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Infiniti Pro By Conair

Review Last Updated: 7th April 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • Ionic Technology
  • AC Motor
  • Concentrator for styling
  • Cold-shot button


Most of us live fast past lifestyles in 2020, so waiting around for our hair to dry is a no-go. If you shower in the morning and don’t own a hair dryer, you’re left with two options – wait for your hair to dry, or brave the day with wet hair.

If you’re looking for a high-power dryer that can also do a great job of styling your hair, then you’re in luck – there are many high performance hair dryers on the market that are budget-friendly, and do a great job of styling your hair.

Keep reading for our review of the INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool/Hair Dryer, including a list of the product features, and the pros and cons.


  • 3x heat and 2x speed settings
  • Budget friendly
  • Ceramic technology to promote healthy hair and safe drying


  • Doesn't come with a diffuser

Infiniti Pro By Conair Product Review

Before we get stuck in the review, let’s talk a little bit about the company behind the INFINITIPRO – Conair.

Conair has been around since the late 50’s, and like most successful companies, started out small.

Thanks to the high quality products that Conair sell, it’s now one of the leading hair care brands on the market in 2020.

People love Conair’s hair products, and the INFINITIPRO Salon Performance Hair Dryer is certainly no exception.

It’s not too often that you find a high-quality hair dryer that’s also budget-friendly, but this hair dryer is exactly that – affordable, and effective.

You certainly get your money’s worth when purchasing this – not only because of the high quality hair dryer, but what you get with it.

There’s a concentrator attachment included, which will help you achieve various styles. Position the concentrator upwards for ultra-volume, or downwards for a sleek and frizz free look.

We love the fact that you get 0.10fl oz of Argon Oil Treatment with your purchase – which is sure to leave your locks smoother, softer, and healthier than ever.

Heat Protection

The ceramic technology that is used in this hair dryer dries your hair in a safe way, which is sure to prevent split ends.

There’s nothing better than a bouncy, healthy-looking head of hair – and you can achieve that with this dryer. The various technologies do wonders in promoting healthy-looking hair, and the use of ionic technology is sure to leave your hair looking and feeling flawless – with up to 75% less frizz.

Speed, Heat, and Power

With a professional AC motor, you can dry your hair up to 50% faster. This is perfect if you’re looking to get the job done in a hurry – whether you’re running late for work, or want a bit of extra time to focus on your eye makeup, you’re certain to save time with the INFINITIPRO.

It’s the worst when you’re almost dressed and ready to leave, and your hair dryer breaks. Luckily, this shouldn’t be an issue with this quality-designed dryer, as it’s designed to last 3x longer than the standard hair dryer.

It’s sure to last even longer, as the air-filter is completely removable. This means you can easily remove lint and other bits that may get stuck there, increasing the lifespan of this dryer.

Usually, the more affordable hair dryers don’t come with speed and heat settings, but this quality hair dryer is equipped with three heat and two speed settings, which is perfect for giving your hair the custom dry and style it deserves.

Once your hair is dry and styled, you can lock in your hairdo with the convenient cool shot button.


The function of a hair dryer is to get your hair dry, but the INFINITIPRO by Conair has more to offer than just drying your hair.

With this hair dryer, you can easily achieve the hair-do you want, and by using the concentrator nozzle, you can add volume and remove frizz quickly and effortlessly.

So, what are your thoughts on the INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool/Hair Dryer? Do you agree with everything we’ve said in our review?

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