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Milwaukee 2457-20 M12 Air Ratchet

Review Last Updated: 12th March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • 35 ft-lbs of torque power
  • 250 RPM free speed
  • Variable speed trigger
  • LED lighting


Whilst working with mechanical repairs and maintenance, nuts and bolts aren’t always the easiest objects to work with, and the tools required to work with them can don’t always make these tasks more convenient.

That’s why Air Ratchets will make a great addition to your toolbox, and can give you the assistance you need to work productively and efficiently.

However, there are a host of air ratchets available on the market today, with their popularity ever-increasing. Finding the best air ratchet for you, therefore, isn’t the easiest task, but we’re here to help.

Today at Top Review Zone, we’ll be taking a look at the Milwaukee 2457-20 M12 Air Ratchet, to see whether it could work for our readers.

Let’s check it out, and see what this air ratchet has to offer!


  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Battery indicator helps you to assess power levels
  • LED lighting makes for a safer work environment


  • Battery is not included, and must be purchased separately

Milwaukee 2457-20 M12 Air Ratchet Product Review

Efficiency is key when working in repairs and maintenance, and any chance to improve your efficiency should be considered. As the Milwaukee 2457-20 M12 Air Ratchet is a cordless tool, you can spend more time focusing on the task at hand, rather than struggling with cords and being weighed down by heavy equipment.

Not only does this tool benefit your productivity, but it also produces powerful results even with consistent use. It comes with a 3/8-inches head design, which is ideal for repair and maintenance tasks, and perfect for auto mechanics. The power comes from the ratchet’s 12-volt motor, which produces 35 foot-pounds of torque, combined with 250 RPM of free speed. These specifications offer great results, especially with low to medium-sized bolts.

This tool is straightforward and easy to operate, too, as the torque and power levels are controlled by a variable speed trigger, which allows you to have greater control when tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. It also includes a recessed forward and backward switch on the back of the head, which helps you to make fewer mistakes whilst you’re working.

Your work can be made more difficult if you are constantly worrying about your tool’s battery running out. Luckily with this model, there is a battery indicator included, so you can check how much power is left on your air ratchet, allowing you to alter the working conditions to suit the power levels if you feel it’s necessary.

Safety is crucial when working with powerful tools such as air ratchets. If not used properly, or if there aren’t enough safety precautions taken, air ratchets can potentially cause serious harm and injury. With this in mind, Milwaukee have included LED lighting at the front of the ratchet, illuminating your workspace to help make your work easier and safer. However, it is worth noting that there is no battery included with this particular model, and you will need to purchase this separately beforehand.

If you choose to use the manufacturer’s battery, then the battery life is relatively long-lasting, however, and you can expect around one day of battery life after a full charge.

In terms of the overall construction of this model, it is built to last, with a durable, steel body. Weighing just under 2lbs, it has a lightweight feel, and is ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas. The cordless function also means it feels comfortable and compact to hold, and you’ll be less likely to suffer from hand fatigue after extended use.


Air Ratchets help to take the complicated work out of repairs, maintenance, and DIY projects. They’re an essential tool to have on hand, using powerful technology to produce quick, accurate results.

However, with a vast choice of great products on the market, choosing the best air ratchet for you requires a bit of research beforehand, so you can get the most out of your tool.

The Milwaukee 2457-20 M12 Air Ratchet is an excellent choice if you’re keen to improve your efficiency in your workspace. Fiddling with nuts and bolts will be a thing of the past once you have this powerful, durable tool at your disposal.

Have you tried the Milwaukee 2457-20 M12 Air Ratchet? What did you think of our review?

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