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Chauvet Hurricane H1301

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 0.9 Gallon Tank Capacity
  • 13.8lb Weight
  • 5.5 Minute Heat-Up Time


There is a wide variety of top-quality fog machines on the market which can make it difficult to make a final decision!

The Top Review Zone team have conducted thorough research and tested the best fog machines on the market to help you make your important new purchase.

The Chauvet DJ Hurricane H1303 is a water-based fog machine that offers performance and innovation at an exceptional value.

Founded in 1990, Chauvet DJ is a premier line of controllers and accessories for mobile performers, offering excellent value in the industry! The company is globally recognized for its ability to serve customer needs and focus on having a competitive advantage in terms of innovation, performance and value.

Before you make your choice, it’s important to consider you’re budget and specific requirements.

Here’s what we liked about the Chauvet Hurricane H1303;


  • Advanced fluid sensor with automatic shut-off which protects your pump from overheating
  • Enhanced operation and safety with the LED-illuminated tank
  • Quick 5-minute heat-up with an output of 20,000 cfm
  • Easy control with using the manual fog button or included timer remote


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Chauvet Hurricane H1301 Product Review

The Chauvet Hurricane H1301 undoubtedly provides the quality, performance and innovation that Chauvet is known for!

Once warmed up, this excellent fogger produces a huge amount of lingering fog that can fill up an entire room for a whole night with very little fog juice!

Here’s a pro tip – try adding about 1/3 cup of distilled water to the fogger tank, and then fill with fog juice. This thins the juice and makes it less likely clog, however, we highly doubt you’ll have that problem! Also, the wireless remote works great!

This fog machine comes with a generous 3.3L tank capacity and quick heat-up of water-based fog to fill a venue within minutes. The Hurricane H1303 also features a manual fog button, a wired remote and two LED indicators that display whether the machine is ready or heating.

The FC-T wired timer controller allows you to automatically trigger fog output by setting interval and duration times while the LED indicator lights display the machine and controller’s current state.

The rotary knobs that are located on the timer remote controller set the aforementioned interval and duration times while manual and continuous buttons allow overriding control.

Also included in your package is the Chauvet FC-W wireless remote control that’s designed to activate up to FOUR Chauvet machines independently.

The magnetized plate on the back of the receiver will securely hold onto your fog machine. At .2lbs, the remote is easy to carry and it works from an unobstructed distance of 100 feet!

It’s important to note that The Chauvet DJ Hurricane H1303 must only be mounted or used on a level surface. Before deciding on a location, always check that there’s easy access to the H1303 for maintenance and fog fluid replenishment.

If you decided to mount the H1303 overhead, always use a safety cable! Mount the product securely to a rigging point, such as an elevated platform or truss.

The rubber feet work perfectly as floor supports for surface mounting. When you’re mounting the H1303 on the floor, always make sure that cables are out of the way of people and vehicles!

Power and Current: 1,202 W, 10 A @ 120 V, 50 Hz
Input Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Weight: 13.8lbs
Size: 16.5 x 12.4 x 12in
Tank Capacity: 3.3 L
Output 20,000 cfm
Controller Length: 15ft
Fluid Consomption: 125ml
Heat-Up Time: 5.5min


The Chauvet Hurricane H1303 is a fantastic water-based fogger that’s capable of an impressive output 20,000 cfm.

The Hurricane 1301 takes only five minutes to heat up, features a low-fluid indicator and an automatic shutdown!

We loved the advanced fluid sensor and automatic shut down features because they work together to illuminate the LED tank when there’s a risk of the H1303’s pump overheating.

The Chauvet branded fog juice is affordable and never fails to fill up a venue within minutes!

We also liked using the wireless remote that has an impressive range of up to 100 feet away from the machine and the remote can activate up to four Chauvet machines at one time!

What do you think about the Chauvet Hurricane H1301?

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