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Danby DAR026A1BDD-3 Compact Refrigerator

Review Last Updated: 2nd April 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 46.3lb Item Weight
  • 2.6 Cubic Feet Cooling Capacity
  • Energy-Star Rated


The Danby DAR026A1BDD-3 Compact Refrigerator is the perfect size for placing on the floor or countertop of your small office or dorm room.

This refrigerator is energy efficient and the temperature can be adjusted by rotating the thermostat knob.

There’s some thought that’s required before you make your purchase, like how much food you need to stock and whether you’re prioritizing bottles over cans.

Mini fridges are useful because they offer several advantages that can’t be matched by normal-sized fridges.

Due to its compact size, a mini refrigerator is lightweight and easy to move by one person.

According to its website, Danby has a simple vision to create appliances that fit your space and keep your life organized and easy.

Danby is a family-run American manufacturer that is proud to be the leading refrigeration and specialty appliance company in North America.

Let’s jump into the review!


  • Eco friendly
  • Reversible door hinge
  • Includes a beverage dispensor
  • Scratch resistant worktop
  • Tall bottle storage
  • Quiet engine


  • May require monthly defrosting

Danby DAR026A1BDD-3 Compact Refrigerator Product Review

Add a touch of class to your room or office with the sleek compact mini fridge by Danby.

This mini-fridge comes in at just over two feet and features 2.6 cubic feet of cooling capacity, making it the perfect unit for spaces like dormitory rooms and wet bars.

Therefore, finding storage room for tall bottles is no problem at all and the third-generation CanStor beverage dispenser is second to none!

Food and drink can easily be stored on the scratch-resistant worktop and there’s no need to defrost the unit as it does so automatically.

The Danby DAR026A1BDD-3 Compact Refrigerator comes with a mechanical thermostat and it also offers 2.5 strong wire shelves for maximum storage versatility.

Both right and left-handed users will love the convenient reversible door swing and integrated door handle, and this unit comes with parts and labor warranty of 18 months.

The smaller spaces in the Danby DAR026A1BDD-3 Compact Refrigerator are perfect because it means that vegetables don’t get lost in the bottom of the fridge, which makes it much easier to remember that they need to be used.

The freezer is big enough to hold maybe three ice trays or two frozen pizzas.

However, it can frost up rather quickly and therefore, should be defrosted once a month!

Overall, the Danby DAR026A1BDD-3 is well packaged with a lot of care and attention to detail. Plus, the included directions are clear and the inside is very clean!

The adjustable shelving is great for storage and the unit cools very quickly and keeps food at a great temperature.

If you’re looking for a quiet and effective mini-fridge, this is the right choice for you!


The Danby DAR026A1BDD-3 Compact Refrigerator is an energy-efficient compact all-fridge that has a capacity of 2.6 Cubic Feet.

This mini fridge certainly makes the most of its interior space, featuring a unique soda can holder and multiple shelves that are adjustable to fit larger items.

The door’s storage is useful, with a standard 2-liter bottle holder on the bottom and a small bottle holder on the top.

There’s also four can cradles stacked in four rows, which acts as the beverage dispenser.

Plus, Danby proudly offers the industry’s longest warranty and extended warranty options!

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