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Jeep Destination Ultralight Double Stroller

Review Last Updated: 8th April 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • Max user weight of 80lbs
  • Lightweight 29lbs frame
  • Large canopy for protection
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Five point harness for safety


Looking for a stroller can be a daunting task; finding the right combination of features and excellent maneuverability can be a challenge.

Here at Top Review Zone, we’re here to help you select the right stroller for you; today, we will be reviewing the Jeep Destination Ultralight Double Stroller.

This stroller is an excellent option if you require a stroller for two children with exceptional maneuverability.

Let’s waste no more time and stroll straight in our review of the Jeep Destination Ultralight Double Stroller!

On behalf of the Top Review Zone team, we hope you enjoy this review!


  • Practical fold-up design
  • Lightweight design for greater handling
  • Independently reclining seats
  • Smooth ride


  • Reports of the stroller folding up too abruptly

Jeep Destination Ultralight Double Stroller Product Review

The first feature we will look at on the Jeep Destination Ultralight Double Stroller is the max weight restrictions. This double stroller is suitable for children with a max weight of 40lbs, and each seat can hold 40lbs, which gives it a total weight capacity of 80lbs.

Covering the stroller is a large canopy that covers the entirety of the seats, ensuring your little ones are protected from not just rain but also the sun. An extendable sun visor is fixed to the canopy allowing for sun protection up to SPF 50.

The rear of the canopy features ‘peek-a-boo’ windows, which will help you keep an eye on your young ones while you push them around. The canopy itself is 1680D fabric that is durable and water-resistant to keep your children comfortable.

When you aren’t using the Jeep Destination Ultralight Double Stroller, its compact design allows you to easily fold the stroller’s lightweight frame to help you carry it around. A carry strap can be attached to the product’s handles to allow for easy carrying.

However, some users have reported that the stroller folds down too quickly, leading it to potentially becoming dangerous. Despite this, the stroller itself weighs a relatively light 29lbs, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for most users to carry around with them.

For your little one’s own personal comfort, both seats come equipped with separate reclining options; this is a great feature as it allows both of the occupants to have different recline settings to suit their personal preferences.

The Jeep Destination Ultralight Double Stroller features swivel bars, which not only allow you to get your children out of the stroller quickly, but also provide a great deal of security to keep them securely in the stroller.

Below the seats is a generously sized storage area, leaving plenty of room for all the toys, snacks and other essentials to keep your little ones entertained while on the move.

At the front of this stroller are 7-inch swivel lock wheels which unlock easily for greater maneuverability. At the rear are 10-inch wheels that feature suspension for a smoother riding experience. The width of this model is 30-inches, which makes it suitable for squeezing through standard doorways with ease.


Overall the Jeep Destination Ultralight Double Stroller is an excellent stroller, which would be an ideal purchase if you have two children, both weighing under 40lbs.

Some consumers have raised issues with the safety of this stroller when folding up the product, but the vast majority of users have reported great things about this double stroller.

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