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Linenspa Innerspring 6-inch Twin Mattress

Review Last Updated: 11th March 2020
Product Review by Adam
Product Features
  • 6" Thickness
  • Heavy gauge tempered steel coils
  • Fire-resistant barrier
  • Quilted fabric cover and foam layer
  • Polyester, Rayon Fiber, Polyurethane Foam, Polypropylene Fiber


Today we will be reviewing the Linenspa Innerspring 6-inch Twin Mattress.

If you are in the middle of your search for the best twin mattress, then you will be aware of the many options to explore, which can bring overwhelm to your search.

There will be many features to consider, including the thickness, material, amount of layers, and of course, the price.

It is wise to start your search with an established budget so you can exclude the unachievable models and focus on the realistic options.

Here at Top Review Zone, we have thoroughly examined some of the best twin mattresses in today’s market to provide assistance and confidence in your decision.

If the Linenspa 6-inch twin mattress isn’t the one for you then you can explore other twin mattresses featured on our website.

Please stick around to find out if the Linenspa 6-inch twin mattress brings what you want and need to the table.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Established manufacturer
  • Twin XL model available
  • Ideal for kids


  • Not the thickest
  • Small in size (not the best choice for adults)

Linenspa Innerspring 6-inch Twin Mattress Product Review

Linenspa, which established in 2003, is known in the bedding industry for providing products that maximize the comfort you experience when you sleep.

Before venturing into other bedding products, it started with a well-received mattress and have since then improved the quality of materials and construction.

The Linenspa Innerspring 6-inch Twin Mattress continues this success.

The twin mattress features a 6-inch firm and sturdy innerspring crafted from heavy-duty steel coils that provide substantial support to the body.

The steel coil spring mattress layer is encased with a soft fabric cover that is cushioned to the foam layer on top of the springs, which improves the softness and plushness without compromising how firm it is.

This twin mattress uses a combination of materials to make the foam layer, including 62% polyester fiber and rayon fiber, polyurethane foam, and polypropylene fiber with a quilted foam cover made from 100% polyester fabrics.

These materials make for a durable and long-lasting choice for kids’ rooms, and due to its thickness, we would best recommend this mattress for kids.

Still, if you are following a restricted budget, it would be a handy choice for guest rooms as well.

We would, however, like to acknowledge the dimensions of this mattress could fall too short for adults and cause discomfort due to a restriction of space.

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 75-inches
  • Width: 39-inches
  • Depth: 6-inches

That said, Linenspa does include an extra-large edition of the twin mattress to cater to different body types and sleepers, which is more convenient for guest rooms and student dorms.

As a result of its heavy-gauged design and construction, this mattress qualifies as a supportive mattress.

However, compared to other models available on the market, it isn’t contoured to the shape of your body, which can cause a decline in comfort and can even impact the quality of the sleep you are getting.

This twin mattress has been designed with children in mind. It is compatible with day beds, trundle beds, or bunk beds, and its small size can entertain an array of room styles and floor volumes.

Linenspa is known for providing affordable bedding products, and therefore, you won’t have to break the bank to acquire this item.

Its small size and price would save you plenty of space and money, and with an included 10-year warranty to cover any manufacturer defects, you can purchase this twin mattress with peace of mind.


Overall, we think the Linenspa Innerspring 6-inch Twin Mattress has a secure place in today’s market.

It is especially ideal for people who prefer a firm sleeping surface.

We recommend this twin mattress for back and stomach sleepers because of the foam layer. However, it might not be the preferred choice for side sleepers.

If you are looking for an affordable model from a trusted and well-established manufacturer, then this 6-inch twin mattress could be “the one.”

What did you think of the Linenspa Innerspring 6-inch Twin Mattress?

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Thank you for reading and happy sleeping!

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