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Bostitch N80CB-1 Round Head inch Coil Framing Nailer

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • Aluminum Housing
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • 10.05lb Weight


The Bostitch N80CB-1 Round Head Coil Framing Nailer is a popular model among builders who work on high-repetition projects like trusses and prefabricated frames.

Roofer nails are important because they’re the best tool to drive nails to asphalt or fiberglass shingles. It can be difficult to choose which is the best roofing nailer for your job because there’s such a wide variety of amazing brands on the market.

Bostitch has been manufacturing a diverse range of applications for over 110 years. Founded in 1896 as the Boston Wire Stitch Company, they manufactured treadle operated wire stitching machines for fastening books, calendars and hat boxes.

Today, Bostitch provides a range of comprehensive high-quality tools across major industries such as Construction, Packing, Automotive, Pallet and Crate.

This review will focus on the impressive Bostitch N80CB-1 Round Head Coil Framing Nailer. Let’s jump into the review!


  • Large capacity magazine
  • Air-powered
  • Coil framing nailer
  • Contact trip trigger


  • Heavier unit

Bostitch N80CB-1 Round Head inch Coil Framing Nailer Product Review

The Bostitch N80CB-1 Round Head Coil Framing Nailer is a powerful power tool because of its large capacity magazine that allows you to load as many nails as you want.

This means professional users can work for long durations without the fear of experiencing any annoying jams.

The 300 round coil-shaped magazine makes the Bostitch N80CB-1 perfect for almost any kind of framing job. This nailer is perfect for projects like decking, subflooring, sheathing, and fencing.

The 1.5″ to 3.25″ nails are compatible with the Bostitch N80CB-1 and unlike similar models on the market, this nailer experiences no issues with toe nailing.

The tip can cover a wide range of different angles and for high production works, it can nail 300 nails at once at a high speed.

For large-scale projects, reloading your nailing gun can take up a lot of time, acting as a nuisance for workers. Purchasing the Bostitch N80CB-1 Round Head Coil Framing Nailer means that reloading is rarely necessary and shooting 300 nails at once is easy work!

Even after shooting 20000 nails, reviewers have said that they’ve experienced no misfiring or jamming complications.

Plus, the canister housing of the N80CB-1 is designed to make loading nails quickly while protecting them from damage.

Although a unit as low as a 5-gallon air compressor can power up the Bostitch N80CB-1, a higher capacity compressor is the best action for longer hours of shooting nails with little rests.

The Bostitch N80CB-1 was designed to be able to perform some of the toughest jobs in the industry. The comfortable, ergonomic handle minimizes the stress on your hand and wrist during long sessions using the nail gun.

Most nailers struggle with the tough and endless punishment that occurs on the construction site, however, the Bostitch N80CB-1 Round Head Coil Framing Nailer can hold up against even the toughest challenges.

The contact trip trigger will allow you to rapidly drive nails by holding the trigger when it’s pulled. This means that each time your nail gun bumps against the work surface, a nail will be driven inside.

This speeds up the nailing process for greater levels of efficiency without quality being compromised.

Included with your purchase is a metal joist hook to hang the gun almost anywhere when you’re not using it.

Overall, the Bostitch N80CB-1 has a strong construction with an aluminum body that’s sure to keep the dust from getting inside! Even working outside in the rain doesn’t affect its overall performance.


The Bostitch N80CB-1 Round Head Coil Framing Nailer is perfect for long periods of use by professionals!

Bostitch manufactures top-quality and innovative tools, with this nailer being no exception!

If you’re working on a large-scale project, you won’t need to worry about constantly reloading the Bostitch N80CB-1 because of the extra-large canister and coil-shaped magazine is perfect for big projects!

The N80CB-1 was designed with an ergonomic handle to assist users while they perform some of the toughest jobs in the industry.

If you work on a building site, you will love this nailer! If in the unlikely event that the nailer isn’t up to scratch within seven years of purchase, the excellent warranty offer means that you may be eligible for a free replacement!

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