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Midea WHD-113FW1 Compact Refrigerator

Review Last Updated: 11th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 3.1 Cubic Feet Refrigerator Capacity
  • 52.2lb Item Weight
  • Stainless Steel Door Material


The Midea WHD-113FW1 Compact Refrigerator is the perfect choice for bedrooms, dorm rooms, RVs and any other small space that could benefit from refrigerated food and drink.

The WHD-113FW1 offers great ventilation and its versatility means that it can be tucked under a counter or built into a cabinet for a customized aesthetic.

There’s some thought that’s required before you make your purchase, like how many 12-ounce soda cans you can fit in the door to how much freezer space you require.

Established in 1968, Midea offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in the home appliance industry.

Midea specializes in air treatment, refrigeration, laundry, large and small kitchen appliances, water appliances, floor care, and lighting.

According to its website, Midea is the world’s largest producer of major appliances and each year, Midea wins 40+ design awards at different global events.

Let’s jump into the review!


  • Adjustable shelving
  • Excellent quality
  • Has a quiet run noise


  • Side doors only hold sodas

Midea WHD-113FW1 Compact Refrigerator Product Review

The Midea WHD-113FW1 Compact Refrigerator offers fantastic usability with a whisper-quiet compressor that’s virtually undetectable when it cycles on and off.

This mini refrigerator offers fantastic versatility with its adjustable legs and reversible doors that can be attached on the right or left side in order to open in the direction that makes the refrigerated compartments most accessible.

Midea has grown to become an international leader in the manufacturing of high-value and top quality appliances with a commitment to clean technologies and manufacturing processes that result in efficient appliances that last year after year.

The shelves and drawers in the fridge are well spaced and the door compartments are the perfect shape for holding your cans of soda.

The WHD-113FW1 comes with an ice tray and it also comes with an ice scraper which is perfect for defrosting!

The space inside is huge for a small compact fridge and the noise level is nearly as non-existent as it can be without it being unplugged!

The 3.1 Cu ft size provides a large rectangular freezer space that’s big enough to fit several items in and the overall height is only 33 inches, therefore it takes up very little space.

The freezer compartment is large and cold enough for a couple of frozen entrees, an ice tray and a bottle of your favorite booze! Additionally, there’s ample space in the fridge compartment thanks to the glass shelves.

Midea WHD-113FW1 Compact Refrigerator is very well constructed and professional-looking, therefore we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the appearance and performance of this mini-fridge!


The Midea WHD-113FW1 Compact Refrigerator excellently chills food and drink while offering great versatility and usability.

If you’re looking for a stylish dorm room or kitchen addition, you’ll be more than pleased with the Midea WHD-113FW1.

The free-standing streamlined design beautifully complements any room and the top freezer provides more storage than traditional compact units!

This high-quality fridge and freezer have a reversible door so you can put this fridge in any spot and with the built-in temperature control and the low energy consumption, this is the perfect solution for anybody who needs to cool and freeze!

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