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DPAccessories Wheel Locks

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • Unique key-to-lock combinations
  • Made from cold-forged and heat-treated steel
  • Come with closed-end bulge
  • DPAccessories will replace damaged or lost keys


Today we will be reviewing the DPAccessories Wheel Locks.

Wheel locks should first and foremost protect the wheel of your vehicle from being stolen.

However, with a crowded wheel locks market, it can be overwhelming finding the best wheel lock for you and your vehicle. It can be hard to tell the best from the worst.

That’s why, here at Top Review Zone, we’ve tested some of the market’s best contenders to help bring confidence to your final decision.

DPAccessories are best known for manufacturing durable and reliable wheels accessories, including their popular wheel locks. Their wheel accessories have been dominating the industry since 2008, with various models available.
Will the DPAccessories Wheel Locks be dominating your attention?

Please continue reading to find out!


  • Excellent fit
  • Key replacement
  • Can purchase kit with either 4 locks or 5 locks


  • May not be suitable for larger SUVs

DPAccessories Wheel Locks Product Review

The DPAccessories Wheel Locks come in a package of four locks and a key, which is standard for most wheel locks on the market.

Each package has a different key-to-lock combination so you can attach these to your wheels without worrying about any duplicates.

Most wheel lock products on the market come as shiny, chrome-coated locks.

The DPAccessories wheel locks, instead, are black. The color black makes them stand out from the rest. The black exterior makes them stand out against light alloys, which should repel potential thieves away because of the noticeable security your wheels have.

The color isn’t the only feature that makes these locks unique.

The locks are made from cold-forged and heat-treated steel, so you can relax knowing it is extra tough. This process is called tempering, and when aluminum is cold-forged into the desired shape, the heat treatment strengthens the piece and the overall security of your wheels.

They also have chrome coating applied to them, which prevents rust and corrosion.

Also, in climatic changes, the locks are well built and don’t get corrode easily. The primary material used in DPAccessories is steel, which is an exhaustive hardening procedure to increase resistance, resilience as well as durability.

Further, it contains other layers like copper, which help to prevent rusting, nickel to resist corrosion, as well as chromium compound for a lustrous finish.

Another useful element to the DPAccessories locks is they are cleverly designed for pressure-resistance. So if you’re looking for a wheel lock that is hard enough to break and comes with a special card for your key, then this one is worth the investment.

DPAccessories will also replace any damaged or even lost keys.

To get this sorted, you can contact DPAccessories directly and share the previous important number to which they will replace. This is a generous offer, especially as they only offer one key with your purchase.

For those of you who want to keep expenses low, the DPAccessoriees wheel locks are on the market with a reasonable price tag attached to them. If these wheel locks are for you, then you’ll also be investing in the quality DPAccessories have provided wheels for over ten years.


When it comes to wheel locks, DPAccessories aim to create secure, safe, durable, and attractive locks that protect your wheels from being stolen by thieves.

And they have indeed continued that with the DPAccessories Wheel Locks.

The steel quality is arguably an essential factor in the security of a wheel lock, and therefore needs to be of high-quality to outperform the rest.

That’s why tempering the steel used to craft the locks is an excellent process to make for a sturdy exterior and to prevent breakage. The black color makes the locks noticeable on your wheels, which should intimidate any thieves, and avoid any stolen wheels.

If you opt for these locks, you won’t have to purchase an extra key as DPAccessories have you covered by replacing it for you should your key be damaged or lost.

Have you used the DPAccessories Wheel Locks? What did you think of them?

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