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DeWalt DWD115K 8-amp 3/8″ Corded Drill

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • Reliable 8-amp motor
  • Variable-speed control from 0-2,500 RPM
  • Soft, non-slip rubber grip
  • Lightweight design
  • Three-year limited warranty


Today we will be reviewing the DeWalt DWD115K Corded Drill.

It can be quite a challenge choosing the best corded drill in today’s crowded market, that’s why here at Top Review Zone, we’ve conducted thorough research into eight of the best.

The DWD115K corded drill brought to us by DeWalt is an excellent choice for drill users at a professional level or to fulfil casual tasks around the house.

Since Raymond DeWalt perfected the first woodworking machine to increase productivity in 1922, DeWalt has garnered universal acclaim for the quality tools, accessories, and services they offer to professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

That said, a product can’t just be right because of its brand; it needs to bring something new to the table and be of high-quality to be worthy of your attention.

Please continue reading to read through our product review of the DeWalt DWD115K 8-amp 3/8″ corded drill to see if it has what it takes to be added to your cart.


  • Trusted company
  • Excellent handle grip
  • Lightweight - easy to carry to one job to the next
  • Fast and powerful


  • The price might not be compatible to some customer budgets
  • Some reports of a sensitive speed trigger

DeWalt DWD115K 8-amp 3/8″ Corded Drill Product Review

The DWD115K corded drill is one of the most popular drills in the country, and its versatility and its ease in handling make it accessible for people of all levels of expertise.

Out of all that the DWD115K offers, its standout features have to be the adjustable speed trigger, its reversing switch, and a comfortable grip. These three combined make for an efficient and enjoyable experience when tacking like the more arduous tasks expected in drilling work.

This corded drill has a weight of 4.1 lbs, making it one of the most lightweight drills available in today’s market. The lightweight makes it easy to carry around in your toolbox from one job to the next. Its weight is complemented further by its comfortable grip.

Drilling tasks don’t have to be demanding with this corded drill, and its mid-handle grip design with a soft grip provides increased balance and comfort, all while preventing users from enduring fatigue after extended usage.

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, you want a drill that is suited for almost every drilling task. That’s why with the DWD115K’s powerful motor of 8-amp, it entertains the smallest and most demanding tasks.

The included widely used 3/8″ chuck brings ease for its users performing long-range drills; this keyless chuck will help the person to replace the used drill bit quickly and without any struggle.

Speed is an essential element to any drill for its increase in productivity. They improve the overall experience with drilling jobs on worksites and in the comfort of our own home.

If a corded drill includes a speed trigger then you’re onto a winner and will fasten applications.

To exceed expectations, the DWD115K has speed that ranges from 0 to 2500PM, which comes with an adjustable VSR trigger to quicken the process. This feature increases versatility and caters to beginners and veteran drill-users.

Its ball-bearing construction provides greater durability and an overall longer tool life, which is to be expected from DeWalt.

DeWalt has provided professionals and DIY enthusiasts with tools, accessories, and services for decades with designs that optimize workhorse solutions. Their goal is to ensure confidence for the harshest job site conditions, and we believe they have provided that with this drill.

The DeWalt DWD115K corded drill is available on the market with a slightly overpriced price tag which mightn’t be compatible with budgets. That said, if you invest in this DeWalt favorite, we have no doubt the success from your performance will outshine the price you spent.


Overall, after exploring this DeWalt wonder, we didn’t have any issues using the drill and believe it will bring nothing but success to any future jobs.

Its patented DwWalt-built motor with overload protection, versatile, and durable design, and built with comfort and accurate handling in mind make it worthy of your attention.

In the box, you will find one Dewalt DWD115K 3/8″ VSR mid-handle drill and a kit box, which is the standard containments in a modern-day corded drill purchase.

Although for its lightweight, it has a more substantial price compared to others on the market. However, you will receive a premium product from a premium company that offers a three-year limited warranty.

We believe DeWalt’s reputation should make for a comfortable investment. What are your thoughts on the DeWalt DWD115K corded drill? Does it have what it takes to drill through your jobs?

Let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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