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KIPOZI 1875W Ionic Hair Dryer

Review Last Updated: 8th April 2020
Product Review by Emily
Product Features
  • Concentrator and diffuser
  • Unique air technology
  • Lightweight design
  • 2x speed and 3x heat settings


Drying and styling your hair can be a tiresome task, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are countless hair dryers on the market that are effective, and get the job done – and there are also some that also do a great job of styling your hair.

If you’re looking for a hair dryer you can use to dry and style your hair quickly and easily, then keep reading for our review of the KIPOZI 1875W Ionic Hair Dryer, including a list of the product’s features, pros, and cons.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Safe to use
  • Protects your hair from heat damage


  • No other colors available

KIPOZI 1875W Ionic Hair Dryer Product Review

If you’ve never heard of Kipozi, you’re not the only one. They’re a self-made brand that pride themselves on their quality beauty products, and have been a name on the marketplace since 2016.

They have a feminist stance, and want women to feel the best that they possibly can. No matter what your needs, you can be confident that the KIPOZI label will enhance your appearance like no other – and this Ionic Hair Dryer will get the job done.

Heat, Speed, and Power

Drying your hair can be a time consuming process, especially if you have long, thick, or curly hair.

Thankfully, this 1875 Watt hair blow-dryer gets your hair dry in a super quick fashion – it takes around 5 minutes for all hair types. This is sure to save time in your morning routine, giving you extra minutes to perfect your eye makeup or lipstick.

This glam hair dryer gives you a choice of two speeds and three heat settings, which is sure to give your hair the custom dry and styling that it deserves.

You’re sure to find the perfect flow of speed and heat combination with this hair dryer. The dryer also features a cool-shot button, which will lock in your gorgeous style.

You’d think a high-power hair dryer would generate a lot of noise, but this is refreshingly quiet, so you’re sure to have a noise-free, pleasant hair drying experience.

Hair Protection

We all know that heat can be super damaging to our hair, but it’s difficult to style and dry your hair without the use of heat.

Thankfully, this hair dryer is equipped with heat-protection features, including the use of advanced nano ionic technology, which offers safe hair drying and protects your hair.

It’s not just your hair that this dryer protects – it protects you too. This professional-standard hair blow dryer is specially designed to prevent electric shock, which I’m sure everyone will appreciate.


This hair dryer is great value for money – even without the useful accessories that it comes with.
The diffuser and concentrator are perfect for styling your hair however you like, whether you want a voluminous, curly look, or a sleek and straight look.

The diffuser does a wonderful job of creating texture. You simply put your hair on it and shake your hair, and it should leave you with a voluminous natural hairdo.

The concentrator is great for fast-drying and hair control. For best results, simply pull your hair down until it’s fully extended, and run the dryer down the length of your hair slowly until it’s dry.l

The ergonomically designed handle is sure to make your hair-drying and styling experience a bit more comfortable, and the lightweight design helps too.


This hair dryer will do a great job of drying and styling even the thickest of hair, and can do so in five minutes.

This is sure to shave valuable seconds off your hair routine, giving you time to focus on other parts of your beauty regime.

Not only is it fast, efficient, and safe, but it also comes with useful accessories that can help create the perfect hairstyle.

So, what are your thoughts on the KIPOZI 1875W Ionic Hair Dryer? Do you agree with our review?

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