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Karastan Multi Panel Kirman Rug

Review Last Updated: 11th March 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • Woven technique
  • 100% Wool from New Zealand
  • Traditional oriental design
  • Available in ten sizes


Today we will be checking out the Karastan Multi Panel Kirman Rug.

If you are in the middle of planning your perfect home, you will be aware of how challenging it is to find the best items to compliment your home decor ideas.

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There are many features to consider when exploring the best area rugs, and we outline what shines and what lets down our chosen products.

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Please stay tuned to find out more about the Karastan Multi Panel Kirman Rug!


  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Traditional oriental design
  • Hand-hooked weaved construction
  • Trustworthy manufacturer


  • Premium price
  • Only available in one color/design

Karastan Multi Panel Kirman Rug Product Review

Karastan, previously named “The Wonder Rug,” has provided customers with some of the most premium, top of the line area rugs since 1928.

The American company manufactures a wide range of woven and tufted goods for various markets, including an array of area rugs to entertain preference and individual home decor ideas and styles.

The Karastan Multi Panel Kirman Rug continues the over 90-year success Karastan has had.

This area rug is crafted from high-quality wool from New Zealand, which has been handwoven in the United States. The handwoven process gives the rug an elegant finish perfect for showing off in any room in your house.

It is a perfect choice for living and dining rooms, and its featured traditional oriental design will surely impress visitors at any future dinner parties.

The rug is available in ten different sizes tailored to be compatible with a variety of rooms in your house.

Special care should be taken when vacuuming the area rug as the fringe areas can be caught up in the device, leaving both your rug and vacuum damaged. So, for the most effective results, we recommend rotating the rug periodically.

Where there are high-quality materials and attention to detail process, a higher price tag usually follows.

If the Karastan area rug has wowed you and if you are considering adding it to your cart, you should expect a considerable rise in price. Therefore, as always, we recommend confirming your budget before finalizing any purchases.


Overall, the Karastan area rug is a worthy choice for anyone looking for a unique piece to get guests’ heads turning.

However, we should highlight that this rug does fall on the more expensive side of the price spectrum and, therefore, won’t be compatible with a vast range of budgets.

It does come with a 20-year limited manufacturer warranty, which covers any defects should you experience any issues after a potential purchase. Along with this, you will receive a limited lifetime moth and insect-resistance guarantee to protect its performance.

If this area rug fails to meet your budget, then we hope it has inspired you to find a similar piece with a reduction in price.

Remember, we have an array of area rugs featured on our website for you to explore.

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