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Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • Weighs 66lbs
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • 3-Point Deadlock System


The Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe is built to hold up to four rifles and is built with an ultra-dependable biometric fingerprint reader.

A gun safe is an investment, but it’s worthwhile knowing that you have peace of mind that your collection is protected against theft and fire and is safely concealed inside your home.

Additionally, a gun safe provides you with safer access to your firearm which is an important factor, especially if you have children.

Barska offers a range of large and small gun safes with different rifle capacities. The safes that are manufactured by Barska offer top-of-the-line protection and boast some of the latest in secure biometric technology.

According to Barska’s website, their Biometric rifle safes provide the best of both worlds by keeping guns and rifles properly secured while allowing quick access at any time.

The Barska manufacturers commit themselves to delivering superior quality products at an affordable price to their customers around the world!

Let’s jump into the review!


  • Firearms are easy to access in the dark without a key
  • Rifles and handguns are safely stored but are easy to access in an emergency
  • Includes 2 emergency back-up keys
  • Can be opened silently if required
  • Includes set of 4 AA batteries


  • This safe is not fireproof or waterproof

Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe Product Review

The Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe is constructed out of solid steel and provides enhanced security with its 5 point deadbolt locking system.

The advanced biometrics module accurately scans and stores up to 120 fingerprints in its central database. This provides foolproof high-level biometric security that easily surpasses the outdated keypad, keys, or combination safes.

The Biometric Rifle Safe offers one of the most reliable solutions for secure and fast firearm access in your home. Inside the safe is a four-position rest that keeps your rifles upright and stored neatly.  Near the top of the safe, there’s a small shelf fitted that’s perfect for storing ammo and spare magazines.

The safe body is finished off with a matte black color coating and is made out of 2mm steel and locks using a 3-point deadlocking system.

When the safe is being accessed, it lets off a notification beep. However, this feature can be turned off to operate in stealth mode and open silently. This mode allows the owner to quietly retrieve their firearm without notifying intruders.

This rifle safe is supplied with four pre-drilled mounting holes and comes with a set of mounting bolts for securely fixing the safe to prevent it from being stolen by a burglar.

It’s worth noting that 4 AA batteries are required to operate the biometric reader and are supplied at the time of purchase.

The battery life should last for around a year however if the batteries go flat, the safe can be accessed by using the external battery pack that comes with the safe.

The benefits of using the Barska Large Biometric Safe are;

  • Can be opened silently if required
  • Firearms can be accessed easily, even if it’s dark and you don’t have a key!
  • Rifles and handguns are stored safely away from intruders and children

The Barska Biometric Safe is an excellent option for anybody who needs to keep their firearms safely out of the reach of children and potential intruders. This safe is also great for making your guns accessible in case of emergency.

The fingerprint reader works excellently and at a high degree of accuracy. Here’s a tip, storing your prints from several angles is a method that’s been verified from lots of satisfied reviewers!

Overall, the safe is a reliable and sturdy option that’s perfect for preventing a thief from obtaining the contents.


The Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe is a reliable solution for keeping your rifles and related accessories safe in the home.

Included in your purchase are 4 AA batteries that are required to operate the top-of-the-line biometric reader. We loved the included external battery pack that’s included because it provides additional security in case your AA batteries unexpectedly run flat.

This brand is popular amongst the Top Review Zone team due to their commitment to creating reliable and high-quality products with some of the best warranties in the industry!

Overall, the Top Review Zone team thinks that the Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe is a great solution for those who have kids, and need to keep their firearms safely out-of-reach of their curious hands!

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