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FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench

Review Last Updated: 21st March 2020
Product Review by Jack
Product Features
  • 620lb Weight Capacity
  • Enables Users to Perform a Full Body Workout
  • 10.6" Upgraded Backrest
  • Foldable for Storage


Today we’re going to be reviewing the FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench. Highly rated by customers who have used it, the FLYBIRD adjustable workout bench is another masterfully crafted weight bench from the folks at FLYBIRD.

Designed so it can be easily folded and stored away, the FLYBIRD workout bench is the perfect solution for those with limited space that requires a weight bench to pack on the pounds.

Keep on reading to find out if this bench, is the bench for you!



  • Fast adjustment with automatic lock
  • 2" soft foam padding for comfort and protection
  • Foldable, for easy storage
  • No set up, can be used straight out of the box


  • Not designed for people 6ft 1 and over

FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench Product Review

The FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench is made from heavy-duty commercial quality steel and can take loads of up to a whopping 620 pounds!! A serious workout bench for those serious about working out. but before we delve into the nitty-gritty lets take a look at the FLYBBIRDS specifications:

  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 620lbs (includes user)
  • Product Dimensions: 49.2 inch L x 15.7 inch W x 44.5 inch H
  • Folded Size: 30.3 inch L x 16 inch W x 9 inch H
  • Product Weight: 12KG (26.4lbs)


The FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench’s design enables its user to perform a wide range of exercises.

With the adjustable back pad, you can maximize a full-body workout and angle the bench in 7 different positions enabling you to pin-point target your muscles for an effective workout.

The wide design of the bench means it enhances the user’s stability during a workout which enables you to concentrate more closely on perfecting the correct form, this also has the added benefit of increasing safety.

Due to the light-weight of the FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench, it can move around to provide more space and adaptability for a variety of exercises, and can also be used in conjunction with other strength training equipment such as squat racks, dumbells, and barbells, etc.

Design of The FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench 

The FLYBIRD Utility Bench has a 2-inch thick layer of foam to provide comfort during strenuous, heavy weight-lifting sessions.

The foam pads are covered with genuine leather to prevent cracking even with heavy and continuous use, this bench is extremely durable.

This bench is also designed to maximize workout space, it has the ability to fold up and be stored away so you can utilize workout space when the bench is not being used, this is a tremendous pro for those with limited space.

One of this bench’s best features is that it requires no setup and can be used straight out of the box, this is perfect for those who dread the thought of DYI and following complicated instructions.

Check out this video below to see the FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench in action.


If you’re looking for a strong, well-designed and sturdy weight bench to get into shape then the FLY BIRD Adjustable Bench just be the perfect weight bench for you, especially if you’re seriously lacking floor space.

Its ability to fold up quickly, for storage will be a massive pro to those looking at building a home gym.

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Have a great workout!

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