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Jeep Scout Double Stroller

Review Last Updated: 7th May 2020
Product Review by Emily
Product Features
  • Cup holders
  • Sun visor/ canopy
  • 5.5 Inch wheels with front swivel and suspension system
  • Double rear canopy bags


Today, we here at Top Review Zone, have the very great pleasure of reviewing the Jeep Scout Double Stroller.

Made by Jeep Scout, an experienced manufacturer, and purveyor of outdoor goods, who have recently branched out into the stroller market and excelled with their usual aplomb.

The Jeep Scout Double Stroller is certainly garnering exceptional customer reviews and critical acclaim from the industry itself.

As part of this review, Top Review Zone will cover all of the Double Stroller’s features, its design, its pros, and its cons.

Most importantly of all though we will decide whether the purchase of the Double Stroller equates to good value for money and marks a good return on your investment.

It is always important for Top Review Zone to remind our readers that they need to keep their own budgetary restrictions at the forefront of their minds.

We can say whether the price is competitive given the Double Stroller’s features and those of its rivals. What we cannot know though are your personal budget requirements.

That being said let’s jump straight into reviewing the product and see if the Jeep Scouts critical acclaim is valid.


  • Lots of storage space
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Budget-friendly


  • Some users complain that the breaks are weak

Jeep Scout Double Stroller Product Review

Made by Jeep Scouts who have been manufacturing products for almost 80 years, the Jeep Scout Double Stroller has clearly benefited from that extensive experience.

Jeep Scouts have long prided themselves on being seen as a symbol of freedom and expression.

Influenced by a love of the great outdoors, Jeep Scouts want to add a touch of the wild to every one of their products.

In keeping with this, Jeep’s kids’ products are created with life’s little adventurers firmly in mind.

The Jeep Scout Double Stroller has been designed with function in mind and whilst not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing stroller on the market, its unique, sensible, straight lines and minimalistic style do give the Double Stroller its own personal sense of character.

Boasting an extendable European-style canopy with sun visors and including a fully adaptable multi-position reclining seat, that caters for all your child’s comfort needs and means they can sit, lounge or sleep as they want and with a minimum of fuss.

Safety need not be a concern for parents, as the Double Stroller has been equipped with its specially designed five-point safety harness with soft shoulder pads and reflective material that ensures you and your children can be seen at night.

JPMA certified and meeting or even exceeding both the ASTM and CPSC standards for safety the Double Stroller is a unisex stroller suitable and more importantly safe for all children.

Exceptional convenient and including abundant storage the Double Stroller comes fully equipped with a large, double rear canopy bag so that you can carry all of your child’s various must-haves when leaving the home.

Parents aren’t forgotten either, what with the Double Strollers parent cup holder, that emergency caffeine hit never has to be too far away.

With its 5.5” wheels and its incredible front swivel and suspension system you can always ensure a smooth, sedate and calm ride, perfect for when you want the little ones to drop off.

Moving the Double STroller is never overly arduous either, what with its amazing lightweight design the Jeep Scout Double Stroller is easily foldable and can be moved with relatively little stress. Weighing in at just 18.30 lbs and yet strong and durable enough that each seat is able to easily hold up to 35 pounds.

Its minimalist and functional design also mean that it has no trouble whatsoever fitting through standard 30″ wide doors.
With so many positive features it is easy to see why the Double Stroller has garnered so much positive customer feedback recently.

Customers and industry insiders have been effusive in their praise for the Double Stroller and it is certainly considered one of the better strollers in its price range.

Coming in with a slightly premium price though its important to know there may be cheaper alternatives out there but these would, of course, come with less of the premium features that we have spoken about.

Understandably, therefore, it is a bit of a trade-off but with so many positive features we believe the Jeep Scout Double Stroller still offers very good value for money.


It is with great pleasure therefore that we at Top Review Zone recommend the Jeep Scout Double Stroller to all our brilliant readers.

Not only would we like to recommend the Double Stroller to you but we would also like to award it with our coveted Four Star Review rating.

With a fantastic design and a plethora of positive features for both parent and child, the Jeep Scout Double Stroller is well positioned to become a market leader and is certainly worthy of its recent critical acclaim.

We have really enjoyed reviewing this product on your behalf and hope it has helped your stroller search.

If you want to send us your feedback on our review or would like to further this discussion please let us know what you think via our comment box below.

Until next time we hope you have a top day.

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