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Black & Decker 7750 Angle Grinder

Review Last Updated: 2nd April 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 5.5 amp motor
  • Includes a spanner and a metal grinding wheel
  • Contoured body grip
  • 5/8 to 11 inch spindle


Black & Decker are an established name in the power tool industry, and if you’re on the hunt for the best angle grinder, then this well-respected company are certainly worth looking into.

Angle grinders will greatly vary in size, power output, and size, which means that finding a suitable one for you can be quite a difficult task to approach. With an ever-increasing range of angle grinders appearing on the market, it can seem overwhelming to choose one, so opting for a renowned brand such as Black & Decker may be a good place to start.

Today at Top Review Zone, we’ll be taking a look at the Black & Decker 7750 Angle Grinder, to see whether it does its brand name justice.

Let’s take a look at this product in more detail!


  • Lightweight and compact, ideal for tight spaces
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable to hold and operate
  • Durable against overheating, even when working with tough materials


  • Not as powerful as competitor angle grinders, so would not be suitable for heavy-duty work

Black & Decker 7750 Angle Grinder Product Review

If you’re looking for an angle grinder that combines power with a compact size, then the Black and Decker 7750 Angle Grinder is one to look out for.

It is an ideal grinder for home improvement tasks. Weighing approximately 4.75 pounds, and with dimensions of 12.63 x 5.5 x 5 inches, it’s likely that you’ll easily be able to hold this tool for long periods, without suffering from strain or fatigue of your hand.  Its lightweight size means that it can work well in compact spaces, and with a spindle size of 5/8 to 11 inches, it can comfortably fit into tight angles to complete precision work.  This size makes it suitable for use with a wide array of tasks, such as grinding, cutting, and metal and paint removal.

Comfort is also a key feature of this angle grinder, which you may not find with other angle grinders on the market. Black & Decker have included a useful 2-position side handle, so you can comfortably hold the tool, while also having greater control over it, which is ideal for precision-focused tasks. In addition to this, the grinder has a contoured body grip, which creates a comfortable feel, while also reducing potential strain from your hand while holding the tool over long periods.

Despite being lightweight and comfortable to hold, this product does not skimp on power. It features a 5.5 amp motor, with a high speed of 10000 RPM.  These specifications mean that it is particularly an ideal tool for home improvement tasks, such as sanding, polishing, and grinding on a small-scale. Although it is not the most powerful angle grinder available, as it is a budget-friendly option, you can still expect high-quality results without the high price tag when compared to other angle grinders.

It is a 4 ½” grinder, allowing for a wide variety of wheels that are compatible with it. It features a spindle lock function to help you with switching the wheels easily, and to keep them in position. Included in the box with this product are a spanner and a metal grinding wheel, for your convenience. Another notable aspect of this tool is its durability, as it is able to withstand extended use against tough materials without getting overheated. Black & Decker have also included a handy metal gear case with this product, so you can store it away safely and keep it in good condition for longer.

While this product is an excellent choice for light-duty tasks and home improvement jobs, it may not be appropriate for large-scale construction work that will require a stronger tool. It is essential that you focus on the purpose of your angle grinder before you make a purchase.


If you’re looking to choose an angle grinder made by a reputable company that you can rely on, then the Black & Decker 7750 Angle Grinder should be on your list to consider.

This tool wonderfully combines power with a small size to offer high-quality results, and, as one of the most budget-friendly angle grinders we’ve encountered, you may find that this is more within your price range too.

Finding the best angle grinder can be confusing, but if you’re looking to upgrade your toolbox and take your grinding and sanding to the next level, then this tool from Black & Decker won’t let you down.

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