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DEWALT D28115 Angle Grinder

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 13 amp motor with 9000 RPM
  • Dust ejection feature
  • Grip barrel
  • Automatic on/off feature


If you’re familiar with power and construction tools, it’s likely that you will have heard of DEWALT, or even used some of their products already.

They are one of the most established names in the power tool industry, with over 90 years of manufacturing behind them. With this in mind, you can trust DEWALT to make a high-quality angle grinder that you can add to your toolkit.

However, there is a wide range of choices when it comes to angle grinders, so you will need to weigh up several aspects before making a decision.

That’s why, here at Top Review Zone, we want to make narrowing down that decision easier for you.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the DEWALT D28115 Angle Grinder, to see if it does the DEWALT name proud.

Let’s check it out in more detail!


  • Ideal for both medium and heavy-duty tasks
  • Lightweight and compact, and will work well in tight spaces
  • Comfortable to hold, with the use of the side handle grip
  • Quick-change wheel replacement option will increase efficiency


  • Some customers have found issues with the brush durability

DEWALT D28115 Angle Grinder Product Review

There are many great brands that provide excellent quality power tools, but DEWALT is consistently a market leader, and there’s a reason why.

Their D28115 Angle Grinder is one of the most powerful angle grinders we’ve encountered, and the quality of its results is next level.

This 4 1/2″ grinder has a motor that is hard to beat, at 13 amp with 2.3 horsepower. It offers a speed of 9000 RPM, and with this level of power, it can work wonders for both household and professional construction jobs. This product is designed for fast material removal, and it offers a higher overload protection feature, to help you feel safe even though you’ll be working with an extremely high-powered tool. Such power means that this is a versatile, multi-functional tool, so you’ll be getting more for your money if you choose this grinder.

Whilst using power tools, you can’t ignore the importance of safety. DEWALT haven’t ignored it either, which is clear from the features included with this grinder. It comes with a dust ejection system, which prevents debris and dust particles from entering the tool through the air intake vents. This prevents the motor from getting contaminated, so it will work more smoothly and also last for longer. It also comes with an automatic on/off system, which makes the grinder to shut off automatically in case of accidentally overheating, or if the brush begins to wear. This helps you to feel safe while operating the tool, while also keeping the product in top condition.

Not only does the product have great safety measures in place, but it is also ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort and control. The grinder includes a grip barrel, which makes it comfortable to use even with extended use, as it prevents hand fatigue, and works to prevent vibration from the tool traveling back to your hands. The metallic body and side handle grip create a sturdy and comfortable structure, while also allowing you to have greater control if the space you’re working in demands precision. In addition to this, the grinder also comes with a quick-change wheel replacement option, so you don’t have to use any additional tools to do this, which is ideal if you are on a busy job site and makes it more convenient to use.

Despite its strong, high-powered motor, the DEWALT D28115 Angle Grinder won’t weigh you down. It measures at 18 x 6 x 5 inches, and weighs only 4.2 pounds, giving you the perfect combination of power and a compact size. It is a lightweight tool, designed to not cause you any strain when being held over long periods. This size and weight also makes it ideal for use in tight angles and small spaces, and it can even be used overhead without any problems. This model also comes with a tool-free guard adjustment, which increases the overall portability of the tool, and enables you to feel more secure whilst it’s in operation.

There aren’t many issues that we’ve encountered whilst reviewing this product. However, some customers have found that the brushes may not be the most durable, and it is worth noting that they be more suited to hard material cutting, as opposed to de-rusting and smoothing tasks.


DEWALT are clearly a brand that stands out from the rest, with their wide range of power tools that have consistently offered great results over the years.

The DEWALT D28115 Angle Grinder is no different, and it is an all-around excellent tool that would make a great addition to your toolbox. Its combination of high-power with a lightweight, sleek design makes it unusual compared to other heavy-duty grinders, and we think this is definitely one to look out for if you work on both household and construction jobs.

Have you tried the DEWALT D28115 Angle Grinder? What did you think of our review?

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