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Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

Review Last Updated: 21st March 2020
Product Review by Portia
Product Features
  • UV-Free 10000 LUX Bright Light
  • 6500K Color Temperature


We here at Top Review Zone have recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp and as always would love to pass on our thoughts and findings about this product to our readers.

Anyone interested in purchasing a LED light therapy lamp certainly needs to consider the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp.

From its sleek and modern design to its unique shell shape, this is a product that doesn’t just stand out for its looks, it is also impressively arrayed with a breathtaking functionality.

Both safe and ultra-violet free, the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp’s specially designed LED lights emit at 10,000 LUX brightness (the medically advised brightness level) that promotes better health, better concentration and has known to contribute to calmer moods.



  • Three brightness modes
  • Portable design that fits nicely on work desks
  • Memory function
  • Safe and UV free LEDs


  • Reviewers report that the on/off button is sensitive

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp Product Review

Miroco is a brand committed to providing safe, well designed and user-friendly LED therapy lamps and the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp is no exception to this.

Able to boost mood and reinvigorate your constitution, the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp can help with individuals suffering from low mood, tiredness, and jet lag. Most importantly of all the Miroco Therapy Lamp is capable of resetting your sleeping pattern and helping you maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

You would probably imagine that a product with so many features would come with a significant price tag but thankfully the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp bucks this trend and is much more competitively priced than one might otherwise expect.

We here at Top Review Zone always encourage our readers to have their price range at the forefront of their minds when considering making purchases but by choosing the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp you can be quietly confident that you are getting exceptional quality for an incredible price.

This value for money is not the only reason we rate this particular product.

The Miroco Light Therapy Lamp boasts a multitude of incredible features such as its specially designed adjustable brightness with three specific modes so that you can tailor your use according to your environment,  your distance from the lamp, and your sensitivity, all with just a simple touch.

additionally, the Therapy Lamp sports an amazing memory function whereby your last used mode is the first option available so that returning users who desire the same, continuing and specific settings each time don’t have to continuously reprogramme the device.

For ease of use, the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp is also extremely agile and mobile. Its compact size makes it easy to move, use and store. Perfect for those little boosts that we all need from time to time and with none of the negative side effects of stimulants like coffee.

During the winter months when we don’t get to see the sun as much as we would like, the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp is ideal to use as it is specifically designed to mimic the suns rays and with it 10,000 LUX brightness is able to dampen melatonin levels, thereby decreasing sleepiness, and increasing concentration and performance.

LED white light, (the light that the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp produces) also has several other potential health benefits. Everything from tackling and reducing acne to giving you firmer, plumper looking skin is possible with just the touch of a button.

Customer feedback has been outstanding for the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp and it continues to garner rave reviews from all over the world. A significant proportion of these reviews highlight the wonderful simplicity of the design of the lamp and its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

For customers concerned about buying bulky, medical looking lamps that would not fit into their existing decor, Top Review Zone can confirm those worries are groundless where the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp is concerned.

Sleek, simple and clean the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp is definitely money well spent if you want a combination of beautiful design and impressive functionality.


In conclusion, we here at Top Review Zone cannot recommend the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp enough.

From its outstanding design and its user-friendly interface, it’s easy to see why the positive feedback fro this lamp just keeps on flooding in. Not to mention, of course, all of the positive health benefits that the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp encourages.

Firmer, tighter, plumper skin, as well as an increase in your concentration levels and all for a very reasonable price.

For us here at Top Review Zone this sounds like an amazing deal to us and exceedingly good value for money.

We are happy to award our famous Five Star Rating to the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp and are happy to recommend it to all our readers.

We hope you have found this review useful but if you have any comments you would like to share with us regarding the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp please get back to us via the comments section below.


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