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Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • Covers 4500 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Powerful 1000 Watt Heater
  • 6lb Weight


Choosing the best fog machine for you can be difficult with so many great options on the market.

The Top Review Zone team have conducted thorough research and tested the best products on the market to help you make your important new purchase.

The Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine is a great budget-friendly fog machine that only weighs 6lbs!

Eliminator Lighting claims to have perfected the manufacturing process to deliver affordable DJ effects that are popular throughout the US. They pride themselves on their commitment, experience and expertise!

Before you make your choice, it’s important to consider you’re budget and specific requirements.

Here’s what we liked about the Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine;


  • Adjustable mounting bracket for stand, wall or truss
  • Only 2-3 minute warm up time right out of the box
  • Continuous and uninterrupted output to produce nonstop fog
  • Budget friendly


  • Limited frequency

Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine Product Review

The Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine emits a ton of fog when used with a high-quality fog juice. This 1,000-watt fogger produces lots of fog, longer hang time and shorter heat-up periods.

This fog machine will make all of your dance floor lights provide a second layer of a light show as the beams of light are exposed to the fog. You can keep the fog low or fill the room, depending on how you aim the machine.

This machine hardly uses any fog juice and took us forever to use one tank full, which is 1/8th of a gallon. This machine really is a must-have for any dance floor!

The powerful 1000 watt heater has a wired remote with a power indicator and the fog covers 4500 cubic feet per minute.

The Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine is portable, therefore it’s important to make sure that the local power outlet matches the required voltage for your fog machine. Plus, you must run any lighting on a separate circuit from your fog machine.

The most innovative feature of this fog machine is the uninterrupted and continuous output. If you’re a frequent user of fog machines, then you’ll know that many of them automatically shut off when the heating elements kit in.

However, that’s not the case with the Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine, as the heating elements continuously work even when the fog is produced.

A common weakness amongst budget fog machines is that they tend to shut off while reheating. The Eliminator fog machine’s ability to produce fog sets it a cut above the rest!

Another attractive feature is the three modes of control which are manual, wired remote and wireless remote. While some budget companies offer these options separately, Eliminator has included them all in one affordable price.

Although there are some foggers with a larger volume on the market, the Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine’s continuous output gives it an edge on other budget-friendly fog machines!


The Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine is a reliable, budget-friendly fog machine that provides continuous output.

The quick warm-up time combined with the fog that covers 4500 cubic feet per minute makes this a great choice for travelling performers.

The Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine is tough and durable whilst being easy to transport and store thanks to its built-in carry handle and robust metal construction.

The EF-1000 holds fog for about 15 to 30 seconds before it puts out fog much quicker than the EF-700.

We were impressed with the longevity of the fluid juice and the size of the fluid tank which holds an 1/8th of a gallon

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