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Camp Seven Drifter Snowboard Package

Review Last Updated: 16th March 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • Directional Twin
  • Camber-Rocker-Camber Profile
  • DD2 with Bash X Construction
  • Biax and Triax Laminates
  • 3-Year warranty


Today we will be exploring the Camp Seven Drifter Snowboard Package.

Searching for winter sports products can be a challenge because of the overcrowded market, and you can feel overwhelmed by exploring the best snowboards.

There is an array of brands and products to choose from, and it can be challenging to separate the genuine products from the style-over-substance offerings.

Lucky for you here at Top Review Zone, we review some of the best products available in today’s market.

While we can’t guarantee you will find your match with the Drifter package, we think after checking out all the snowboards featured on our website, you will find your match.

Please stay tuned for our take on the Camp Seven Drifter Snowboard Package.

Let’s get stuck in!


  • Highly durable all-mountain board
  • Twin design is excellent for regular or switch riding
  • APX Bindings are light and durable
  • Package comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Boots could be more durable
  • Not the best choice for advanced riders

Camp Seven Drifter Snowboard Package Product Review

The Drifter package comes with an all-mountain snowboard, system APX bindings, and APX boots, which are the essentials for any snowboarding experience.

The snowboard possesses a hybrid design and features the newest Camp Seven CRCX camber profile, which increases float in powder and improves your contact points to prevent catching an edge.

You can acquire this snowboard at different sizes and shapes, including:

    • 153 cm
    • 156 cm
    • 158 cm Wide
    • 159 cm
    • 163 cm Wide

The excellent edge hold is as a result of the Drifter being engineered with an extremely lightweight dual-density DD2 Core with Bash X technology, which improves the snowboard’s overall durability.

You can enjoy stable rides with the Drifter because of its combination of triaxial and biax fiberglass laminates that ensure the board has the flex needed to be playful and enjoyable on all terrain.

The system APX bindings are the lightest in the Camp Seven range; they are stylish and durable. Included in the system is a full-length EVA base pad that has an either-or toe strap that can be ridden in various styles.

You will gain a pair of snow boots with your package that is simple and classic in design. The shoes feature like-metal hooks that will tightly hold your laces and provide lasting power.

They are combined with the newest Camp Seven tech that includes Thermofit heat moldable liners for a customizable fit, and the articulating cuff makes for a smooth flex.

There are six boot sizes to choose from, ranging from size 8 to size 13 U.S. men’s sizes, which is an excellent range to ensure you find the best fit possible

Other worthy mentions are the Rockwell 48 steel edges that increase the board’s strength, the UV protected gloss that keeps the board looking brand-new even after continuous ridings, and the extruded base that provides faster rides.

The package is on the market at a reasonable price compared to some of its competitors and will entertain a wide range of budgets.

Investing in a snowboard package is cost-effective and usually means saving money instead of purchasing the snowboard, bindings, and snow boots separately, which is something to bear in mind during your search.

Included with your purchase is a three-year limited warranty that will cover you for manufacturer defects. Still, as always, it is wise to revise the terms and conditions before finalizing any purchases.


Overall, if you are a man looking for an impressive package that will deliver exceptional performance over the entire mountain, then the Camp Seven Drifter Snowboard Package is an excellent choice.

If you decide to invest in this package, you will gain a cost-effective snowboard package, all while receiving the peace of mind 3-year warranty.

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