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Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • Powerful 6.5-amp motor
  • 1/2″ chuck
  • Premium build quality - all-metal housing
  • Large side handle, which can be placed on either side of the drill
  • One-year limited warranty


Today we will be reviewing the Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill.

It can be challenging finding the best corded drill on the market, with an array of options you probably don’t know where to start.

There are many things to consider, and straight away, it is best to familiarize yourself with your budget to see what products are of reach to entertain your financial capability.

Lucky for you, here at Top Review Zone, we’ve explored eight of the best products on today’s market to help assist you in your search.

Makita, a Japanese manufacturer of power tools, has provided consumers with some of the best power tools in the world. It also offers some of the best corded drills on the market.

Here we will find out if the Makita 6302H drill has what it takes to be a match for you. Will it make its way into your cart, without hesitation?

Please continue reading to find out more about this Makita model.


  • Excellent construction quality
  • Powerful 6.5-amp motor
  • Side handle
  • Variable-speed reversing trigger


  • The price might not be compatible with budgets
  • One-year limited warranty

Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill Product Review

You’re on the hunt for a high-quality corded drill. There’s a chance your search will conclude with our review of the Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill.

Although manufactured from the Japanese company, Makita, this electric corded drill is made in the US. In 1958, Makita released its first power tool, a portable planer. Ever since then, they have provided consumers with best-in-class power tool products.

The Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill is undoubtedly a continuation of that quality.

This corded drill comes with a 6.5-amp quality motor, and with variable speed, it can entertain both lightweight tasks and heavy-duty tasks.

It delivers high consistency with its 0-550 RPM variable-speed reversing trigger that increases precision. The large reversing switch is conveniently positioned and includes a lock-on button to prevent any accidentals.

It is a versatile product that can entertain a range of users, including DIY-enthusiasts working from home, and professionals taking on the more heavy-duty materials.

The 6302JH has a keyed industrial quality chuck size of 1/2″, and its construction quality, designed to hold the drill bit well through any tough situations, which makes it safe to use.

One of the standout features of the 6302H model is the large side handle. The handle can be positioned on either side for increased comfort and overall control. It extends convenience by providing a belt clip, which is ideal when drilling in high places.

The Makita 6302H is made for anyone. Whether you’re a rugged building contractor or brave enough to tackle jobs from home, its impressive construction can be entertained by operators of all expertise.

However, it does fall on the more expensive side of the price spectrum. Therefore, we recommend confirming your budget and restrictions, if any, before finalizing any purchases.

Makita offers consumers with a one-year limited warranty, which is a short period compared to its competitors. This might redirect some consumers’ attention, but it could also be a result of confidence in their products.

That said, this rugged and reliable drill is popular among professionals, and is the chosen drill for contractors. Its resilience, durability, easy-to-handle nature, and long-lasting performance has been favored for years and remains one of the best corded drills available today.


Overall, the Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill is a powerhouse tool.

If you want to acquire a drill that delivers exceptional performance for any size project but isn’t too large or bulky to navigate to one location to the next, then the 6302H model is for you.

Although the one-year limited warranty is, well, limited, Makita does have an excellent reputation for always providing consumers with remarkable service with efficient and friendly customer support.

We think this drill is definitely worth stretching wallets out for, and it would be an excellent long term investment lasting you a substantial amount of time, and fulfilling a range of jobs.

What did you think of the Makita 6302H 1/2-Inch Drill? Has it left you speechless?

If it hasn’t, leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you!

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