas that demand precision.

Speaking of precision, the 2680-20 model is designed to work well in tight angles and compact spaces, despite it being a notably powerful tool. When it comes to precision, it is also designed to work well in compact spaces, despite its strong power. It weighs around 5.3 pounds, so it is relatively lightweight and comfortable to hold, even with extended use.

However, while is a powerful tool used by industry professionals, this particular product only includes the tool itself. Separate accessories or equipment, such as the battery and a case, must be purchased on their own.


Angle grinders are not a tool to be overlooked, especially if you work on heavy-duty construction tasks. Nowadays, it’ll be a lot more difficult to complete your tasks without one, so it’s important to choose your grinder wisely.

It’s clear to see that the Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2680-20 Angle Grinder has a lot to offer, and lives up to the hype. It is straightforward and comfortable to use, while its four-pole motor gets to work against tough materials with ease. You can’t go wrong with this tool, and we hope our review has done it justice.

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