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Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857

Review Last Updated: 21st March 2020
Product Review by Jack
Product Features
  • 300lb Maximum on Bar Weight
  • 300lb Maximum user weight
  • Premium steel construction
  • Dual function leg developer
  • Weight plate storage posts
  • Seat, sliding track.


So today we’ll be reviewing the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857, Marcy is renowned worldwide for producing top-quality strength training equipment and the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 is no different.

The premium materials and sturdy construction of this weight bench are what makes it stand apart from the rest, but that’s not all this weight bench also contains premium features that will enable whoever uses it to engage in a full-body workout if they so desire.

Keep on reading to find out why the awesome Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 is rated so highly and how it can help you with your workout goals.


  • Offers great workout versatility
  • Has 2-inch thick pads for comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Adjustable bar catch to enable variation on lifts


  • Some online reviewers reported a scratched and dented bench upon delivery.

Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 Product Review

Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857

Let’s dive a little deeper into the details of the Marcy MD-857 weight bench

So what is an Olympic weight bench?

Olympic weight benches are wider and longer than the standard weight benches you would find in most Americans homes.

They can also bear a much greater weight than most average weight benches, this is the reason you will often find Olympic weight benches used in gyms, this is to cater to heavier muscled users, that can generally throw around more weight than the average joe.


The Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 benefits from premium steel construction, which means the bench has a long shelf life, can bear a lot of weight and can take a lot of damage caused by vigorous work-outs.

It also has foam rollers to provide is the user with comfort while doing leg workouts, this means less pain when you powering through a grueling leg session.

The wider and longer design of the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench also provides a much sturdier workout compared to other inferior benches.

It is compact and stabilized and provides you with optimal training conditions that will allow you to focus and hone your weight lifting technique.

Bench Dimensions:

  • 80 x 47.5 x 60 Inches
  • 115 Pounds
Weight Capacity

The Marcy MD-857 Weight Bench can take the weight of a wide range of users, its maximum user load is a whopping 300lbs, while its maximum bar load is also 300lbs.

That’s not all this bench also boasts a dual-function leg developer that can handle up to 100lbs!! Pretty phenomenal.


This great bench is designed to provide its users with a full-body workout capability. It has a dual-function leg developer, to do exercises such as leg extensions and glute raises.

The Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 also comes with a preacher curl attachment, which is perfect for isolating the biceps and blasting them arm workouts.

The bench also benefits from an adjustable back pad with a selection of positions including, decline, incline, upright and flat so the user can target a wider variety of muscles and maximize a proper workout.

The back pad is not the only feature that is adjustable, this bench also has an adjustable bar catch so you can angle the direction of the bench and pin-point target the different parts of your pectoral muscles and have a true full-body workout, ensuring every part of your body is targeted properly.

A unique feature of the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 that you won’t find on many other weight benches, is that it has 2 bar catches on the rear of the bench, which gives you the freedom and space to perform important exercises such as squats.

This bench contains:

  • Dual-function leg developer
  • Preacher curl attachments for arms
  • 2 weight bar catches on the rear of the bench, enabling you to perform squats, etc.
  • Adjustable back pad and front catch to enable you to more accurately isolate and pinpoint certain muscles
  • Weight plate storage posts

A truly versatile bench!

The versatility, maximum weight capacity, sleek design and sturdy build of the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 puts this up there as one of the best weight benches within its price range, you would have a hard job trying to find a better one.

Check out the video below to see how this bench can be utilized.


If you are looking for a weight bench that can handle some serious weight and provide you with the capability of performing a full-body workout, then you will not go wrong with the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857. 

The Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 is packed full of features and has a high-quality construction made from premium steel.

I would highly recommend this bench to anyone, it is simple enough to use for beginners and also versatile enough to use for experienced weight lifters.

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Have a great workout guy and gals!

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